The What The Hells?

This a team that was brought together by a mysterious figure named "SG" in order to stop Ozmandias who has created a device to open alternate worlds and has gotten a unique army to take over to world and make Ozmandias start a new Empire of fear and rule.  Deadpool is the leader and has been sent threw other worlds to recruit his army of the oddest combination of fighters ever.

List items

  • The LEader.

  • Second in Command

  • He was a clone of the original Rorschach. Ozmandiaz wanted to make a clone army of him but Rorschach escaped before he can do it and got away in the portal ending up in the realm of "SG". He is the heart of the reason why the team is together.

  • Found in hell. Deadpool wanted to keep him as a pet. Tremor hates Deadpool for thinking that.

  • Rescued by Deadpool and the other 2 while prisoner in Sinister's prison.

  • Found her at her club in the future and got her after her club was blown up.

  • Was captured by Tremor against his will. In a way he is a forced member.

  • Found him on Meta.

  • Was fighting Shade at the time and followed Shade. The two later develop a relation.

  • Was tripped out on drugs and thought Deadpool was God and followed him only to find out what was really going on.

  • Found him in Toon Town. They ran over him and just ended up sticking around. Developed a strong friend ship with Deadpool

  • Found her fighting a demon but she got knocked out and Deadpool and the Team saved her. She acts more like a leader to the team then Deadpool.

  • Was found by the team when they ended up in a bar watching IG 88 fight and kill almost everyone in the bar. Deadpool liked it and paid him to join. He is close to tremor. It's his drinking buddy.