Jaina Solo Fel Respect Thread

Respect Jaina Solo Fel, Sword of the Jedi:

"I name you the Sword of the Jedi. You are like tempered steel, purposeful and razor-keen. Always you shall be in the front rank, a burning brand to your enemies, a brilliant fire to your friends. Yours is a restless life, and never shall you know peace, though you shall be blessed for the peace that you bring to others. Take comfort in the fact that, though you stand tall and alone, others take shelter in the shadow that you cast."

Force Valor/Protection/Speed

Force Valor is a light-sided power enabling a Jedi to enhance one's resolve and physical traits, such as strength, durability and speed. Force Protection is the passive (and sometimes active) enhancement of a Force sensitive's durability to varying superhuman degrees. Force Speed is the passive (and sometimes active) enhancement of a Force sensitive's speed to varying superhuman degrees.

While injured and decades before her prime, Jaina forms a web of light out of her blade:

Now free of her blorash jelly, Jaina was driving her foe back with a wild web of lightsaber slashes.

Source: The New Jedi Order: Star By Star

Jaina reacts to movement so fast it appears to be a lightning bolt:

She reached for her lightsaber and spun back toward the mountain peak. Several enormous creatures glided toward them on silent wings. Jaina got the impression of a dark wind and a stabbing flash of verdant lightning.

Her lightsaber streamed up to meet the attack. She spun to add force to the parry, and the violet blade sheered through the descending bolt.

Source: The New Jedi Order: Dark Journey

Jaina displays impressive reaction and combat speed as she dodges and deflects fire from a Chiss assault cruiser's turbolasers and cannon bolts from Chiss dropships:

A blue cascade of cannon bolts began to sweep across the dune, its deep thump-thumping an almost gentle counter-point to the crashing roar of the turbolasers. Jaina and Zekk stood expectant for what seemed an eternity. There was no use trying to run or take cover. Drop ship weapons systems were designed to spread a carpet of death around their landing zones. Often, they laid fire as thick as twenty bolts a square meter.

An eerie chorus of squeals arose as the cannon strikes found the buried swarm of Iesei, and the haze grew heavy with the bitter smell of scorched chitin. More bolts began to sizzle down all around Jaina and Zekk, raising chest-high sand geysers and charging the air with static. They raised their lightsabers and yielded control to the Force, then started to whirl and dance across the dune, dodging incoming fire and deflecting it into the ground beside their feet.

Zekk took a cannon blast full on his blade and was driven to his knees. Jaina spun to his side and tapped two more bolts away, only to find herself badly out of position as a third dropped toward her head.

Zekk's lightsaber swept up just centimeters from her face, catching the bolt on the blade tip and sending it zipping across the dune. Jaina spun away from another attack and glimpsed Jacen and Tahiri standing back-to-back, Jacen holding his hand above their heads, cannon fire ricocheting away as though he held a deflector shield in his palm. That was something Jaina and Zekk had never seen before.

Source: Dark Nest III: The Swarm Wars

Jaina is faster than Alema Rar:

She stared up at him, murder in her eyes, and began climbing again, almost as fast as Jaina-faster than Jag's poor low-gravity thrusters could carry him.

Source: Legacy of the Force: Fury

Jaina forms a fan out of her blade:

He Force-leapt up through the hole into the smoky, flashing interior of the booth and pivoted around to block the fan of blue light that came slicing toward his neck even before he could sense who he was fighting.

Source: Legacy of the Force: Invincible

Jaina weaves a basket out of her lightsaber (Luke is using an Illusion to make Caedus think that Jaina is Luke):

Even as Luke leapt forward weaving a basket of lightsaber slashes, Caedus sprang back out of the projection booth, launching himself into a high Force flip designed to put as much distance between himself and his attacker as possible.

Source: Legacy of the Force: Invincible

In an instance where she feels the Force flowing through her, Jaina feels as if she could drive her fist through a durasteel wall or catch a blaster bolt between her fingers:

Despite the ringing in her ears and the gauze in her head-despite her hugely aching skull and the big knot of hurt swelling on her brow-Jaina had never been so filled with the Force. She could feel it in every cell of her body, swirling through her like fire, burning more ferociously every moment. She had never felt so strong or so quick or so alert. She could drive her fist through a durasteel wall, or catch a blaster bolt between her fingers. Despite the red curtain of blood cascading from the gash where Vatok's helmet had split her forehead, she was aware of everything.

Source: Legacy of the Force: Invincible

She speedblitzes four men, killing them all with one stroke:

That was all it took. The guards raced past her, bringing their blaster rifles up to fire. Jaina sprang up behind them and ignited her lightsaber, then used a single stroke to cut all four men in half.

Source: Legacy of the Force: Invincible

Jaina moves so fast that she appears to vanish from a Quarren's vision, even when injured from the electric shock of a electro-net. She then proceeds to use a combination of Force-enhanced agility and acrobatics to roll and fetch up safely against the rail of a cargo bed:

The Quarren watched, startled, as Jaina Solo vanished over the lip.

The woman in the black jacket clapped him on the back. "Nice move, fish-head. She's not..."

Her words were cut off as an airspeeder, painted in a stylish silver-gray, dived past the cargo hauler's cab, missing it by less than a meter.

The hauler's pilot reacted instinctively, veering to starboard and down. The sudden maneuver sharply tilted the cargo bed.

The Quarren staggered to his left and stumbled clean off the edge of the cargo hauler. The blond woman staggered, too, but dropped, rolled with an acrobat's skill, and fetched up safely against the low rail at the side of the cargo bed.

Source: Fate of the Jedi: Outcast

Jaina kicks a Mandalorian Commando's beskar helmet with enough force to give the Mandalorian a concussion:

Jaina leapt, and her kick took the other commando in the side of the head. It was certainly not powerful enough to damage the beskar, but a lot of kinetic force was transmitted through the helmet, rocking the man's head. He staggered away.


Or three and a half, if the concusssion she was sure she'd given one Mando counted for anything.

Source: Fate of the Jedi: Backlash

Jaina dodges blaster fire from a Mandalorian, making it look clumsy when in fact it wasn't:

The flying Mando female fired down at Jaina with a blaster pistol. Jaina sidestepped the barrage of shots, making it look clumsy when in fact it wasn't, and launched herself at the commando who had taken Tyria out.

Source: Fate of the Jedi: Backlash

Jaina dodges Lightning and then catches another bolt of Lightning with her lightsaber:

A fork of Force Lightning flashed past below Jaina's corkscrewing body, so close that the sting of its heat penetrated the thin molytex armor beneath her robes. She twisted into another whorl, her wrists turning almost of their own accord as she swung her lightsaber around to catch the next bolt, and then she sensed the floor rising up beneath her.

Source: Fate of the Jedi: Apocalypse

Jaina deflects Lightning on her blade:

Jaina suddenly leapt onto the bench, her lightsaber igniting barely in time to intercept a fork of Force lightning that came crackling out of the delivery portal.

Source: Fate of the Jedi: Apocalypse

She dodges and somersaults to avoid Force Lightning and blaster bolts all at once:

Half a dozen glass blades came flying in her direction. She swept them aside with a force blast, then turned and sprinted for the interface panel, dodging and somersaulting as force lightning and blaster bolts streamed into the gloom ahead.

Source: Fate of the Jedi: Apocalypse

Jaina kicks a Sith off her feet, shattering her jawbone in the process:

Jaina pivoted around and snapped up her foot sideways, catching the woman at the base of the chin . She felt the sharp crackle of shattering jawbones, and the Sith flew backward off her feet.

Source: Fate of the Jedi: Apocalypse

Jaina moves in a blur, then throws a holocron to Jag, telekinetically summons a lightsaber to her hand and turns to attack Pharika all at once:

Even as pain ripped through Jag and his leg buckled, a blur interposed itself between him and Pharika. In one swift motion, Jaina tossed the precious holocron to Jag, summoned her lightsaber to her from her open backpack a meter or so away, then turned to attack the woman who dared harm her husband.

Source: Getaway

Jaina moves her lightsaber in a blur as she deflects blaster fire, on a dark side nexus:

Teal and violet blades moved in a blur, sending streaks of white blaster fire back to their owners.

Source: Good Hunting

Breath Control

Breath Control is an ability enabling a Force user to hold their breath for extremely long periods of time without oxygen. This technique can be used to avoid poison gas.

Jaina does not require a breath mask:

"No breath mask?"

"Sure, I've got one,"Jaina said."Just don't need it."

Source: Legacy of the Force: Invincible

Jaina can hold her breath underwater for several minutes without effort, though it takes more effort to do so on land:

Funny how even a human Jedi could hold her breath for four or five minutes underwater without much effort: but try to do the same thing in air, and her body began to fight her after less than a minute, to demand what it could feel available just a skin's thickness away.

Source: Legacy of the Force: Invincible

Beast Control

Beast Control, also known as Beast Trick or Animal Friendship, is an ability that enables one to control beasts.

