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Listing WoDC/DCEU Movies from Best to Worst.

There are currently 5 DCEU movies that I've watched so far. Aquaman isn't one of them, because it hasn't been released in my country yet. In anticipation of its release, I'm making a list of DCEU movies from best to worst. Let's see how Aquaman fits into my list after I watch the movie in the future.

List items

  • This is honestly one of my favorite superhero movie of all time. The story is somehow relatable, the music and visuals are just phenomenal. It has good villains with good motives. Just like other Zack Snyder movies, this movie is filled with philosphical stuffs that are delivered through visuals. The final battle between Superman and Zod is one of the best CBM fight scene of all time in my opinion. I don't get how people think this is boring, and claim TDK is a masterpiece.

  • In concept, and storytelling, I think this movie is very engaging to the audience. I love that Wonder Woman is such a badass in this movie. There are a lot of cool scenes that got me the chill, and a scene that legit made me cry, which doesn't happen a lot with superhero movies. The ending is kind of a lackluster, but I think it's still very good overall.

  • I genuinely enjoyed this movie. It carries on the feels from Man of Steel. Again, the soundtrack and visuals are really good. This is the first time Justice League trinity unite in a live action movie, which I'm all for. Now that I think about it, I think this movie is even way more philosophical than Man of Steel, but of course casual fans' minds couldn't process all of them, so they gave it bad reviews. Such a misunderstood masterpiece :P

    Although, I feel like the original cut didn't do the movie justice. I blame WB.

  • This movie isn't good by any mean, but it's quite fun and enjoyable to watch. Exactly how I describe most MCU movies. I think they did a good job on Deadshot and Harley's characterization. Although some of the characters are just there for the sake of being there. Captain Boomerang, Katana, and Joker for example, a lot of wasted potentials.

  • I think the first 1/4th of the movie looks great, besides that weird opening scene, I was like "what's wrong with Henry's face?". Other than that, I thought this movie was going to carry on the vibe of Man of Steel and Batman v. Superman again, but no the rest of the movie is absolutely terrible. I'm guessing the vibe change and the terrible CGI were due to the mid director change, a lot of reshooting, and story alteration. Again, a lot of wasted potentials. I blame Whedon and WB. I probably would've liked Snyder's version too, shame.