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Rodan the MAn! 0

First off I got to say it. God BLESS the KAIJUs!!!!As a kid Rodan was one of my favorite Kaiju monsters. So seeing the winged wonder on the front cover just put a monster smile on my face.The story is spectacular. Seeing that bulling is a major issue in todays troubled youth I felt this issue of Godzilla Legends was well put. It spoke to all the outcasts out there rejected at home and school. Mostly at school where a bully is monster in many ways.Not to give anything away but I would have loved ...

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Damn good 0

As a fan of horror and of comics, it is a trill to see the Midnight Sons back in action.  Even though it is not the 1990s version of the team, this line up is the cats meow.  Morbius is without a doubt one of my favorite Marvel Characters of all time.  He rock in Marvel Zombies 3 because all the characters in that story don't get the recognition that characters like Spider-Man or the hulk get.  Also I glad to see Werewolf in the pages of marvel again.  Also I'm starting to be a big fan of Hellst...

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Review 0

Okay here is the deal.  This is the second issue of Terror Inc.  The story was not bad but once and a while I got thrown off because of the art work.  Like in one of comicvine's discussions some months ago, art sometimes does matter.  If the art is not that good then it is hard to get into the story.  When it comes to this issue I feel bad because the story is good.  Terror's personality is quite different from most of the supernatural comic characters I read about.  so he is a interesting chara...

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This is by far the best issue ever. Scarecrow in my opinoion could probley woop Dr. Crane's ass But both of them are favs of mine. BUt Marvel Scarecrow is a mutant so that is always bad ass. He is evilier. He killed a baby for crying out loud! It was an awsome fight between Ghosty and him. What a way for Scarecrow to go. Right threw the back. End hell what would I say about my pal Blackout? He is just one sick %&$#! Of course you have to feel bad for poor Daniel Ketch. He's a goo...

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Mind Boggling 0

This was an awsome issue. Like anyother issue of Morbius, this one ruled. But the real reason I like this issue is because it is the first issue of "morbius" that I bought. the cover art o this issue is awsome. In a way, it is also the first issue of the Midnight sons that I have ever boguht. Just incase you are not familiar with this issue let me summerise it for you.As we know Morbius is a living vampire who has sworn to feed on the blood of only the wicked since he confronted Ghost Rider ...

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