Jaina calms a pair of frightened animals and has them follow her. She then calls a crowd of beasts and puts them all to sleep, telepathically communicating with them:

Jaina closed her eyes for an instant, calming and centering herself. This was a challenge for her at the best of times, and now it was almost impossible, but she managed it. Opening her eyes, she stretched out each hand toward the nearest frightened beasts. One was a dewback, agitated at the press of people. The other was a kybuck, leaping about frantically.

It's all right. You don't need to be afraid. No one will hurt you. Come back to the safety of the corral. Follow me.

The dewback bellowed, but after a few moments trundled toward Jaina. The kybuck came even more swiftly, and Jaina patted its soft flank. When the dewback lowered its head to her, Jaina smiled at it and stroked it as well. She leapt onto its back and reached out again, and again, until there was a small cluster of animals pressed close to her.

Jaina planted suggestions in the milling throng right in front of her. Some were stronger-willed than others, but they were all looking for direction and guidance, and in the end they parted for her and her little parade. Jaina burned to go faster, but that would agitate the animals, and it was more important that they stay calm than that they get to the pen two minutes faster. After what seemed an eternity, they came to one of the corrals. Its elaborate security system had been shorted out, but there was still a basic gate with a bar that fell down into place, and that would suffice. Jaina herded the beasts through, gave them one final thought of You're calm, go ahead and sleep, and turned around.

Source: Fate of the Jedi: Omen

Detoxify Poison

Detoxify Poison is a Force power enabling a Jedi to negate poisons.

Jaina removes toxins from her brain:

Jaina crawled toward him, rapidly growing more alert as the effort of moving began to circulate her blood and carry the toxins out of her brain. Despite a queasy stomach and throbbing head, by the time she reached the door she was strong enough to stand.

Source: Legacy of the Force: Inferno


Force Heal is an ability that can be used to dull pains and heal wounds.

Jaina utilizes a Healing Trance:

Jaina led the way across the wardroom to where 2-1S stood, silently regrowing his laminanium armor and running internal diagnostics. Since awakening from their healing trances, Jaina, Zekk, and Lowbacca had been working nonstop to help the war droid repair himself, but 2-1S still looked like he had grabbed the wrong end of a turbolaser.

Source: The New Jedi Order: Star By Star


Force Lightning is a Dark Side power that enables a Force user to unleash crackling bolts of electricity which also weaken life.

Jaina hurls Lightning at a Yuuzhan Vong warrior. It is not specified what happened to it, but given that he never disturbs Jaina again, it is likely that he was killed or at least incapacitated:

Then Jaina caught a glimpse of the memory that most disturbed Zekk-an image of a small, disheveled young woman in a tattered jumpsuit, hurling lightning at a Yuuzhan Vong warrior. A moment passed before Jaina recognized the furious, vengeful, bloodstained face as her own.

Source: The New Jedi Order: Dark Journey

Her Lightning is an oddly colored black:

For the first time a tinge of unease darkened Jaina's thoughts. "Hurling black lightning is one thing," she muttered, "but quoting Kyp Durron puts me lower than I ever expected to get."

Source: The New Jedi Order: Dark Journey

She throws aside two Yuuzhan Vong guards with Force Lightning, likely incapacitating them as well:

They raced through the halls and into the royal apartments. Guards moved to stop them; Force lightning caught them and threw them aside.

Source: The New Jedi Order: Dark Journey

She unleashes Lightning that knocks back Kyp Durron:

She rose suddenly, in a fluid blur, one hand thrown toward the older Jedi. Dark lightning crackled from her fingers and surrounded him in a shining nimbus. He flew back and struck the wall hard. His eyes narrowed, and the deadly aura disappeared. Jaina's eyes widened in surprise.

Source: The New Jedi Order: Dark Journey

In her anger, Jaina unleashes Lightning that kills a Yuuzhan Vong and attacks Vergere with the same technique:

In a motion so fast Jaina barely saw it, the warrior sat up and flicked his coufee at her throat. She could have dodged or blocked with her lightsaber, but she did not. Instead, with the fierce energy crackling inside her, she used her free hand to bat the weapon aside, then raised her hand toward her attacker and released the dark power inside. A fork of lightning crackled into existence a few centimeters beyond her glove tips, then blasted a hole through the Yuuzhan Vong's chest and hurled him onto the rubble pile smoking and motionless.

Jaina felt someone watching and turned to find Vergere staring at her from the shelter of a nearby archway, Anakin's lightsaber dangling from one hand and her narrow eyes angled in what seemed a peculiar expression of dismay. Jaina sneered at the creature, then raised her hand and loosed another bolt of Force lightning.

Source: The New Jedi Order: Star By Star


Force Stun is a power enabling a Jedi to immobilize targets.

Jaina stuns some thug bugs:

The three Jedi raised their blades, deflecting some of the winged creatures back through the portal, stunning others, and killing the few that remained.

Source: The New Jedi Order: The Unifying Force


Force-flashing is a Force technique that can temporarily disable security holocams by causing static, making it appear to be a malfunction.

Jaina Force-flashes a video camera:

Jaina Force-flashed the vid cam monitoring the area, then knowing that the entire area would be obliterated when the fusion core detonated - simply blasted the security cam apart.

Source: Legacy of the Force: Invincible


Technometry is a Force power allowing one to tap into and read, or in more extreme cases, control, machinery.

Jaina silences a droid by manipulating its vocabulator within its circuitry:

The second droid emitted a piercing wail that Jaina was quick to cut short.

She reached deep into the droid's circuitry with the Force and fused its vocabulator.

Source: The New Jedi Order: Force Heretic II: Refugee

Alter Environment

Alter Environment is a Force power that enables one to manipulate nature and the environment around him or her.

Jaina forces air up a tunnel:

She raised her palm and began to pull the Force through herself, using it to push the dank air up the transport tube.


Jaina's stomach rolled with surprise.She felt Fett's eyes watching her and unfurrowed her brow- too late to fool him, she knew, but at least the lecture on revealing surprise would only be perfunctory. She pulled harder on the Force, drawing it through herself faster and pushing more air up the tunnel.


Jaina bit back a sharp retort and pushed even harder, forcing so much air up the passage that her robes began to ruffle in the breeze.

Source: Legacy of the Force: Invincible


Immovability is an ability that enables a Force-user to root herself in place and make herself immovable.

Jaina anchors herself to the floor:

This time she used the Force to hold herself to the floor as the half a dozen slayers went rushing past her out of control, some running faster than their legs could carry them, and others sliding on their bellies or backs.

Source: The New Jedi Order: The Unifying Force


Telekinesis is a basic, neutral Force power enabling Force-sensitives to manipulate their surroundings (often objects or individuals) via the Force.

As a five-year-old, Jaina produces light by rubbing together air molecules:

Scared but determined, Jaina rubbed a few air molecules together to make a faint glow.

Source: The Crystal Star

Jaina creates a sound by bumping air molecules together:

Jaina made some air molecules bump against each other. They made a soft humming, thrumming noise.

Source: The Crystal Star

Jaina telekinetically shoves several missiles and directs them through the Force:

"Dropping shadow bombs now," Jaina said. The missiles, packed with explosives instead of propellent, dropped from her X-wing's racks. With the Force Jaina shoved them on ahead, braking her own X-wing slightly so as to increase their separation. She set them on a trajectory' for the aftmost enemy cruiser, then concentrated on leading her flight's run with standard missiles and laserfire, bringing them to the target at a slightly different angle so as to fool the enemy dovin basals, which might snatch her concussion missiles without noticing the less visible shadow bombs as they approached.

Source: The New Jedi Order: Destiny's Way

She sends a droid spinning with the Force:

"Please don't threaten me," she said, sending the small droid into a spin with a push from the Force. "I really don't take too kindly to things like that."

Source: The New Jedi Order: Force Heretic II: Refugee

Jaina telekinetically snaps binders and then knocks her lightsaber out of Harris's hands:

A swift outward movement of her arms got rid of the binders, and one solid Force push knocked the lightsaber out of Harris's hands.

Source: The New Jedi Order: Force Heretic II: Refugee

She telekinetically pulls herself free of a sandslide:

The Killiks pushed their heads into the sand and began to dig, while the Jedi used the Force to pull themselves free of the sandslide and yanked their lightsabers off their utility belts.

Source: Dark Nest III: The Swarm War

She fiercely shoves a fifty-meter mogo tree, knocking it down:

Jaina set the electrobinoculars to scan and peered down the tunnel she was keeping open through the green cloud. Even with all the foliage stripped away by Chiss defoliators, it was nearly impossible to see very far through the thick timber. But eventually, she did glimpse a muzzle flash from beside a fifty-meter mogo. She gave the tree a fierce Force shove and sent it crashing to the jungle floor.

Source: Dark Nest III: The Swarm War

Jaina shoves an AirStraeker towards it wingmates:

Jaina pointed at the center of the formation, then reached out in the Force and began to shove one of the AirStraekers toward a wingmate. The second evaded, and the first aircraft began to struggle against her grasp. The rest of the squadron opened fire a second later.

