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132633 John J. Hill Person 11/18/18 04:11AM 6 approved
132603 Will Pfeifer Person I just realized that someone wrote his birth year to be 2014... So I corrected it along with his country and city. 11/17/18 07:15PM 4 approved
45193 Justice League of America Team Adding stories and fixing the format of other version section. 07/13/18 07:37AM 0 denied
45192 Wonder Woman Character Editing DCEU version of Wonder Woman. 07/13/18 07:25AM 0 denied
42528 Wonder Woman Character Again, explaining the story of DCEU version. 07/08/18 06:40AM 0 denied
42527 Justice League of America Team Adding some context/story to DCEU version 07/08/18 06:26AM 0 denied
42522 Godzilla Character Adding new versions of Godzilla. 07/08/18 05:41AM 73 approved
42275 Cyborg Character Hehehe 07/07/18 11:47PM 16 approved
42172 Justice League of America Team Adding the directors of DCEU movies 07/07/18 10:44PM 16 approved
42152 Wonder Woman Character Again, just updating the DCEU versions of Wonder Woman. 07/07/18 10:38PM 49 approved
42110 Sogiita Gunha Character Added some information for general information and minor changes for power and ability section 07/07/18 08:47PM 2 approved
42092 Superman Character Added some pics and fixed a link. 07/07/18 07:29PM 1 approved
42091 Justice League of America Team I feel like this should be added to Justice League's wiki page. 07/07/18 07:18PM 76 approved
41761 Accelerator Character Just made some minor changes. I was going to add more "aliases", but I couldn't. 07/07/18 01:47AM 18 approved
41760 Superman Character Made an edit on other version of Superman. 07/07/18 01:30AM 33 approved