The Object Of My Affection

Pretty girls, hot lovers, soul mates, cute crushes - the objects of all the male x-men's affection.

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  • Long-time partner, and then wife to Cyclops - The love story of the x-men.

    This never stopped Wolverine or Angel from being attracted to the feisty famous redheaded x-men.

  • Wolverine's long-distance star-crossed lover, turned wife.

    Against her father's wished, Mariko and Wolverine couldn't ignore the love for one another. This was a love story with no happy ending.

  • Southern gals know have to fun. In comes a ragin' Cajun to ruin it though.

    For the longest time Rogue and Gambit took one step forward and then two steps back in their complicated love story. Because of her restrictions to human contact, the inevitable relationship took it's time to flourish - especially with the interference of such men as Magneto and Joseph/Magneto.

  • Just a young girl, barely a woman, but madly in love with the older, wiser, and handsome Colossus. After the reluctance to accept their feelings for one another, they both figured out they basically need one another.

    With the admission to the New Mutants, Kitty Pryde's youth and charm weren't ignored by the young Cypher.

    During her days in Excalibur, Kitty Pryde had it going strong with the brit Pete Wisdom.

  • Jean Grey who?

    Everyone's woman we all love to hate, and hate to love managed to sink her psychic, diamond-encrusted claws into Cyclops. It-couple or I'll-settle-for-you-but-I-really-love-Jean ?

  • Queen of an alien nation, on an alien planet, but managed to capture the heart of a human, namely Professor Xavier's.

    Even far apart (planets apart), these two share a bond no one can deny.

  • Green hair? Seems to be some sort of fetish, at least for some like Iceman, Havok and Random.

    Even with Iceman's innocent advances and x-men status, Polaris just wouldn't give.

    Was it cause she knew the young Alex Summers was gonna enter her life?

    Together, this power couple survived the X-Men, X-Factor, and even became archaeologists together. I mean.. you know you're meant for one another if you have a hobby together right?

  • Alien lover of our favorite speedy Avenger, Quicksilver.

    With a few rough patches here and there, these two managed to overcome all and together brought a daughter, Luna, to life.

  • What a vision.

    'Nuff said.

  • This lass is no mutant, but she definitely knows how to pick 'em.

    Is it her looks, her accent, or maybe her smarts that lured in the likes of Professor X or Banshee, we'll never know.

  • Some time in the future, you'll hear about the love story of the year, the one involving Cable and Aliya.

    But for now, we'll wait to get all the information from our future selves.

  • Girl with a killer instinct is bound to get some similar killer love interests.


    Doesn't stop there, given the chance, once in X-Force, she might or might not have snagged the attention of another 'killer', Wolverine.

    Of course, everyone has their soft side, and once upon a time, even Domino had her sweet heart, whom she was married to, Milo.

  • Black goddess, queen of Kenya as well as the heart of the Black Panther.

    Once upon a time, she even use to tug at Forge's heartstrings... or maybe it never stopped?

  • Ninja fighter, knows how to fight for her man.

    Her target: Cyclops.

    However, not in her right mind, they'll both try to forget their intimacies.

    Next target: Angel.

    This brought in more success.

    Obstacle: Crimson Dawn ?

  • Daughter of a hellish woman, knew how to get her hands on a devilish-looking German.

    The hexy..i mean sexy young witch and Kurt Wagner, Nightcrawler was a magically delicious love story.

  • Love has no boundaries, love has no gender - as proven by Kyle and Northstar

  • Elf-like Meggan and Captain Britain are the hottest couple in England, giving the Beckhams a run for their money.

    Even after going through rough patches, and the comfort of Nightcrawler's furry shoulders, Meggan and Brian Braddock joined in holy matrimony and lived happily ever after.

  • This otherworldly warrior didn't have to fight too hard to capture the heart of Rictor

  • Once upon a time, Wolverine and this Indian fox were pretty hot and heavy.

    Who are we kidding, a REALLY long time ago. Pre-adamantium people.

    This Canadian love story however didn't end all rosy and cozy.

  • Shed a tear for this one, not your skin, the country bumpkin was the apple in Jonothan Starsmore's eyes.

  • The irish redhead's sonic scream didn't scare away our favorite merc.

    Deadpool never seemed like the lovey-dovey type, however Siryn knew how to melt the Weapon X-recreated heart.

    Warpath however didn't fair too well.

  • It took the, singer, turned X-Men, to go all the way to the Mojo universe to fall for her, so-she-thought, man of her future, Longshot.

    This blond bombshell knows how to ward off her men, like Angel and the Human Torch.

    Who knows what would have happened if she never became a singer? Dr. Paul Jansen anyone?

    Oh.. and did anyone read the Beast mini-series, circa 1984?

  • It was love at first sight for these two

    Unexpected.. or maybe very expected.. Deadpool finally settled down and married this hellish, vampiric beauty.

  • Gambit's ex-wife - once upon a time, it was a love that Louisiana has never seen.

    Let's just say, it died off.

  • Gold-digger?


    Warren Worthington, III, the Angel, didn't think so.

  • Now for the evening news:

    This reporter and the X-Men, turned Avenger, turned X-Men, the Beast had an interesting relationship. Not knowing if she's being a traitor to humankind by dating a mutant, these two were never able to 'go steady'.

  • Japanese girl dating a White man?

    Heaven forbid!

    This was the case for Iceman and Opal.

  • Where to start..

    Destiny: a big ol' question mark

    Wolverine: the flirtation could have got them somewhere

    Sabretooth: together, they bore a child

    Forge: maybe more one-sided, we can't know for sure where this could have gone if Forge gave the green light.

  • Pre-mental breakdown, this Alpha Flight member and Wild Child had it going on.

    In comes X-Man - love at first site? Lust?

  • An EXILE-erating relationship best describes the one between Nocturne and Deadpool.

  • Pre-graduation to the X-Men, Cannonball and Boom Boom were hot and heavy during their X-Force days. Unfortunately, this relationship fizzled.. before Tabby was able to count 3-2-1.

  • Are you dead yet? Otherwise, Thren might not care for you.. unless your name is Nate Grey, a.k.a. X-Man.

  • Before the X-Men were created, Professor Xavier and this redhead might have had a bright future ahead of them.

  • The 19th century gave us the story of Rebecca Essex, lover and wife of Nathaniel Essex.

    Little did she know, their relationship was destined for sinister things.

  • This mimic had a hard time, until she was teleported to the future and fell in love with Garrison Kane.

    Can i hear a Domino?

  • Maybe this was always meant to be, but it took the writers of New Mutants about 20 years to get Dani Moonstar and Sam Guthrie (Cannonball) together.

  • One of the only females able to resist Empath's mutant powers...

    Must have been his spanish accent though, because these two ran off together to Nova Roma.

  • Alpha Flight's mother figure, hopelessly in love with Guardian, but... what would have happened between her and Wolverine if James Hudson never came into the picture?

  • Even as a photon holograph, her wit and charm was enough to make Wild Child feel all fuzzy inside (other than his already fuzzy exterior).

  • Once admitted to Generation X, her and Synch almost become synchronous with one another.

  • Out of this world teleporter and rock star, might have been too much for innocent, country boy Sam Guthrie. Nevertheless, she was his first kiss.

  • In Uncanny Avengers, Wasp and Havok were sent to the future, and had no other choice but to console one another.

  • Trying to flee X-Factor, MLF, Freedom Force and the Acolytes is no easy task. At least she always had Rusty Collins by her side.

  • Innocent young girl, now not so much - Rahne Sinclair was once scared of her own shadow. Today, even if Rictor has a hard time with his love life, he knows Wolfsbane is always there for him.

  • Created by Sinister's hands, Maddy tried to snatch Scott Summers all to herself. You know what? She might have even succeeded. She was obviously no match for Jean Grey.

    If that wasn't enough, she even went after Scott's would-have-been son, Nate Grey, X-Man for a short period.

  • When joining the Avengers together, Cannonball and Smasher didn't expect to fall for one another

  • Warpath had to vent. She was there for him.

    She also took advantage of him, for her own benefits. Doesn't mean she never liked him in return.

  • In his amnesiac state, Colossus, X-Man turned painter, fell in love (or lust) with Callisto... the original, beautiful Callisto.

  • When Cyclops left the X-Men, he found himself infatuated with this sea-woman.

    Magneto as well couldn't keep himself from the beautiful blond.

  • Officer of justice, and officer of love when it came to Angel. But it just couldn't work out given the whole homo superior/homo sapien thing

  • Reluctant at first, Vera fell for the lovable Beast

  • Iceman's first girlfriend. Unfortunately, he dumped her in hopes of going out with Polaris.