Source: Dark Nest III: The Swarm War

She hurls a pile of sand into a drop ship's laser cannon, causing it to explode:

Jaina snaked a finger over the edge of the crater and pointed at one of the drop ship's laser cannons, then used the Force to scoop up a pile of sand and hurl it up the barrel. The weapon exploded, vaporizing one wing and ripping a jagged gash in the fuselage.

Source: Dark Nest III: The Swarm War

Jaina telekinetically breaks Darth Caedus's Force Choke on Mirta:

Jaina felt Jacen then; he was throttling Mirta to let Tahiri escape into the docking tube above the hatch. Jaina put every scrap of strength she had into breaking Jacen's invisible Force choke hold on Mirta. She saw it like a black chain and visualized the links flying apart just as Carid shot past her and scrambled up the ladder followed by Vevut.

Source: Legacy of the Force: Revelation

Jaina blows apart a security camera:

Jaina Force-flashed the vid cam monitoring the area, then knowing that the entire area would be obliterated when the fusion core detonated - simply blasted the security cam apart.

Source: Legacy of the Force: Invincible

She telekinetically hurls several shadow bombs toward a general dome:

Unable to see through the wall of energy, Jaina turned her hands over to instinct and closed her eyes, picturing the generator dome in her mind and using the Force to hurl the shadow bombs toward it. She felt the cockpit rock as cannon bolts tore through her StealthX's unshielded wings: then Sneaky let out a static-filled overload screech and went silent.

Source: Legacy of the Force: Invincible

Jaina sends a large portion of a collapsed wall flying with the Force:

With an exertion of the Force, even as the Mando was aiming, Jaina caused the largest section of wall debris to fly up in front of the commando's outstretched hand. A wave of mini rockets slammed into the debris and detonated. The blast disintegrated that debris but blew the firer and the two commandos closest behind him off their feet.

Source: Fate of the Jedi: Backlash

She telekinetically hurls a net at a Mandalorian and throws him into a hole, taking the firer of the net with him and disarming the latter:

She watched the other one who was still on his feet. Sure enough, he used the direct assault as a distraction, waited half a second, and fired at her from what looked like a line-throwing forearm attachment. But what came at her was a flexible projectile that broadened, expanded into a net.

She grabbed at it with the Force, exerting herself against it as if it were a bad idea, and flicked it into the path of the vibrosword wielder. It wrapped around him.

Nor did Jaina let go of it then. She maintained her mental grip on the net and yanked it through one of the holes in the wall. That Mando went flying, and the one who'd cast the net, still attached to it by a line, was hualed off his feet. He went flying after his comrade, the sudden lateral movement causing him to drop his blaster rifle.

Source: Fate of the Jedi: Backlash

Upon suffering injuries after two days of continuous fighting, including a broken arm, Jaina hurls four Sith with a telekinetic blast:

Jaina extended her hands. She hit the Sith with a force blast that Luke had not thought she still had the strength to deliver, and all four enemies went tumbling backward.

Source: Fate of the Jedi: Apocalypse

She sweeps aside half a dozen parangs (glass blades) with a telekinetic blast:

Half a dozen glass blades came flying in her direction. She swept them aside with a force blast, then turned and sprinted for the interface panel, dodging and somersaulting as force lightning and blasterbolts streamed into the gloom ahead.

Source: Fate of the Jedi: Apocalypse

Jaina pushes a Sith into Ben's lightsaber:

Jaina extended a hand, hitting the Sith with a force shove that sent her tumbling into Ben's lightsaber.

Source: Fate of the Jedi: Apocalypse

After being hurled by Abeloth's telekinetic attack, Jaina uses the Force to bring herself to a stop:

Abeloth's hand flicked and Jaina found herself tumbling down the duct backward. She saw the rectangle of a stack-head flash beneath her; she slammed down and rolled twice before she could finally use the force to bring herself to a stop.

Source: Fate of the Jedi: Apocalypse

She telekinetically calls her lightsaber to her hand:

In one swift motion, Jaina tossed the precious holocron to Jag, summoned her lightsaber to her from her open backpack a meter or so away, then turned to attack the woman who dared harm her husband.

Source: Getaway

Whilst deflecting blaster fire, Jaina easily lifts up a huge chunk of stone from a fallen column and hurls it at a ship:

Without missing a beat, Jaina batted back Pharika's fire with her lightsaber while using her other hand to levitate a huge chunk of fallen column with the other. It rose easily and Jaina hurled it toward the ship. The little vessel moved with astonishing speed, trying to dodge it, but the stone still landed a glancing blow that momentarily halted the ship's attack.

Source: Getaway

Whilst cartwheeling, Jaina telekinetically suspends a huge chunk of stone in mid-air to prevent it from crushing onto Jag:

She turned a one-handed cartwheel, the other hand extended to stop a huge chunk of fluted stone from crashing down directly onto Jag.

Source: Getaway

Jaina uses the Force to float down several meters:

She floated down, gracefully and slowly, landing several meters below on a lip on the otherwise sheer rock face.

Source: Getaway


Telepathy enables a Force user to affect another's mind. Empathy is similar to Telepathy but relates to emotions rather than thoughts.

Jaina learns from Kyp Durron how to erase memories. She is praised by Kyp when she succeeds:

Jaina nodded. 'Before we go, I need you to show me how to wipe away memories. They can't remember they saw us here.''


The Jedi Master let out a profound sigh. He grimaced as if steeling himself for an unpleasant task, then dropped to one knee. 'Watch, feel and follow,'' he instructed, and then reached out to one of the prisoners.

Jaina felt the older Jedi's power reach into the man's mind. Kyp formed the image of a morning-misted sun, barely visible above the forest horizons of Gallinore-- about the time,Jaina recalled, that they had landed. With smooth, cool strokes, Kyp swept away the memory from that moment to this. He eased away, like a thief creeping from a plundered home.

Slowly Kyp broke the contact with the fallen guard and lifted his eyes to hers. His face was still pale from the chilling tumble, and the deep shadows beneath his eyes made them look vividly green. The power in them, though fading, was both eerie and compelling. 'Now you.''

Jaina nodded and reached out to another guard. But instead of envisioning the morning sun, she focused upon an image of a chronometer. Slowly she forced it into backward motion, stripping away moments from a man's life. When the task was done, she looked to the Jedi Master. He studied her for a moment, his expression unreadable. 'You have a knack for this,'' he said at last. 'Good control. Very precise. You take that one, I'll do the other. Let's get this over with.''

Source: The Apprentice

Jaina wipes away several hours from fellow Jedi Lowbacca's memories:

Puzzlement and then concern swept the woman's thin face. Suddenly Jaina was aware of the damp tracks of tears on her cheeks. She wiped them away, as she'd wiped the past few hours from Lowbacca's memory.

Source: The Apprentice

Jaina telepathically sends an image of her Force Lightning to Zekk, imbuing the image itself so much power that that the air nearly hums with energy and the scent of a thunderstorm seems to lurk on the edge of sensory perception:

She brought to mind an image of the molten lightning that had come so instinctively to her call. She imbued it with so much power that the air nearly hummed with energy, and the metallic scent of a thunderstorm seemed to lurk on the edge of sensory perception. She projected this image to her old friend as forcefully as she could.

Source: The New Jedi Order: Dark Journey

Jaina utilizes Force Persuasion on a Rodian:

Jaina sighed. "I'll try again," she said, this time with some Force persuasion behind it. "How do I disarm the bomb?" His eyes glazed over slightly as he said, "It can't be deactivated now." That threw her for a moment. "There has to be a way!" She pushed even harder with the Force. She didn't believe for a moment that the Rodian wouldn't have had at least some knowledge of Harris's bomb. "Now tell me what it is, Salkeli. How is the bomb disarmed?"

"The remote detonator," he answered without resistance. Then, glancing over to the ruined box, he smiled nastily. "But like I said, there's no way to disarm it now." Jaina cursed under her breath. It was unlikely the Rodian had the will to resist the Force persuasion, so he was probably telling the truth - or the truth as he saw it, anyway.

Source: The New Jedi Order: Force Heretic II: Refugee

Jaina sends a greeting through the Force to her mother, a feat she displays a number of other times:

She sent a greeting through the Force. Her mother would know who it was from.

Source: The New Jedi Order: The Unifying Force


Concealment is a Force power enabling Jedi to mask their presence or signature in the Force.

Jaina shuts herself off from the Force:

Jaina quickly shut herself off from the Force and returned to the aperture, the QuietSnipe raised to her shoulder and her finger on the trigger.

Source: Legacy of the Force: Invincible

Force Meld

Force Meld, or Jedi Meld or Battle Meld, is a powerful Jedi technique where Jedi can join their minds together. In Outbound Flight, it is revealed that a Jedi Master of great power and depth in the Force is required to successfully utilize it. Despite this, Jaina was able to utilize it as well as any Jedi Master.

Force Sense/Shatterpoint

Force Sense is a basic power allowing Force sensitives to sense their surroundings, feel determine the thoughts or feelings of others, feel ripples in the Force signifying important events of the presence of the dark side, or even the future.. Shatterpoint is the ability to perceive fault lines with the Force.

Jaina increases her senses to detect any trace of deception:

Her senses finely attuned for any sign of deception, she let herself be shepherded by the four guards deep into the heart of the penitentiary.

