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Do you want to take one of these adoptables home with you? Well you can, but theres a catch. You won't know what you're adopting. They will open on approximately September 14th and reveal the adoptable within. If you put your newly adopted creature on other websites, people will be able to click on it to increase it's level!

To adopt one of these adoptables, just fill out the form and click the button below the one you want.

We strongly recommend that you give us your email so we can send you the code to show the adoptable to other people. If you lose your adoptables name or unique code we can not help you recover it, it is very important that you keep your information safe, letting us email it to you is a good way to do this. We do not store emails.

Please Note: If you want to use these images on other websites, particularly forums, please adhere to the rules on other sites.

Code Recovery | Click Exchange | Trade Station | Your Adoptables

you may adopt an adoptable by using the 2 sites connected here. dinomon and flyff

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