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A look at Harry Potter:

Okay let me just state that I have never read any of the books. So I'm sure they are better. But I have seen All the films and for each one I'm going to give my view of what I think about each and everyone.

Philosophers Stone:

At first I was never a fan of the character. To me they were just childrens books. also the time this film came out The Lord of the Rings Fellowship of the Ring came out. But I did watch both films when they came out. So here is what I thought of the first film but I'll start off by saying the one thing that really turned me off was the child actors. Yes they are all kids it's a school. It's not the actors fault or anything. Just times when I was watching it I felt at times it was a little TOO targeted towards kids. But they were better then most kid actors at the time.

Now his is what kept me from walking out of the theater. Alan Rickman. I love him and his acting. He is by far the best. Just looking at him as this sinister dark figure who you can just assume is just about ready to unleash some hell. The ways he presents repulsion over Potter is excellent. Even when he says "Potter" it alsomst seems as if Snape is trying so hard not to shout out a curse word at Harry just to keep a professional mannerism. It reminds me of one of my old school professors. But none of them were as cool as Snape. You just wanted to see Harry duel with Snape to the fullest. But (Spoiler) it turns out to be the complete opposite. Snape was not the bad guys of this film. That goes to the second reason I liked this film.


Not have read the books I just got to say this he has got to be one of the greatest villains of all time. In the film the build up to him was just worked out so perfectly. Even when you did see him you didn't even get much. Just him covered in a black cloak. Just total darkness. Even his name brings terror to everyone. That is a true bad guy. And I got to say when I saw him attached to that guys head I thought that was great. The fact that he was limited to just being a face and forced to live on this lowly subject to do his bidding. It still lead to imagination to what he actually looked like. Plus after the form in this film, it would be great to see what he would look like in the next one.

Another thing I like about this film is the story. It is more then just the simple good vs evil it is a pretty well told origin story. Harry slowly evolves as a character and learns a lot. Rather then just jumping into things. Also I really like the detective like style of the story. Solving the Mystery of the Stone and were it is and all the theories of is Voldemort was dead or not, if Snape was good or evil, reason why the troll got in. I like it. It kept me guessing.

Also it was cool to have John Cleese nearly headless. It made me wish that Terry Gilliam did direct this but I'll give Chris Columbus credit.

Final Verdict.

It is a good kids film but also a fine film in general.

The Chamber of Secrets

To me this is my least favorite of the films. This will be a short review.

What I did like about this one is that is that the second film was taking a more sinister role. The fact that characters were getting taken out to the point where they could be considered dead. Some of them kids including Hermione. Another thing that I liked about was the basklisk and the giant spiders. And once again is does a good job with making it sort of like a detective story trying to figure out what monster was doing these attacks. Another thing I liked was the return of Voldemort in a new form as his younger human form at first seeming like aid to Harry but then revealing himself . This was done pretty good.

The other things I liked about this film was the whole Weasley family. I love these characters. they just come off as a regular loving family. Yeah they have their problems and maybe not the richest or most powerful but they have a lot of heart and have a lot of wit even during the dark times. They are a good example of what families should be for better or worst.

And then there is Draco. I didn't like in the first film. Yeah he is the bully you arn't suppose to like him. But I felt he really changed in the second film. Here we see him more as a prick who is rich and just flaunts it at every degree just to get under Harry's skin. But also showing that he might even have a backbone to go as far as physically hurting Harry. But for those who are really familiar with this character know how he really is.

That is about it. Still good but still I felt like more could of happened. Also I couldnt stand the ghost girl.

The Prisoner of Azkaban

This is the film that actually got me more into the series and that part is due to the addition of certain characters. So I'll start by GARY OLDMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes I am a huge Gary Oldman fan. I love his acting, him films, he just is perfect at what he does. A person once said to me Gary is not an actor, he is a piece of clay, he does not act the character he transforms into the character. Which I think is pretty well said. And when I heard he was going to play an escaped insane serial killer wizard I jumped right in.

What is great about it is he is not even in it that long. He is mentioned a lot just like the build up to Voldemort. It just kept on making think of what the final result would be when he does become revealed. And then we get the twist. (spoilers) He was framed. He was a good guy. This was also great for me as a Gary fan because Gary is so well know for playing bad guys. It was almost refreshing to see him take this new turn of character.

Also I really like the character of Lupin. He just reminded me of one of my professors back in college. A guy that loved teaching and that also had sort of a family like bond to the main character. Also it didn't hurt that we was a werewolf. :)

Also I really liked the nods to the various signs that Voldemort would be coming back threw the psychic medias. Once again his presence is still around.