Source: The New Jedi Order: Force Heretic II: Refugee

Jaina senses Ben Skywalker's return to the Force and his being in Jacen's presence:

Jacen laid his hand on Ben's shoulder again, and the Force came flooding back in a shocking, painful torrent. He sensed a dozen things at once-his aunt Leia searching for him in the Force, filled with pain and shock and sympathy; his cousin Jaina, down on Kashyyyk, full of sorrow and apology and-now that she sensed him aboard the Anakin Solo-confusion; Saba Sebatyne and the other Masters relieved by his sudden return to the Force. And they were all reeling, bewildered and concerned because he was aboard Jacen's ship.

Source: Legacy of the Force: Inferno

Jaina learns Shatterpoint, using it so that with a touch, she can shatter a five-centimeter-thick homogoni slab, then a plastoid breastplate, then a hfredium hull plate, and finally a disk of raw beskar, a material that can resist lightsaber blades and blaster bolts:

Luke simply smiled and replied that an art was not lost just because it could be wielded only by a handful, and that if her twin brother was one of the few capable of learning it, then so was she.

By the time Jaina had cleared her mind, her four sparring partners stood around her in a semicircle. Each was holding a small panel in front of him, his legs braced and his elbows locked so the panel would not move when it was struck.

Jaina did not take any time to study her targets or be certain of her strike. She simply looked at the panel in Jag's hands - a homogoni slab five centimeters thick.

She actually saw how the Force bound its cells together, how they were organized into long lines that gave the wood its grain, and exactly where that grain could be split. Then she simply let her hand slide out and do it, let her fingertips touch the place she had seen. At once, she felt the Force shooting through her hand as it rushed into that weak spot, shattering the bonds that held the slab together.

The homogoni did not just split, it shattered, and Jag was left holding two tiny fragments with a pile of slivers at his feet.

"Nice job," he said.

Jaina had already turned to the panel in Zekk's hands, a plastoid breastplate that had been taken from a captured Stormtrooper. She saw the plastoid as she had seen the homogoni, but now there was no true grain, just layer after layer of polymers crossing in every conceivable direction, with one spot where the layers were particularly thin. She let her hand slide out again. The breastplate fragmented into a dozen pieces and clattered to the grass at Zekk's feet. Next, Jaina turned to Tesar and let her hand slide out to touch the small square of hfredium hull plate he was holding. The square parted into triangles and fluttered out of the Barabel's hands.

Finally, she turned to Lowbacca, who was holding a disk of raw beskar. Luke had arranged to buy the disk from one of the arms dealers that the Mandalorians were now quite freely supplying with the stuff. She almost hesitated, but she forced her mind not to think, to just see and do, and before she knew it her hand was was shooting out toward the heart of a spiral of carefully worked metal crystals.

And the disk crumbled, just as Roegr's breastplate had when Caedus had tapped it with the pommel of his lightsaber.

Behind her, Jaina's father let out a loud, embarrassing whoop. "Who needs a lightsaber?" Han exclaimed. "I haven't seen anything that impressive since your mother wrapped a chain around Jabba's throat."

Source: Legacy of the Force: Invincible

Jaina feels a tickle in the Force as a warning of Quarren's impending attack, preempting her to dodge his blaster shot:

She felt a tickle in the Force, warning of imminent attack, and saw the Quarren's finger tighten on the trigger. She jumped to one side as he fired.

Source: Fate of the Jedi: Outcast

Jaina senses that something bad, later revealed to be a Hutt, though she senses that she and Jag are not in any immediate danger:

Her head was turned sharply behind her, and her face had gone still.

"What is it?" he asked, pressing his mouth close to her ear to be heard.

She shook her head. "I don't know. Just a bad feeling."

"With you, bad feelings aren't that simple."

"It's all right. We're not in any danger. At least not immediately."


Jag turned just in time to catch a glimpse of an ugly, brown-gray tail slithering into one of the alleys.


Source: Getaway

Jaina senses an incoming attack from a ship and doges it accordingly:

Alerted by the Force, Jaina suddenly flung herself violently to the left. There came almost a shriek of energy from the vessel, and the ground burned where Jaina had just been.

Source: Getaway

Combat Skill

Despite sporting a head injury and being pinned to a building, Jaina is able to hold off two Vong warriors with a one-handed lightsaber defense:

He found Jaina pinned against a building, a blob of blourash jelly binding her along one side, blood pouring from a head wound. Despite it all, she was holding two Yuuzhan Vong impostors at bay with a one-handed lightsaber defense.

Source: The New Jedi Order: Star By Star

Jaina fights evenly with Kyp Durron:

Jaina laughed. "I wish Uncle Luke could hear this! Paralysis and inactivity, not the dark side, will overcome the Jedi. Haven't you said that a hundred times?"

He blew out a long sigh. "When is another pilot due to go out?"

"She's powering up now," Jaina admitted.

The older Jedi spun toward the door. Jaina pulled her lightsaber.

Kyp stopped dead at the click and hum unique to the traditional Jedi weapon. He slowly turned to face her, hands raised in a placating gesture. "I don't want to fight you."

Her violet blade rose toward his throat. "You'd change your mind if the stakes were high enough."

"Don't be ridiculous. You wouldn't kill me even if you could!"

"The idea isn't without a certain appeal, but it's not what I had in mind. If I win, you fly the rest of this battle under my command. If you win, I'm yours. No more holding out, no more games. I'll keep the channels open, act like a real apprentice."

He considered her for a long moment. "Done."

His lightsaber leapt from his belt, flipped in midair, and slapped down into his hand. The glowing blade hissed toward her. Jaina vaulted above the flamboyant attack and flipped over Kyp's head. He rolled aside to avoid a possible slashing counter and came up in a crouch.

Jaina backed down the stairs, her weapon at high guard. He advanced, then darted forward with a quick feinting lunge.

She anticipated his move and leaned away from it, then quickly changed directions and lunged for him, sweeping her arm up into a rising parry that threw his lightsaber out wide. Her wrist twisted deftly to disengage the shining blades, and then she leapt straight up.

Kyp somersaulted down the stairs, turned, and came up with his lightsaber held high and ready. The younger Jedi dropped to the floor beside him and delivered two quick, testing jabs. He parried both. They drew apart and circled, taking each other's measure, exchanging blows that became less tentative with each strike.

Jaina's confident smile began to falter. "I'm not going to let you stop this next flight."

She whirled away from Kyp's high, slashing attack and caught his weapon in an overhead parry. A quick twist brought her around to face him. He disengaged and stepped back. "Who said I wanted to stop the mission? I want to fly it."

Jaina blinked. "You do?"

"If the mission is that important, I'll go myself."

"Forget it. The Jedi are too few and too valuable to risk."

"I know," he agreed, "and that's precisely why I need to go."

She stepped back, still in guard position, and eyed him warily.

"Let's just say I'm taking my responsibilities seriously. I don't want my apprentice to make some of the same mistakes I made."

Jaina's lightsaber flashed forward, forcing him to parry. "What apprentice? You haven't beaten me yet."

"I will," he said with a cocky smile. "And we both know it. We also know how difficult expectations can be. You've got to live up to your famous parents, which in some ways is even more difficult than living down a monumental failure."

"You can't compare our situations."

"We both lost brothers."

"And maybe hitting the Yuuzhan Vong hard will give some meaning to my brothers' deaths."

"I tried to avenge my brother," Kyp reminded her, "and I ended up killing him. Your mother thinks Jacen's still alive. What if she's right?"

Jaina lowered her lightsaber, and her face was a study of stunned fury. The older Jedi shifted his weight to the balls of his feet, gaining balance in preparation for the coming attack.

But Jaina switched off her weapon. "You want the mission?

Source: The New Jedi Order: Dark Journey

Jaina Solo defeats the Yuuzhan Vong Warmaster Tsavong Lah with her legs pinioned, years before her prime. She fights roughly evenly with him despite being rendered immobile, and then kills him by telekinetically launching a second lightsaber at his back:

Jaina twisted as she drew her lightsaber, intending to spin away from any attacker, but her feet had somehow gotten stuck to the mineshaft floor, and instead of spinning she sprawled to one side-luckily, because at that moment Tsavong Lah hurled his baton of rank like a spear.

The baton missed Jaina entirely and impaled Lowbacca, piercing him clean through the shoulder. The Wookiee roared and wobbled-like Jaina, blorash jelly had pinned him to the floor-and he fell into Tesar, who was in the act of drawing his blaster.

Little jets of air began to spurt from Lowbacca's wounds, crystallizing immediately in the vacuum and drifting to the floor as glittering snow.

Half deafened by the Wookiee roar she heard over her headset, Jaina hauled herself upright, aided by muscle and low gravity, her lightsaber glowing a soft violet off the cavern walls. Tsavong Lah seized an amphistaff from the weapons he'd strewn nearby and slashed the weapon at Jaina's head.

