My Top 20 Favorite Superheroes

These are my top 20 favorite superheroes, all from either Marvel or DC. Since this is a top 20 list, it will start from my least favorite and go down (so Quicksilver is actually #20). Each superhero will have a brief description on why I like them. Just a heads up, it might seem kinda weird to you.

List items

  • The twin brother of Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver is a speedster without all of Flash's abilities (phasing, speedsteal, etc.).

  • I don't actually have a reason for liking Robert Reynolds, I just think he's cool.

  • I really like Hercules' design. His ultimate strength is very appealing.

  • Vixen has a very cool superpower of mimicking animals. It makes her unique and likable.

  • Captain Atom's powers are cool. That's all I have to say.

  • Robert Drake's powers of ice manipulation are untoppable, unstoppable, and plain awesome.

  • Black Bolt has a unique power of vocal destruction. Blackagar really used his voice (get it?) to make #14 on this list.

  • Plastic Man's stretching capabilities were enough to let Patrick reach (get it?) #13 on this list.

  • The alien Norrin Radd was granted powers by Galactus. These powers include intangibility, ultraspeedy flight, and cosmic blasts. Silver Surfer really shines (get it? Okay, enough with the puns) at #12 on the list.

  • Intangibility, laser vision, and telepathy are just a few of the powers that J'onn J'onzz possesses.

  • I don't like his New 52 design...But like several other characters on the list, Garfield's powers are unique, allowing him to become an animal and begin the top 10.

  • Clinton Barton is an expert archer and made bullseye on #9 (Okay, I couldn't resist).

  • Wanda's magical powers of reality warping are interesting and unique and give her a spot on the list.

  • Jean is a telepath, telekinetic, host of the Phoenix Force, an interesting character, and #7.

  • Storm's unique powers of weather manipulation are enjoyable and allow Ororo to land #6 on the list.

  • Thor can fly, manipulate lightning, has great strength and durability, and has Mjolnir to let him do it all. Thor is very powerful.

  • Hal, Kilowog, Kyle, Larvox.....any Green Lantern can be #4 on this list. I have to say, a Green Lantern is the most unique superhero on this list.

  • HULK SMASH anyone else who wants to be #3 on this list. The Hulk is unique.

  • Metamorpho's shapeshifting is a very useful power, enabling him to change forms for any situation and be #2 on the list.

  • Captain Marvel or Shazam, Billy is my all-time favorite superhero. He's a magical electrical powerhouse, and his powers are awesome. He is very striking (Come on, it's #1, it deserves a pun).