So this was a really excellent film even with the time traveling flaw. YOU FANS KNOW WHAT I MEAN.

Also this would be the last Happy Harry film.

Now the first threw Harry films I see as Playground of Power trilogy. They are kids learning magic and having adventures. And as we know playgrounds in some degree are safe for kids. But then kids grow up. They steer away from the playground and go to the hard concrete. But Goblet of Fire I don't see and the start of the new trilogy. I see at the prequel to the new trilogy.

Goblet of Fire.

I would have to say this is my second favorite Potter film of the series. The story was just worked out so perfectly for 3 reasons which I believe made this film perfect.

THE CAST: I'll start with the new members of the cast.

Just perfect like I love the two other challengers of the Wizard games. The French gal and the Russian guy(Okay maybe he isn't Russian) Little is known about them other then they are tough and the best of what they do. It left more to the imagination of who they really were. You had the tough Russian guy who was fierce and almost evil looking but had a soft shot for Hermione. And the French gal who seemed like an ice queen but had a soft side for her little sister.

Also the reveal of the DEATH EATERS. These guys are wild. They are the hells angels of the wizard world. Nothing but total destruction. Which leads to David Tennat as one of them and this film made me a fan of Dave. I think he is great as and actor and has a misfit charisma that you just want to keep an eye on.

Then there Voldemort. This is the film where we see him finally in his full form. And when I found out that Ralph Finnes was going to play him, I got up and cheered in excitement. Like Gary Oldman, Ralph plays a bad guy so perfectly. He made this character sweat evil.

Also I like the way they made the kids of these films turn into teens. It showed that they were maturing but at the same time were showing that they had flaws as well. Also this the film where we see a full on death of friend of Harry which really brings him into a new world for not only himself but for the following films to come. Yeah the films will still show some scenes of fun but now with a death at Harry's hands and Voldemort back in action, things are really going to change for the three films to come.

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Understandable. :) Also if they were to go for a second villain I would like to see Chameleon. I can picture him having something to do with the disappearances of the PARKERS. Also having a link to Dr. Conners. Maybe he ( it's a stretch I know ) gave The Chameleon a serum to change is features on his face which could explain the pale bald face as a side affect. Dr. Conners worked with Richard Parker AND maybe with Chameleon, he was the one that broke into The Parker's house that night looking for something that Richard was working on for the army. Something that can be used as a weapon. And also it is never explained what was in Parker's Office. ( okay maybe it was the lizard serium ) Maybe Chameleon did find it and maybe he didn't. Maybe the Parkers still had what he was looking for and left with it or the Chameleon took it and him and his wife were going to go after him.

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To be honest my favorite Spider-Man Villain is and will always be Morbius The Living Vampire. His origin is so rich with sci-fi delight but also with the recent issue of Amazing Spider-Man a lot of heart and turmoil. It showed that Michael Morbius and Peter Parker are almost similar. They both grew up as weak nerdy kids net both of them were extremely brilliant on there own right yet outcasted with it be Peter's early high school days, or Morbius's emotional and physical suffering in Greece. Also what makes Morbius such a great villain is the fact that Spider-Man is his only hope at fixing himself of his vampirism. Spider-Man's blood as a strong effect over Morbius which could cure him. It is not the motivation of revenge, greed, and world domination like most villains, in this case Spider-Man is the drug and Morbius is an addict just looking for his fix. And finally, it even stated in Morbius the Living vampire Issue #3, Spider-Man himself said that with all the bad guys he faced over the years, Morbius actually scares him the most.

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I see what you mean. To be honest how those two villains can even work together would be insane. However I would like to see them introduce Morbius so at least a Midnight Son film could come out BUT most of all do the Breakout Story with Electro.

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Show Spider-Man laying on he ground with his suit torn and smoking.

Voice: It hurts. I know.

Show Marvel logo but with Peter screaming and the sound of a tesla coil in the background.

Voice: The fact you lost family members.

Show clip of uncle Ben. (Peter screaming and the sound of a tesla coil in the background.)

Voice: Parents. ( Show flashback of the Parkers running to a jet plain carrying secured luggage. Meanwhile a shadowy character in a trench coat and a derby hat watches them board. Peter screaming and the sound of a tesla coil in the background.)

Voice: And close friends. (Show Captain Stacy getting attacked by Lizard.)Peter screaming and the sound of a tesla coil in the background.

Close up of Peters face in pain.

Voice: All gone. But hold your horses pal.