Jaina was frozen to the floor by blorash jelly, and Tsavong Lah was behind her. Her helmet cut oft" her peripheral vision, and the only way she knew she was being attacked was that she saw Tsavong Lah's madly dancing shadow cast by the powerful lights of the load-lifters. She dropped the point of her lightsaber behind her back to guard against Tsavong Lah's swing, and the impact almost wrenched her arm out of its socket.

Her heart thundered in her cars. She twisted as far to her right as possible in order to see her attacker and managed to parry the next furious series of strikes. Tsavong Lah shifted to her left, and Jaina twisted toward him and swung her lightsaber in a sweeping parry from high to low to catch any possible strike. Again the impact was massive, and nearly tore the weapon from her grasp. The warrior kept chopping at her, the amphistaff held in both hands, and she parried furiously. She had no chance to counterattack, and the impacts were numbing her arm. If something didn't happen soon, her weapon would be knocked from her hand.

The fight in the vacuum was in utter silence. Jaina could hear only her own rasping breath and the throbbing of her heart, and then the silence was broken, over the comm, by Lowbacca's bellow as Tesar yanked the baton out of his shoulder.

"It'z Tsavong Lah!" Jaina was startled by Tesar's words coming through her helmet phones. The warmaster's face was well known in the New Republic.

"Shoot him!" Jaina said. She didn't much care who he was; she only wanted him dead and her friends safe.

Tesar obliged by firing at the warmaster, the brilliant blaster bolts glancing off the rock walls, but the Yuuzhan Vong danced to Jaina's right again to put Jaina between himself and Tesar's blaster.

"This one must patch up Lowie!" Tesar said. "He'z losing air! You've got to hold off the Vong!"

"Thanks," Jaina muttered. She twisted to the right again, turning the movement into a cut. She chopped a chunk oat of the frozen amphistaff, and Tsavong Lah stepped out of range to pick up another weapon. When he came on again he lunged rather than slashed, and Jaina was able to slide her blade into a circular parry and bind. But in her twisted position she lacked the leverage of wrist and arm to force the disarm that followed the bind;instead her blade grated on the amphistaff and locked.

Only a meter away she could see Tsavong Lah's silent snarl of triumph. He kicked and drove his heel into Jaina's thigh.

An overwhelming jolt of pain shot through her thigh and knee. With a cry she lost her grip on her lightsaber and pitched forward.

Jaina snatched Lowie's lightsaber from his belt and triggered it as she pulled herself to her feet. Tsavong Lah had cleared Jaina's lightsaber from his weapon and lunged forward again, and his eyes widened in surprise as Jaina slashed two clawed toes from the radank leg he had implanted as an arm.

The warmaster stepped back as dark blood oozed from the wound and fell with a graceful lack of haste to the floor. Jaina kept the lightsaber on guard, pointed at his face. He glared at her, red murder glowing in his eyes.In front of her Lowbacca crouched before Tesar, both nailed to the ground by blorash jelly. Lowie's hand pressed on his shoulder, trying to hold in his air, while Tesar worked frantically to apply a patch to the wound on the Wookiee's back.

"How's Streak?" she asked.

"He'z passed out. This one has patched the exit wound, but the wound at the front iz still venting."

Jaina watched Tsavong Lah take a grip on his weapon and dig his feet into the ground.

"Hurry," she said, "I think I just made him mad."

Tsavong Lah charged, the amphistaff a blur. He attacked to Jaina's right side, drawing her lightsaber out of line, then shifted to a vicious overhead cut coming in from the left. Jaina managed to block in time, but the impact bent her far over, the air going from her lungs in a whuff. Her head low, she could sec the soft violet radiance of her own lightsaber lying on the floor past the war-master's legs.

She sliced madly at the amphistaff as she straightened again, engaging the furious warrior in a long series of attacks and parries.

And then Jaina reached out with the force, picked up her lightsaber from the ground behind Tsavong Lah, and drove the violet blade point-first through his throat. The warmaster fell. Jaina didn't spare him another glance, but turned to Tesar and Lowbacca.

Source: The New Jedi Order: Destiny's Way

Jaina and Luke kill a pair of Yuuzhan Vong slayers in just one moment:

Luke and Jaina began to move toward one another. For a moment, several slayers found themselves trapped between the two Jedi and the lashing movements of their comrades' amphistaffs. Pierced simultaneously from either side, one warrior dropped to the floor; then a second.

Source: The New Jedi Order: The Unifying Force

Zekk claims that Jaina is a greater swordsman than any Jedi Knight and can appropriately stand against a Jedi Master:

"Hey." Jaina's call was curt. "Again."

Zekk looked over at her. She stood in her Jedi robes, perspiring and tense, lightsaber unlit in her hands.

Zekk sighed. "Give me a minute."

"I need to practice."

"I'm not sure you can gain anything from sparring more with me. You've outstripped me with the lightsaber. Practice is all you think about, day and night. I doubt any Jedi Knight can stand against you. You need to practice against a Master."

Source: Legacy of the Force: Fury

Jaina fights closely with Darth Caedus with Luke aiding her through the Force:

The sniper was not surprised. The weapon simply spun free as it was abruptly released, and the snap-hiss of an igniting lightsaber sounded from inside the projection booth. Despite the pellet wound his shoulder had suffered earlier, Caedus did not hesitate to activate his own blade. His pain would only fuel his power, and if he did not attack the sniper, he knew the sniper would attack him. He Force-leapt up through the hole into the smoky, flashing interior of the booth and pivoted around to block the fan of blue light that came slicing toward his neck even before he could sense who he was fighting.

Whoever it was, the enemy was good.

Caedus felt a boot slam into his ribs-an instant before he saw it coming with his Aing-Tii fighting-sight-and the breath left his lungs. He countered with a head-high backslash and brought his own foot up, landing a Force-enhanced snap-kick between the legs of the brown-robed blur attacking him. The blow drew a pained grunt but failed to even stagger his foe.

A bony elbow slammed up under his chin, rocking him onto his heels. Then, finally, Caedus felt a familiar tingle in the back of his mind, and he saw the image of a violet blade slashing at his vulnerable side. He swept his own lightsaber down across the front of his body in a desperate reverse block that barely caught the attack in time to prevent it from slicing him in two, then whirled into a spinning back kick that landed squarely in his foe's stomach and drove him back:a mere two steps.

It was enough.

Now Caedus could see who he was fighting, and he could not believe it. A gaunt-faced man with eyes as blue and cold as vardium steel, nostrils flaring red with anger and exertion, a thin-lipped snarl filled with confidence and disdain.

Luke Skywalker.

Just a few minutes earlier, Caedus had sensed his uncle's presence far above Nickel One, in the same blastboat as his mother, father, and Saba Sebatyne. And now here Luke was, inside the asteroid. Even Jedi Grand Masters could not be in two places at once-Caedus knew that-but he did not waste time being confused.

All that mattered was that Luke was here, somehow, and that he was the one swordsman in the galaxy whom Caedus did not dare fight one-armed. Even as Luke leapt forward weaving a basket of lightsaber slashes, Caedus sprang back out of the projection booth, launching himself into a high Force flip designed to put as much distance between himself and his attacker as possible.

Luke flew after him, not even bothering to try for the high position, simply coming up under him with a wild slash combination that was anything but subtle or deft or even tricky; just pure relentless ferocity. Caedus had to stretch himself out belly-down in midair to meet the attack, and even calling on the Force to bolster the strength in his good arm, it was all he could do to keep the powerful strikes from knocking his guard aside and leaving him wide open.

They started to drop, trading a trio of lightning-fast blows that left Caedus's hands stinging and his heart racing. The last time he had fought Luke, he had started with a painful kidney wound but two good arms-and barely managed to survive. Now, with a relatively bearable shoulder wound and a single good arm, he had to do more than survive, he had to prevail-because now there would be no mercy at the last minute. This time, his uncle would not care whether he survived as long as Caedus died, because now Luke knew the truth about who had killed his wife.

After the third exchange, Caedus and Luke came down in the seating area, two rows apart. Both landed on their feet, Luke more lightly than Caedus.

Caedus deactivated his lightsaber and flicked his hand downward, arming the dart thrower he had begun wearing beneath his sleeve after their last fight.

But Luke did something even more unexpected, removing one hand from his lightsaber and pushing the palm forward. An instant later, the unseen hammer of a Force blast caught Caedus in the sternum and drove him not over, but through the seats behind him.

He slammed into the next row and dropped to the floor foot-to-foot with the big Mandalorian he had killed earlier-the one in the black armor and red helmet. Caedus's head was spinning and his chest was more than aching-it was throbbing, burning, clenching so tightly he could hardly breathe.

But he still had his lightsaber-and he needed it. He thumbed the activation switch and brought the weapon up just as Luke's blue blade came slicing down toward him. Caedus caught it on his own crimson blade, then straightened his arm, simultaneously parrying and pointing the dart thrower on his wrist into his attacker's face.

"Release!" he commanded.

A faint puff of air tickled Caedus's forearm as the thrower launched its darts, but Luke was already whirling out of the way. The slivers streaked past in a harmless black flash and vanished; then Luke was spinning into the row where Caedus lay, positioning himself above Caedus's head for the coup de grace.

There was no time to leap up or loose a bolt of Force lightning, and the angle was particularly poor for blocking and parrying. Caedus's only hope lay at his feet, and he seized that hope with the Force, using it to pull the dead Mandalorian up over him, then hurling the corpse headlong into Luke.

Two bodies collided with the sharp crack of metal impacting bone. When Caedus did not die in the next instant, he realized he had finally driven his uncle onto the defensive. He rolled to a knee, his lightsaber ignited and raised between them.

Luke lay buried beneath the huge Mandalorian, blood pooling around his head and one motionless arm protruding beneath the fellow's side. By all appearances, Luke Skywalker was dead-or at least unconscious.

Caedus's heart began to pound not with fear, but with excitement. His visions of late had been filled with his uncle's face-Luke Skywalker attacking him here on Nickel One, Luke firing on him from one of Fett's Bes'uliike, Luke sitting on Caedus's throne, claiming the New Empire as his own. Had he-Lord Caedus-finally put an end to those visions-finally ruled out the possibility of those futures becoming the future?

Eager as he was to be rid of Luke, Caedus was also suspicious. His uncle had been using a new fighting style, one that he had never taught his students at the Jedi academy-one that he had never, as far as Caedus knew, used on anyone who had survived to describe it. The style was essentially conservative, brutal, and ruthless, designed to deal damage without suffering it-and not all that tricky.

Which meant now would be the perfect time to switch styles and trap an unwary opponent by playing dead. Using the Force to keep the Mandalorian pressed firmly down on Luke, Caedus retreated twenty paces to the body of a fallen stormtrooper, then deactivated his lightsaber and tucked it under his wounded arm. When Luke still did not move, he pulled a fragmentation grenade off the trooper's equipment belt. He thumbed the arming slide, then sent the grenade sailing toward his uncle and the dead Mandalorian.


Despite the ringing in her ears and the gauze in her head-despite her hugely aching skull and the big knot of hurt swelling on her brow-Jaina had never been so filled with the Force. She could feel it in every cell of her body, swirling through her like fire, burning more ferociously every moment. She had never felt so strong or so quick or so alert. She could drive her fist through a durasteel wall, or catch a blaster bolt between her fingers. Despite the red curtain of blood cascading from the gash where Vatok's helmet had split her forehead, she was aware of everything.

Including that grenade sailing toward her.

So Jaina reached out with the Force and sent it flying back toward her brother. An instant later, the weight pressing down on her grew lighter as Caedus's attention shifted to the grenade. She started to Force-hurl her friend's body off-then recalled how her brother had been anticipating her attacks. She grabbed the beskad hanging from Vatok's waist, then sent his body flying after the grenade.

The iron saber had barely cleared its scabbard before the hammerfist of a grenade detonation jolted the forum. Vatok's body was silhouetted against the orange flash of the explosion. Jaina held him there, shielding herself from the fiery heat of the blast, and felt the searing bite of shrapnel only in her legs.

The detonation swept the last wisps of gauze from Jaina's mind. Not waiting to see if she had been seriously injured, she let her friend's body drop to the floor and leapt after her brother, lightsaber in one hand and Vatok's beskad in the other.

Caedus turned to meet her with his good arm forward and his wounded shoulder behind. Jaina struck high with the lightsaber and low with the beskad. Caedus slipped back, allowing both blades to pass, then sprang forward and counterthrust, trying to impale her with her own momentum.

Jaina was already spinning past his crimson blade, pivoting on a dead stormtrooper's chest plate as she brought Vatok's beskad around at neck height. But Caedus had anticipated her once again, leaning away to take the blow on his wounded shoulder rather than across his throat.

Jaina did not even feel the beskad cleaving bone. She simply heard a voice-Jacen's voice-cry out in shock and pain; then an arm landed on her boots. In the next instant Caedus was whirling away, screaming and flapping a red stump, and something hot and wet splashed across Jaina's face and throat and began to burn like acid.

A part of her-the part that had grown up with Jacen and trained with him on Yavin 4 and traded snowballs at Coruscant's polar playgrounds-was too horrified to act. That part wanted to stand paralyzed in shock, to pretend this was just some terrible nightmare from which she would shortly awaken. The other part-the part that had actually asked for this mission-knew what would happen if she let herself freeze.

Jaina launched herself after Caedus. The loss of an arm did not seem to faze him. He simply turned to meet her attack, his yellow eyes blazing with pain and fury, and their lightsabers met in a brilliant explosion of color. Jaina brought the beskad around again, striking low for his thigh:and knew she was in trouble when Caedus did not even try to block.

Caedus deactivated his lightsaber and let it drop between them. Jaina felt the beskad begin to bite, then her brother's palm sank deep into the pit of her stomach. In the next instant she was riding a bolt of Force lightning across the chamber, her muscles cramping, her teeth grinding, her ears roaring with the fiery sizzle of burning synapses.

A full second later, she slammed into a durasteel wall and felt a terrible popping in her ribs, then dropped to the floor, still holding her lightsaber and the beskad. The Force lightning had died away, but her muscles remained useless aching knots, and the stench of scorched flesh was so powerful she wanted to retch. Instead, she tried to rise-and succeeded only in sparking a dozen different kinds of pain.

Across the chamber, her brother was in little better shape. He sat slumped in a half-collapsed chair, his remaining hand clamped over the stump of his missing arm, his thigh wound dripping blood onto the floor. His yellow eyes were staring at Jaina more in confusion than rage, and his head was cocked as though he could not quite believe what he was seeing.

"You?" he gasped. "Jaina?"

Jaina managed to raise her throbbing head. It hurt-a lot-and her vision was starting to blur.

"I haven't changed that much, Jacen," she said. With her muscle control beginning to return, she pushed herself into a kneeling position. "And I hope you know how much this Sith nonsense is steaming Mom and Dad."

If Caedus heard her wisecrack, he did not show it. His yellow eyes began to dart around the chamber, searching for something Jaina did not understand-but maybe that was just because her head was throbbing so bad. The pain was beginning to muddle her thoughts.

Somehow, Caedus forced himself back to his feet. That would have been impressive-if it weren't so kriffing scary.

"Where's Luke?" he demanded.

"Right behind me," Jaina said, also standing. The effort sent pangs of anguish shooting through her lungs, and she realized she had a few broken ribs to go with the lightning scorch on her chest. She squinted in his direction, trying to keep him in focus so she could kill him. "Come over here, and I'll show you."

That brought Caedus's gaze snapping back toward her, and Jaina realized she might have overplayed her hand. She still had both arms, but the fact that her brother remained standing at all proved how much greater his Force powers were than her own. She tossed the beskad aside and summoned a fallen stormtrooper's power blaster to hand.

Then Jaina sensed someone watching her from the direction of the antechamber where the Moffs had fled. She looked up to find a pair of gray blurs dropping into firing positions in the doorways. She loosed a burst of suppression fire toward the two troopers, then Force-flipped up into the cover offered by the ruined projection booth, landing backward so she would be facing her enemy and in a position to defend herself.

Jaina's boots had not even touched the floor before the stormtroopers opened fire. She dropped the power blaster and used her lightsaber to deflect their bolts, angling them down toward her brother. If she kept him busy enough, he wouldn't be able to hurl another lightning attack her way. His lightsaber snapped to life and began to weave a crimson shield in front of him.

Then Jaina experienced an abrupt draining as her Force energies returned to their normal level. Suddenly she felt cold, tired, and in pain, and she barely had the strength to hold her lightsaber as it flicked back and forth, batting away blaster bolts. She retreated deeper into the projection booth, stumbling over combat debris that she normally would have sensed without any conscious thought. When she reached the wrecked control panel, she could finally drop behind cover.

Caedus's voice sounded out in the forum, still deep and booming and strong. "Not her! Skywalker is the dangerous one."


Was Jaina beginning to hear things now, too? Or was Caedus beginning to imagine them?

The blasterfire shifted away from the projection booth and grew more erratic. Jaina poked her head up, peering over the scorched control panel through what remained of the projectionist's one-way viewport.

Her brother was limping up toward the anteroom, finally starting to look a little weak and dizzy himself. His good hand was still holding the stump of his severed arm. But his yellow eyes were round with fear and his brow was furrowed with anger, and he was looking toward the far corner of the chamber, which Jaina could not see from her vantage point.

"There, you fools!" he yelled. "Blast him!"

Source: Legacy of the Force: Invincible

In their rematch, Jaina takes advantage of the element of surprise, stabbing Caedus with her lightsaber. She then engages the disadvantaged Caedus and kills him:

"It's worth a try, but they won't obey." Caedus came to the door and, lacking a second hand to reach for the control pad, stopped to finish his order. "Have my StealthX prepped for immediate:"

He let the sentence trail off as the door opened on its own, revealing a dark-uniformed woman with an athletic build and brown, furious eyes.


A lightsaber snap-hissed to life, and suddenly Caedus felt as though he were going to vomit fire.

* * *

The invisible fist of a Force blast slammed Jaina in the chest and sent her flying back, her breath groaning from her lungs and her lightsaber hissing free of Caedus's stomach. From the fight on Nickel One, she had learned the dangers of letting her head snap back on impact. She tucked her chin, then fought to hold it there as she struck the durasteel wall on the far side of the corridor.

Jaina almost wished that she had been knocked unconscious. Stinging needle-thrusts of pain zippered down her spine as her vertebrae rocked beneath the impact, and the synthmesh supporting her half-healed ribs came apart in a single agonizing pop. She dropped to the floor, fighting to keep her pain from carrying her down into numb oblivion, gazing back to where she had surprised Caedus:where Caedus still stood in the doorway, his mouth gaping in surprise, with a thumb-sized scorch hole just below his ribs. But he was still standing.

Jaina's pain-clouded mind did not understand how he could take a lightsaber through the gut and do that. Why didn't Caedus just lie down and die like most people? Didn't he understand she was trying to do him a favor?

Apparently not, because as soon as she began to gasp for breath, his hand shot up, the fingers splayed and pointed in her direction. Jaina barely brought her lightsaber around in time to absorb the forks of blue lightning that came dancing toward her chest.

Then Caedus stepped forward, the Force lightning still shooting from his fingertips. Jaina could not believe what she was seeing. With that wound, he was coming after her. She feinted an attempt to roll to her knees. When Caedus shifted the lightning to block her, she brought her free hand up and gestured toward his shoulder, using the Force to hurl him back through the door. A loud, thudding crash sounded from deep in the shadows, and the voice of an annoyed droid began to complain about the mess.

Jaina was instantly on her feet, springing through the door. But Caedus was just as quick, forgoing his Force lightning in favor of his lightsaber. She saw a fan of crimson light arcing toward her out of the dark side of the pit and spun toward it, blocking and kicking in the same move. Caedus grunted as her boot caught him somewhere above the waist, but behind his crimson blade, he was no more than a gray blur, and it was impossible to tell where the kick had landed.

A black boot heel came shooting under Jaina's guard, driving hard into her sore ribs. She stifled a cry and circled into the shadows, trying to acclimate her eyes to the darkness because it was impossible to sense Caedus in the Force. He fought to keep his advantage, dancing back and forth behind his crimson blade, anticipating her every move-and making her pay for each step with a painful kick or elbow strike.

Knowing that sooner or later one of Caedus's blows could be fatal, Jaina risked a quick look around, searching for something she could Force-hurl. The dark side of the pit was black; she could see nothing in there. And the bright side of the pit was so glaring that she could see only the white, glaring mouth of the fusion incinerator and the conveyor belt that fed it.

Caedus made her pay for the survey in blood, landing a pommel across her cheek that split the flesh and smashed the bone. Jaina countered with a driving knee to the thigh, then a downward slash that Caedus barely turned in time to save his hand.

A flimsiplast crate emerged from the conveyor belt chute beside them. It wasn't much-certainly not heavy enough to do damage-but it was all Jaina had. She gave a little ground, allowing Caedus to force her toward the door so she could let the crate move past him and bring it flying into him from behind.

Then the dark shape of the pit droid came clanking out of the shadows. "Excuse me, please," it said. "I must inspect-"

That was as much as it said before Jaina grasped it in the Force and drew it, stumbling, into Caedus's flank.

The droid was more than heavy enough to send Caedus staggering. He whirled instantly, bringing his blade around at shoulder height. By then Jaina had slipped into the shadows and was lunging forward, her shoulders back but her boot heel driving in under his lightsaber.

Once again, Caedus anticipated her. He spun around, leaning away to protect his vulnerable midsection and bringing his leg up to counterkick. Jaina Force-launched herself into him anyway, whipping her lightsaber around in a down guard to keep his blade at bay. His counterkick landed first, driving into her stomach with a deep sharp ache. Her stomp caught him on the hip and sent him falling onto the conveyor belt.

The flimsicrate burst at the seams as Caedus's shoulder and head came down on top of it. Jaina leapt in to press the attack-and was stunned by how quickly he popped back up. There were more than a dozen used syringes hanging from his shoulder and face. He barely seemed to notice. Letting his lightsaber deactivate and drop to the floor, he reached toward her, making a twisting motion with his hand.

Jaina felt her chin twisting around and went with it, using the Force to accelerate her whole body into a spin, still leaping toward Caedus, bringing her lightsaber around in a clearing arc. She felt the blade meet metal, and the droid's ebony head popped into the air. Then she was on Caedus, slashing at his head with her lightsaber, bringing her boot toe up under his chin when he grew predictable and ducked.

The kick snapped Caedus's head back and sent him tumbling over the conveyor belt. Thinking she had just won the advantage, Jaina dropped her free hand toward the lightsaber he had let fall-then barely saved her arm when the crimson blade snap-hissed to life and went spinning past.

Caedus's hand shot up on the other side of the conveyor belt and caught the hilt; then the rest of his body slowly rose into view. His flesh was bulging around the scorch hole in his abdomen, and there were half a dozen syringes planted in his face almost to the barrels. He was in obvious pain-and he was feeding on it. His eyes were bulging and maniacal, his nostrils red and flaring, his lips drawn back so far it almost appeared that he didn't have any.

Jaina brought her lightsaber to high guard and braced her feet, ready for Caedus's attack.

Instead, he deactivated his blade.

"Jaina, listen to me." There was a throaty, gurgling quality to Caedus's voice, and it seemed obvious that the only thing keeping him on his feet was Force energy-a lot of it. "You need to get out of my way. I'm trying to save Tenel Ka and Allana."

"Sure you are," Jaina scoffed. As she spoke, she extended her Force awareness in all directions, trying to figure out why Caedus was stalling when his body was running out of time. "Just like you saved Isolder."

"Isolder would have made the same choice. In fact, he did." Caedus clipped his lightsaber to his belt, a trust-building gesture that might have had some meaning, had he not been a lying Sith murderer. "Jaina, we don't have time for this."

"So die already."

Jaina launched herself into a Force flip, tumbling over the conveyor belt head-down so that she could strike before Caedus had time to unclip and ignite his lightsaber.

Caedus didn't even try. He simply glanced toward the open mouth of the fusion incinerator. In the next instant Jaina felt herself rushing toward its searing heat, and it took all her Force strength to pull herself aside the half meter that saved her life.

But the durasteel into which she slammed was still scorching, and the pain of impact was nothing compared to the sizzling shock of merely contacting the furnace exterior. She dropped to the floor screaming in rage and anguish, her nostrils filled with the stench of singed hair and charred skin, the black GAG utilities still burning on her back.

Then Jaina opened herself fully to the Force, drawing it in through the power of her emotions-not through her anger or pain, as a Sith might, but through her love of what her brother had been:the teenage jokester who could always find hope in a desperate situation, the questioning warrior who had bested the Yuuzhan Vong warmaster in personal combat, the reluctant champion who had shown a galaxy the way to compassionate victory.

The Force came pouring in from all sides, saturating Jaina and devouring her, filling her with a roaring maelstrom of power, carrying away her pain and leaving in its place the strength not only to survive, but to rise and fight.

Caedus was already on the far side of the conveyor belt, pulling the syringes from his face and shoulder while he staggered toward the exit. Jaina used the Force to depress the control pad, and the door closed in his face.

Caedus whirled with fury in his eyes, but Jaina was already bounding over the conveyor belt, her hair still trailing smoke. He splayed his fingers and sprayed Force lightning at her. Jaina caught it on her lightsaber and whirled past, bringing her blade down where Caedus had been an instant before and leaving a long gouge in the door.

Caedus's blade snapped to life beside her, a crimson fan whirling toward her shoulders. She dropped to her haunches and used her free arm to block the Force-driven snap-kick she knew he would launch at her throat.

Ankle met arm with a sharp crack. What looked like an extra joint appeared in the middle of her forearm, then her wrist flopped over Caedus's leg, a useless throbbing thing no longer under her control.

It didn't matter. Jaina was a dead woman if she didn't win this-maybe even if she did win. She whipped her lightsaber around in a high block and deflected the reverse slash Caedus was bringing down toward her neck.

Then she dived forward, whipping her violet lightsaber at his other foot. Caedus sprang away backward, trying to draw both feet out of harm's way at once, and countered by flipping his own weapon around, bringing it up beneath her belly.

Neither blade cut deep, but both did damage. Jaina felt a searing pain across her abdomen, then felt a terrible uncoiling inside her as something she didn't want to think about bulged into the void left by the slashed muscle.

Jaina's blade tapped Caedus behind the boot, touching just long enough to sever the crucial tendon running up the back of the ankle. He landed in an awkward stagger, nearly falling as his foot flapped and flopped without any control.

Jaina came to a knee facing him and knew Caedus was about to die. He had one arm and one good leg, and they were not even on the same side of the body. He could not pivot and he could not retreat. All she needed was to get past his lightsaber and attack the armless side of his body-before she collapsed herself, or he recovered enough to kill her with one last Force blast.

Jaina sprang.

Caedus tried to turn to meet her, but only staggered, his lightsaber falling to his side as though it were a cane. It wasn't, of course, and his momentum kept him stumbling back toward the bright side of the pit, his eyes filled with rage and exhaustion and despair.

Jaina feinted at his head, then began to whirl toward his armless side, bringing her lightsaber around in a flat, high slash that he could not hope to block. It was a sure kill, one that would land even if she died first-which she thought she might, since the attack would leave her completely open to an avenging counterstrike.

But Caedus seemed to know that Jaina had already killed him, and whatever he had in mind, it was not vengeance. When her blade came around, his lightsaber was still hanging at his side. He was staring up toward the ceiling, his gaze fixed somewhere far beyond the murk overhead, and the only attempt he made to save himself was to take one step back into the light spilling from the furnace.

It would not be enough, Jaina knew. She closed her eyes and felt the lightsaber sink in, felt it slicing through his ribs into his chest. And Jaina felt something in the Force, too-something that made her pulse stop and her chest sink and her blood freeze in her veins. Her brother was reaching out to Tenel Ka, screaming at her through the Force, warning her there was danger, urging her to take Allana and:

Then the blade reached Caedus's heart, and he dropped at her feet, and Jaina felt nothing at all.

Source: Legacy of the Force: Invincible

Jaina fights and defeats four Mandalorian commandos simultaneously whilst emerging unhurt, despite the fact that the Mandalorians were trained specifically to combat Jedi:

Jaina charged straight at the Mandos.

She twisted and let a mini rocket pass by no more than three centimeters from her body. it and the other projectiles slammed into walls, floor, and ceiling behind her, causing the floor to rock. A gust of heated air from the explosion overtook her.

And then she was in their midst, int he middle of the pack of Mandos, where they'd have to fire precisely or not at all to avoid harming their fellows. Three of them were rising, unhurt. One of the two still standing drew a short vibrosword, holding it in a reverse grip, and launched himself at her.

She watched the other one who was still on his feet. Sure enough, he used the direct assault as a distraction, waited half a second, and fired at her from what looked like a line-throwing forearm attachment. But what came at her was a flexible projectile that broadened, expanded into a net.

She grabbed at it with the Force, exerting herself against it as if it were a bad idea, and flicked it into the path of the vibrosword wielder. It wrapped around him.

Nor did Jaina let go of it then. She maintained her mental grip on the net and yanked it through one of the holes in the wall. That Mando went flying, and the one who'd cast the net, still attached to it by a line, was hualed off his feet. He went flying after his comrade, the sudden lateral movement causing him to drop his blaster rifle.

Thre left, but the other two were unhurt and would be back in a moment - perhaps with reinforcements.

The three were on their feet now. one turned away from Jaina, facing back down the corridor, and threw up his arm just in time to catch Tyria's descending lightsaber blade on it. The beskar from which his crushgaunt was made withstood the impact of the green energy blade, and he was not wounded. But the crushgaunt was scarred and the sheer force of Tyria's blow drove him back a step.

Jaina spun between the other two, chambering her weapon, ready to kick. One of the two Mandos, a female, wore rocket pack and ignited it, carrying her up and away from Jaina. That was all right; she was not Jaina's original target. Jaina leapt, and her kick took the other commando in the side of the head. It was certainly not powerful enough to damage the beskar, but a lot of kinetic force was transmitted through the helmet, rocking the man's head. He staggered away.

Tyria's lightsaber found an unarmored chink in her opponent's plating. She drove the blade, point-first, into his inner thigh. He made a strangled noise, took two jerky steps backward, and fell as the smell of burned flesh joined that of explosives residue. But another commando, the one who'd launched the net at Jaina, leapt out from the hole in the wall and swung at Tyria before she could react. His gauntleted fist took her int he jaw. Jaina heard the crack, saw the jaw deform, and suddenly, Tyria was down, unconscious. The odds abruptly went from two against five to one against four. Or three and a half, if the concusssion she was sure she'd given one Mando counted for anything.

There was a new boom from father down the corridor, back toward Apprentice Geffer and the turbolifts. Jaina nodded, comprehending. Another handful of Mandos would be leaving the StealthX hangar the same way these had, using explosives to bypass doors, moving laterally in directions the Jedi wouldn't normally prepare for.

Now the only thing between this second unit of Mandos and the turbolifts was one apprentice. She saw Geffer's desk slide through the intersection, picking up speed, propelled by the boy's use of the Force, and a split second after it vanished from sight down the cross-hall she heard it destroyed by mini rockets. Apprentice Geffer, grimly determined and frightened all at once, stepped out into the intersection, his lightsaber lit.

Jaina swore to herself. She could not retreat to help Geffer. She had to hold here or they'd both be flanked. But the apprentice was no match for experienced Mandos, especially Mandos who had been clearly trained and prepared for conflict with Jedi. She had to hope he'd last a few seconds.

The flying Mando female fired down at Jaina with a blaster pistol. Jaina sidestepped the barrage of shots, making it look clumsy when in fact it wasn't, and launched herself at the commando who had taken Tyria out.


Jaina's battle had gone silent. That was either very good or very bad.

Raynar peeked around the corner. Down the way, walking toward him, carrying Jedi Tainer, was Jaina Solo. Her robes had burn marks but she seemed unhurt.

Source: Fate of the Jedi: Backlash

Jaina fights three Sith sabers at once on a powerful dark side nexus enhancing their performance whilst hindering hers, yet she kills them all without sustaining any injury to herself:

Luke and Jaina were fighting back-to-back. The Sith attacking them had two advantages. One was the fact that they outnumbered the two Jedi. The second was that they were being reinforced by the emanations of the dark side nexus within the temple. It surged forth like psychic sewage, clogging the Jedi's reflexes as it fueled their enemies.


He felt Jaina in the Force, strong and calm, her back to him but not quite touching his. Bonded by blood and the Force itself, they performed a duet of death tot he half dozen Sith pressing in for the attack. They leapt and swung, ducked and kicked in such swift, perfect harmony that an observer might have thought their moves had been choreographed. More than once, an overly confident Saber charged, only to end up slashing at his fellow Sith. In short order two were on the ground, and the odds were now a mere two to one.

Luke could hear the sizzle of lightsabers clashing behind him, only centimeters away, and then the acrid stench of burned flesh and Jaina's blade struck home.


Lost in that piercing gaze, Ben heard, as if from a great distance, the sound of lightsabers being extinguished and he knew that his father and Jaina had won their fights.

Source: Fate of the Jedi: Ascension

Even when injured, Jaina Solo kills two Sith in three seconds, an equivalent time it took for Ben to kill a single Sith:

For a moment, Ben thought that she was just tired from killing two Sith in the three seconds it had taken him to kill one.

Source: Fate of the Jedi: Apocalypse

Jaina deflects a lightning bolt as she leaps to avoid a rising floor, and lands in a mob of a dozen Lost Tribe Sith. Jaina uses a combination of telekinesis, unarmed attacks and a lightsaber stab to eliminate several of them, then uses a concussion grenade to disorient the others:

She twisted into another whorl, her wrists turning almost of their own accord, as she swung her lightsaber around to catch the next bolt, and the she sensed the floor rising up beneath her. She brought her feet around and landed hard, the durasteel deck grating shuddering beneath her boots as a dozen dark-robed figures spun to face her, their eyes wide open betraying their confusion and alarm they felt at seeing a Jedi Knight deliberately jump into the heart of a Sith mob.

How a mission could go so sour so fast, Jaina had no idea. The Sith were everywhere, crawling beneath the deck grating, dropping from the pipes, darting out from between the filter cabinets and pump housings. Clearly, the Jedi had walked into an ambush, and their battle plan had fallen into chaos.

No problem. In a situation like this, Jaina thrived on chaos. She became chaos.

Jaina leaped over an incoming leg slash, then dropped her attacker with a quick snap kick to the temple. She blocked a strike at her neck and, still in the air, turned her jump into a cartwheel. She lifted to a one-handed grip, and swung her free arm in an arc, using the force to sweep two more Sith off of their feet. Landing in their midst, she stomped the throat of the first and jammed her lightsaber through the chest of the other, then pulled a concussion grenade off her combat harness and thumbed it active.

She dropped it at her feet and began to count. One. The melee went still.

Source: Fate of the Jedi: Apocalypse

Combatively, Jaina is said to be the equal of any Jedi in the Order:

On most days, that would have been an easy job for two Jedi Masters and Jaina Solo, who, as Sword of the Jedi, had proven time and again that she was the combat equal of anyone in the Order.

Source: Fate of the Jedi: Apocalypse

Piloting Skills

Jaina Solo has received a number of accolades for her piloting skills.

Praise from Han Solo, a master pilot himself:

"That kid can fly."

Source: The New Jedi Order: Vector Prime

Jacen Solo considers Jaina the best pilot out of a group:

"Trust me, Finn. It might hurt you to hear this…but Jaina is the best pilot here."

Source: Invasion 7: Rescues, Part 2

Jaina can outfly Mandalore's best pilots in any vessel they choose, and can shoot down an entire squadron in elite combat simulations:

She could outfly Mandalore's best pilots in any vessel they chose, and shoot down an entire squadron in elite combat simulations.

Source: Legacy of the Force: Invincible
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