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The Planestrider

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General Information

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Real Name: Helena Troy

Aliases: Shield-Maiden, Princess Troy, Wisdom's Daughter, Warrior Princess, Planestrider

Height: 6'2

Weight: 130 Ibs

Age: 25

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Electric Blue

Species: Demigoddess, Depowered Goddess (50 percent Olympian), (25 percent Æsir), (25 percent Mortal)

Alignment: Neutral Good

Orientation: Heterosexual

Birthplace: Atholis, Pallas, Greece

Base of Operations: Justice League Alliance Moonbase, Pallas

Relationship Status: Single

Relatives: Ivar the Wise (Odin, father), Athena (Mother), Zeus (Grandfather), Poseidon (Grandfather), Hades (Grandfather), Vili (Grandfather), Vé (Grandfather), Warrior Angel (Adopted-Daughter)

Occupation: Princess of Atholis, Huntress, Warrior

Affiliation: Atholis, Justice League Alliance, Sisters of Artemis

Birth of Helena Troy

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Supernatural Strength: Shield-Maiden is the daughter of Athena and Ivar the Wise (Odin), the Norse High Chieftain. This makes Helena a powerful demigod and far stronger than any regular mortal. But due to being the granddaughter of Zeus; King of Olympus, One of the Big Three, and daughter to Odin; Chieftain of the Æsir, Helena inherited an immense amount of strength from the two powerful rulers - a strength that surpasses most other demigods and is capable of going toe to toe with the Gods themselves. Helena is currently one of the strongest Olympians, rivaling Heracles himself. As the child of two worlds, Helena's strength is matched only by very few in either the Greek Pantheon or the Norse. Shield-Maiden's great strength also extends to her powerful leg muscles, allowing her to jump great distances and heights. However, while the exact limit is unknown, she is capable of leaping a height of at least a quarter of a mile in earth's gravity and three quarters of a mile across. If she tried, Helena might be able to surpass these distances, but she has never had a reason to. Shield-Maiden has been observed lifting, as well as hurling, a giant sequoia tree; carrying a submarine across her back & shoulders; lifting and tossing a giant dragon; dragging Atholis - an island the size of Manhattan, and then holding the same island together for a period of time. Chiron, Trainer of Heroes, even once pointed out that the demigoddess is the modern day Heracles.

Superhuman Durability: The bones and muscles of Shield-Maiden are much denser and harder than those of humans and demigods, which makes it incredibly durable. Although it is not bulletproof, it can survive blunt force trauma, falls from high altitudes, explosions and powerful bursts of energy, from divine beings and metahumans. Helena's durability allowed her to withstand a powerful roar from the God of War, which blasted her through multiple trees and destroyed half a forest. Due to her distinctive demigod physiology, she has a considerable resistance to human weaponry, though this is not absolute; bullets, and edged weapons can cause minor to moderate injury, but never life threatening.

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Supernatural Speed: Despite his mischievous behavior, Hermes was known to be fair-minded; understanding; and benevolent toward mankind, even more so than some of his fellow relatives on Mount Olympus. Convinced by Apollo and Athena that Helena Troy was the planestrider spoken of in the great prophecy, the divine trickster risked betraying Zeus by bestowing the infant with supernatural speed - he did this through his magical caduceus. Due to the messenger god's blessing, Helena is able to run and fly at re-entry speed's (Mach 100).

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Magical Flight: Inscribing a magical rune called "ᚠᛚᛁᚴᚼᛏ" (Flight) on her neck, Loki with the help of Morgan le Fay granted a young Helena the ability to fly. She is able to do this by producing an invisible aura around her body, which help's her levitate and fly at great speeds. The aura also protects her in space, providing her with an oxygen filter to survive the lack of air in the atmosphere. She can withstand atmospheres with intense heat, any poisonous chemical, radiation, and different gravitational fields. While this is all plausible through the magical aura encasing her body, the enchantment does come with drawbacks. Since aura's are formed from one's achievement of spiritual power through mental focus and strong emotions, Helena has to depend on her willpower to temper her emotions in order for her to perform these feats. If her mind is disrupted by anything that can make her lose control of her emotions, she will lose her ability to fly.

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Superhuman Reflexes: Shieldmaiden's speed extends to her reflexes as well. She is able to perceive moving bullets in slow motion, which enables her to deflect and dodge all variations of small arms - pistols, shotguns, sniper rifles, machine guns, etc. Her limbs and eyes can react to gunfire so swiftly, she can parry a barrage of machine gun fire before they even impact her vambraces. Helena can dodge unconventional and conventional missiles, and strafe runs from the fastest aircrafts produced by mankind. Since she can tap into the speed of light during dire circumstances, she can also dodge and deflect lasers with her vambraces.

Superhuman Agility: Shieldmaiden's agility is far beyond that of an Olympic level athlete, as is her balance and coordination. This allows her to jump up immense distances and come down in elaborate somersaults, keep her footing on wet surfaces while engaging an opponent, and even jump over long gaps while carrying a wounded God.

Superhuman Stamina: Shieldmaiden's superhuman stamina enables her to exert herself at peak capacity for very lengthy periods of time without tiring at all, never needing to slow down or catch her breath. She has the ability to maintain continuous physical actions for at least a week before showing signs of fatigue; This is due to being directly related to war deities such as Athena and Odin.

Enhanced Healing Factor: Shieldmaiden can heal faster and with more finality than mortals. Mild injuries heal within a minute, moderate injuries heal within an hour, and extreme injuries heal within a day.

Enhanced Senses: While Shield-Maiden does possess enhanced senses, they aren't as great as the legendary Greek goddess known as Artemis. However, Helena's enhanced senses are still very impressive and are comparable to those of certain animals. She can see at far greater distances, with perfect clarity, than any ordinary human. Her hearing is enhanced, allowing her to detect sounds ordinary humans couldn't hear at a much greater distance, enough to hear a teardrop in another room that has thick walls with enough focus. She is able to recognize people and objects by scent, even if they are well hidden. Helena can track a target by scent, even if the scent has been greatly eroded by time and weather factors, with an extraordinary degree of success.

Tactician and Strategist: Shield-Maiden is the daughter of Athena and Odin and as a result, Helena inherited a great measure of her mother's and father's wisdom. In turn, this makes Ms. Troy a great tactician and strategist, although quite not on part with that of her mother and father. Shield-Maiden's mental performance operates in the most efficient and rapid manner possible. She possesses perfect pattern solving/recognition, limitless information storage/retrieval, perfect perception/observational skills and logical/philosophical structuring. Helena's mind also processes information quickly, giving her an accelerated learning aptitude. She can also quickly analyze multiple, limitless information streams (e.g., threat assessment) and rapidly respond to changing tactical situations. She can read at superhuman speeds, has perfect deductive/reasoning skills and can intuitively understand what's going to happen and how to deal with it. This enables Shield-Maiden to remember any military tactic and apply it to any situation, making her a great tactician.

Wisdom & Genius Intellect: As the daughter of the Olympian Goddess of Wisdom and the All-Father, Helena has devoted a great deal of time throughout her life to studying and mastering many areas of knowledge including all fields of non-technical science. She is considered a super-genius among the inhabitants of Earth. Helena often uses her wisdom to speak reason in unreasonable circumstances and can often use very wise common sense whereas others fall victim to deception. Shield-Maiden has also shown the capacity of taking the less obvious route to solve a problem and will use words to ease a situation rather than her fists. Helena is a great diplomat, being able to use her wisdom to suggest ways where everyone gets what they want and broker peace in situations that were once on the verge of war.

Wrath of Odin: Wishing to compensate for depowering his daughter to a demigod, Odin came up with a brilliant yet risky solution. Casting a rune called mimic over his infant child, Helena obtained the power to summon the powers of different relatives from her Greek and Norse lineage. For example, she may be able to wield lightning like Thor or Zeus for a short period of time. But she can also gain different abilities, like a particular skill set that one relative may have, such as Frey's and Apollo's resilience to the numbing cold and intense flames of Muspelheim. While having this power gives her many advantages on the battlefield, it definitely comes with it's drawbacks. Helena needs the Vambraces of Forge to contain this power or she slowly loses control of all rational thinking and goes into a fit of frenzy.


Hand-to-Hand Combat: Helena is the finest warrior ever born among the people of Atholis. Even before her training, she was able to slay numerous mythological creatures outside of her city with just her bare hands. According to the greatest heroes of Greek Mythology, Helena was a gifted fighter, even without training due to her being the daughter of two war deities. As the five year old demigod did begin her training, she was able to greatly enhance her fighting abilities to the point of even defeating Theseus and Heracles in Pankration. She is a master of a vast array of unique martial art styles and will try to outsmart her opponents during hand-to-hand.

Swordsmanship: Being the finest warrior of her city, Helena is also a master of armed combat, proficient with nearly every ancient melee weapon ever made. She has been trained by Achilles and many other Greek heroes.

Archery: Trained and praised by Chiron over her archery skills, Helena is a skilled archer. While she might be a skilled archer, she is nothing compared to Artemis, Apollo, Orion, or even Chiron himself. The demigod aim has been shown to be incredibly precise to the point of splitting another arrow in half.

Lassoing: The citizens of Atholis use the lasso to catch and tame wild horses, cattle, and other livestock. Used as a weapon as well, the lasso is thrown with the intent of the noose catching around the opponent's neck or other body parts. Helena has used the advantage of her lasso being touched by divinity to subdue many of her foes.

Throwing: Trained from an early age in discus throwing, javelin throwing, throwing sticks, throwing knives, slings, and tomahawks, Shieldmaiden has been shown to be an expert at using her tiara as a boomerang.

Equestrianism: Shieldmaiden as a warrior and a demigod, is a highly skilled horseback rider, shown swiftly defeating enemies from other rival cities with her archery skills while simultaneously riding her horse. She also has been seen sword fighting from horseback.

Politics: Being the Princess of Atholis, Helena is heavily involved in the politics of her city.

Leadership: Being the daughter of Athena, Shieldmaiden is a natural leader, but her fatal flaw has prevented her from being the leader she is fated to be.

Survival Skills: Work in Progress

Acting: Work in Progress

Arts and Crafts: Work in Progress

Indomitable Will: Work in Progress

Diplomacy: Work in Progress

Multilingual: Helena can speak English, Ancient Greek, Modern Greek, and Latin, fluently. She has been able to translate and understand Old Norse, but whether she can speak the ancient language remains a mystery.

Equipment and Paraphernalia

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Vambraces of Forge: The Vambraces of Forge were made out of the very same material that made up Thor's hammer, Mjolnir. The mythical Æsir metal, Uru, was secretly forged in the fires of Eitri and Brokkr workshop and then cooled in the River Styx by Hephaestus. Like Mjolnir, the vambraces would of been virtually indestructible, if Hephaestus did not cool the metal cuffs in the River of Styx. The sacred river granted the cuffs indestructibility and the ability to deflect gunfire, blasts, non-impact grenades and missiles, and other projectile weaponry. The metallic cuffs can absorb the impact of melee weapons, explosions, and even brute strength in hand to hand combat. The cuffs were also modified to release a huge spherical blast of energy with a blinding flash of light when clashed together. The flash was powerful enough to temporarily disorient the eyes and ears of a Cyclops, plus knock it away from her

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Lasso of Apollo: Foreseeing into Shield-Maiden's future, the Sun God dipped an ordinary lasso into the sun and infused his divine power with its plasma. Because of his diverse positions as a God, Apollo was able to also bestow the lasso with many of his divine powers. The Lasso of Apollo was then sent as a gift to Athena who then gave it to her daughter, knowing what fate had in store for her. Due to being dipped into the sun, the lasso is highly conductive and is able to produce heat of great intensity, enabling the user to burn opponents when subdued, even potentially incapacitating them when hot enough. While the lasso normally burns at at heat of at least 60 degrees, if an enemy ensnared by it tries to break free from it's captivity, Helena can mentally raise the temperature of the lasso. Being imbued with divine plasma, the lasso has an incalculable amount of heat potential. The lasso is also able to heal wounds due to Apollo being the God of Healing, but the time length of the healing process depends on how serious the injury is. It is also capable of restoring all forms ones injuries when given enough time. Being the God of Plagues, the Sun God bestowed the lasso with disease creation and manipulation, allowing the user to mentally select which plague they wish to give to their opponent or amplify already existing ones. The longevity of the sickness once the lasso is removed however various from individual to individual. If her opponent is immune to all forms disease, this will not harm them. However, further damage inflicted to previous wounds is possible. Due to Apollo being the God of Truth, the lasso is able to compel seemingly anyone, including divine beings, held by it to tell and understand the absolute truth. However, very few have been seen to be capable of resisting its affects. The lasso is also completely unbreakable, immutable, and indestructible.

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Athena's Tiara: Formed from the remains of Zeus's and Athena's legendary Aegis shield, the Tiara of Athena is indestructible. Athena has entered many battlefields using this tiara as a throwing weapon in order to pour her wrath from a distance. Given to her daughter for formal occasions, Helena quickly discovered that the tiara could serve as a boomerang. The throwing weapon is razor sharp on the edges, can cut through most substances, and protects its wearer from telepathic attacks.

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Shield of Knowledge: What good is an enchanted sword without it's enchanted shield? Mímir, the wise one, once told Odin. The Shield of Knowledge was a gift from Odin to Helena, in order to protect her from her enemies, knowing full well she had made many because of his mistake. Aware he could not be there to protect her or give up Mímir, his trusted advisor, the All-Father sought to advise his daughter in all things without having to be present. Taking the Æsir metal, Uru, to Eitri and Brokkr; Odin requested the two to forge a shield with the face of a sculpted Mímir imprinted into the center. Once the shield was forged; the Father of the Slain then wandered into Jotunheim, the land of the giants, and paid an old visit to Mímisbrunnr "Mímir's Well," - a well that granted cosmic knowledge to those who drank from it's waters. It was this same well, Odin sacrificed his eye in exchange for this knowledge, and animated Mímir's decapitated head. Adding the same herbs that once revived Mímir into the well, the All-Father then plunged the shield into it's waters and began chanting the same revival rune from the myths. It was through this act, the shield became a sentient object -blessed with the gift of nigh omniscience, and could advise it's fated owner, Helena Troy. The Shield of Knowledge now speaks through the sculpted face of Mímir, advising it's owner with vast knowledge and wisdom.

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Sword of Valhalla: Fully aware the Gods of Olympus would pour their wrath against his only daughter, Odin ordered the Valkyries to present a young Helena, a magical sword called the "Sword of Valhalla." Not wanting her daughter to be aware of her Norse lineage, Athena took the sword instead and waited for Helena's foretold journey to begin. When the Gods of Olympus discovered the whereabouts of Helena on the concealed island of Atholis, they wasted no time in laying siege against the island's capital, Pallas. Knowing the prophecy had begun, Athena bestowed her daughter with her father's gift and banished her from the realm to preserve her life. According to the Valkyries, the blade of the sword was forged by the Sons of Ivaldi from the duplicate rings that dripped from Odin's golden ring, Draupnir. Odin being the God of Magic, enchanted the sword to contain a fraction of his abilities. It is also said the sword was one of the few magical swords that lit the Great Halls of Valhalla. Because of it's enchantment, the sword holds the power to summon a platoon of Einherjar; a nod to Odin being the God of Death. The rightful owner of the sword can mentally command the enchanted sword to transform into any ancient melee weapon: Pointed Weapons, Edged Weapons, and Trauma Weapons; a nod to Odin being the God of War. It is capable of cutting the fabric of reality, opening portals to the Nine Worlds. While not indestructible, the sword is able to multiply itself into eight swords, every ninth night, due to being forged from Draupnir. Down the center of the blade, a wide groove is inscribed with shimmering runes, granting the user the ability to recall the sword from any distance. Unlike Mjolnir, the Sword of Valhalla cannot pass through barriers; instead the sword has been enchanted to magically teleport itself to the user, a minor flaw as it takes a minute to return to it's owner. It is also said the sword can only be wielded by the warrior who will fight beside Odin and help lead the Einherjar into battle during Ragnarök.

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Breastplate of Virtue: Work in Progress

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Divine Stallion: Work in progress

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Jet of Darkness: Work in Progress