Cut to Gwen in the Oscorp lab at night. A rain storm is happening outside.

She looks terrified.

Choice: We're just getting started.

The lighting flashes and we see a demonic creature(Morbius) hanging on the side of the window looking at Gwen.

Cut to Empire University. Peter and Gwen are walking.

Gwen: I think you are getting a little Paranoid.

Peter: I just think something else was happening involving cross species genetics. Something escaped oscorp.

See someone getting attacked by some flying creature at night time.

Cut to a quick shot of it's blood fanged mouth.

Peter: I don't want the Lizard incident happening again.

Gwen: You need to relax Pete. You need to be with friends.

Cut to new scene. At Aunt May's Peter and a kid walk into the kitchen where May is.

Peter: Aunt May this is Harry. Harry Osbourne.

Harry: Nice to meet you mam.

They shake hands.

Aunt May: Well it's nice to see you making new friends.

Cut to Peter and Harry walking down the street goofing around.

Cut to Gwen and Peter.

Gwen: I'm just glad you two are kicking it off.

Peter: It's good to have a friend. TO have you.

Cut to Peter riding his skate board and crashing to MJ.

MJ: Careful Tiger your put an eye out ( Cheerfully)

Peter smile.

Cut to Gwen looking not to fond of MJ.

Cut to Peter and Harry in a bed room.

Harry: Well look who's having women trouble.

Peter: It could be worst.

Cut to Spider-Man swinging around the city.

Police Radio report in the background: We have a bank robbery at 244 James Street.

Spider Man swing to the inside of the bank very quickly to attack the robber from behind but as soon as his feet touch the robber, Spidey gets many electric volts surging threw him.

Fade shot of Electro covered in bolts and looking at Spidey who is fried on the ground.

Electro: Well, that must have hurt.

Cut to Logo< Amazing Spider-Man 2.

Cut to an action scene of Spidey swinging with Gwen and MJ in his arms avoiding Electros bolts and flying attacks by Morbius.

Summer 2014

PS Either Ethan Hawk or Jack Huston should play Morbius.

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Well it gave a little intro to Blackout's unknown demon hybrid origin in the comic. It shows the devil made him demon like. Yet he was always insane, didn't care for life, and was a merc. It could be possible with so many untold Marvel Tales out there, this could be one of Johnny Blazes oldest adventures. Maybe lets say since he got a blast from the penance stare being a demon without a soul it should have no effect. However lets say he is used to the stare only at night. Maybe he is vulnerable during the day. In one late issue of GR he Blackout returns he gets a stare but has no effect on him. Yet when he was attacking with Deathwatch in the recent series the sun is out and he gets the stare by the new ghost rider and is weakened by it.

Secondly we see he has a death touch given to him by the devil. We see he loses the fight and becomes road kill. But he could have survived it. He does have a small healing factor. But also back to his death touch the reason he doesn't have this in the comic could be two reasons.

1. Blackout tried really hard to put the death touch on the rider. Being attacked by the peneace stare it is possible the death touch power reversed on him to the point of not only weakening Blackout but also to the point were the power itself overpowered itself causing it go away forever.

2. Maybe this power only works when the Devil is in his presence. After Johnny sends him back to hell for good it is possible with the lost of the Devil, the death touch is useless.

Who knows maybe after the fight lets say he retires for a while, watches a few vampire grind house pictures and decides he wants to be a vampire. He gets metal fangs put into his mouth like in the comic. OR (just for fan fiction sake) he volunteered for Weapon-X and got Adamantium fangs put in him. He has a healing factor so he survive the operation.

But that is just my theory. I am a huge Ghost Rider fan. He is one of my favorite heros and Blackout is one of my many favorite Marvel bad guys. Either way wither the people like this film or not, I loved it as a film and GR fan and the fact that Blackout is getting media exposure.

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I say make at east 3 or four marvel films each year. There are PLENTY of stories.

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@cattlebattle: i like bishop. plus seeing fight senntinals would cool and so see hiis powers at full chsrge on the big screen. also he would be the best one to fight magneto and stop him from the assasinatio that could lead to the deadly future

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@papad1992 said:

@Sheep-Kill: Cannonball, Wolfsbane, Sunspot, and Karma... u have my attention good sir!!

I think it would be a cool way to introduce the New Mutants and if possible lead to a spin-off after the 3rd film. I always loved Cannonball. Just wish he was considered for the recent X-Force.

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He controlled Godzilla for crying out loud. Yeah Loki controlled Hulk. BUT HE CONTROLLED THE KING OF THE MONSTERS.