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Jolee Bindo Respect Thread

Respect Jolee Bindo:

"I wasn't always the wrinkled coot I am now, you know. I can still fight, too, so wipe off that smirk I see there."

Combat Skill

Jolee defeats four katarns by himself:

Jolee fought and defeated Nayama, somebody who would later go on to kill many Jedi:

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Force Slow is a power that slows down the movements and perceptions of an enemy.

Jolee knows Force Slow:

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Force wound is a telekinetic application which allows a Force user to directly wound another, often internally.

Jolee knows Force Wound:

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Telepathy is the ability to communicate thoughts or affect the mind of another.

Jolee knows Mind Trick:

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Jolee uses a series of Mind Tricks to escape a Leviathan cell and coax the Sith guard to lock himself in the cell instead:


Ionize is a Force power that enables a Force user to overload and/or damage electronic systems, allowing a Force user to affect machines such as droids.

Jolee knows Ionize:

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Beast Control

Beast Control, also known as Beast Trick or Animal Friendship, is an ability that enables one to control beasts.

Jolee Bindo is talented in Beast Trick:

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Jolee Bindo displays Beast Control a creature from Korriban: