Popeye Vs. Aquaman

Both have all their powers. Note: Popeye might not be Superman or freakish, but his feats prove he can lift several tens of tons maybe more, run at supersonic speeds, and hit someone to the other side of the planet, even the moon. Popeye debuted in 1919 as a comic book character, so this is legit. Superman due to planet smashing feats would probably beat Popeye unless Popeye ate lots and lots of Spinach or something.... But logically he sould be able to hang in there with non-cosmic level people like Aquaman. Who wins this brawl. There is no spinach shortage and it teleports directly into Popeye. Aquaman has teleporting water to keep him fully hydrated. Both can breathe/hold their breath indefinitely underwater. Who wins?


BlackBolt Vs. Superman

Ignore any factors such as Marvel > DC. Both have their powers and their respective strengths (BlackBolt can lift 60 tons but usually is seen doing things much more impressive). This is New Earth Superman, not any weaker ones, or any freakish ones. BlackBolt from Earth-616. The two collide and have the world as their playground. Both do not need air, water, rest, or sun.


Who's the strongest Pyro?

In terms of fire ability, not counting characters who can make fire because they can reality warp or do some gamma trick, who are the strongest fire dudes? Just Marvel? Just DC? I'm guessing a lot of people will automatically say Phoenix Force for first place...


Should Ben Grimm get an upgrade?

SHould the Thing gain additional cosmic powers like energy blasts, maybe even flight? Not for an event like Fear Itself, but maybe an evolution of his powers, just how he has gotten stronger? I think that would be cool.... Your thoughts?


Sun Wukong vs. Iron Fist vs. Tanarus

Since we know Iron Fist > Spider-Man (atleast currently) since SPider-Woman Julia beat Spidey when he didn't have his additional powers, I didn't include him. Who wins this martial arts/ battle arts brawl. Please list 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in your opinion and support your answers.