Popeye Vs. Beyonder

This is the last Popeye thread I make unless Popeye loses. Popeye is one with his spinach. On multiple levels and planes of existence, his metaphorical blood is saturated with spinach. he can spinach no more, and he has all the spinach for all time he ever needs. Beyonder has super toon power like before when he was still officially capable of turning all abstracts, cosmics, and Celestials at the same time into bobbleheads, will the MEGAverse out of existence, and look good to this day in Miami Vice clothing. 
Who wins this battle of the absurdly overpowered?


HellBoy Vs. Barry Allen

Each has unleashed their full power, and Barry has become a corrupt cop bent on taking over the world. Who wins? The son of Lucifer or the fastest man alive?


Wolverine Vs. Popeye

Wolverine has full power, but no Hulked out powers or anything he does not have naturally except his adamantium skeleton. Popeye has spinach almost flowing through his veins. He has as much as he'll ever want. Pro Wolverine: nearly unkillable. Pro Popeye: He killed the Sun. Who wins? Battle takes place on Earth. Full bloodlust, b/c each one has been tricked by Shadow King to believe that the other is Adolf Hitler. No help. Too crazy and frothing at the mouth to understand the existence of other beings. They are essentially in their own world. Battle to the death. Who wins? 
* Note: In a previous CV battle, though undecided, for the most part, Popeye seemed to triumph over Aquaman. Battle on.


Cyborg Vs. Iron Man

Anything goes. They're p*ssed off at each other, bent on bloody murder. Cyborg has no alcohol to tempt Tony with. They're in a city that just got nuked, so lots of open space. They are immune to fallout. Who wins?


Batman Vs. American Panther

Who takes this? Anything goes. They are in a building with 20 stories, and lots of dark hallways and rooms. The power is out. It's night. Which warrior of the night triumphs?


Scarlet Witch Vs. Apocalypse

They are each at full power. They get no additional powers that they have not yet had, for example Apocalypse gets no additional Celestial tech he's never had before, just all his stuff. Scarlet Witch can't beg Chthon for more power, but she has her full power. They get no help and they disregard their surroundings without caring for other people. Fight to the death. Who wins?