The Insider Suit - Don't believe the Hype.

There's a lot of hype regarding the Insider Suit...even a few years after it's few appearances. I find myself having to repeatedly explain that it just doesn't live up to any of that hype. So I thought I'd put together a Blog that explains the whole situation so I wouldn't have to type it all out over and over again.

First, lets take a look at the Suit itself.

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It's looks as though it was designed entirely by Tom Clancy. All you'd have to do is change the Eyes from Red to Green and you'd swear you were looking at Sam Fisher. But I'm not writing this Blog to talk about what the suit looks like.

So...lets get into the capabilities of the suit. I took this from the DC wiki so don't blame me if the information isn't 100% accurate.

  • Spectral Mode: Designed for ideal night operation through night vision lenses and light and sound dampening technology.
  • Acceleration Mode: Inspired by the Flash, the suit gives the wearer limited access to the Speed Force, accelerating their movements beyond human speed. *this seems to be false. According to Tim Drake the Insider Suit only simulates the speed does not give direct access to it.*
  • Heat Vision Mode: Inspired by the Kryptonian ability, the suit expels a concentrated beam of heat from the eye lenses, although a larger blast can be expelled through the helmet's central "eye" also.
  • Will Power Mode: Inspired by the Green Lantern rings, the suit possesses a finger-mounted energy weapon that mimics an Oan power ring's ability to fire a concentrated blast of energy at an opponent.
  • Camouflage Mode: Inspired by the Martian Manhunter, the suit enables the wearer to turn invisible for a set period of time.
  • Veritas Mode: Inspired by Wonder Woman's Lasso of Truth, the suit possesses a filament cord that is lined with tactile sensors enabling it to act as a polygraph machine to discern if the individual trapped within it is telling the truth. Like Wonder Girl's lasso, the wearer can also send an electric shock down the cord to shock the entrapped individual.
  • Flight Mode: A standard ability amongst meta-class superheroes, the suit possesses the power of flight through the manipulation of gravity and magnetic forces.
  • Teleportation:3-meter radius and carrying other individuals away.

Sounds pretty Badass right?

But lets got thorugh the Abilities one by one and see what they really mean

Veritas Mode

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Well...This shows exactly what it can do in a combat situation. I'm not too concerned about the actual truth mode application because I'm mostly here to talk about the Insider Suit as it relates to the Battles Forum. So in this case...It's a Taser. Really nothing more to be said about it then that. Useful in it's own way...but Nothing batman doesn't already have as part of his regular gear anyway. Be sure, A taser can be useful...but it's nothing for anyone to get excited about as regards the Insider Suit

Spectral Mode

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This is the best example I have found of the Insider Suit's Spectral Mode...and you know what? It's actually pretty good...not only does it do all the usual Vision type things you'd expect from a Batman type vision enhancer...but it even provides protection against the Looker's Mind Control. So that's actually not that bad. I give full points to this one. It does exactly what you'd expect it to plus just a little bit more. All in all, not a bad piece of hardware. Definitely worth keeping that around.

Acceleration/ Speed Force Mode

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This here is the ability that gets all the fanboys going. I mean...It's Batman with the Speed Force!. Except it isn't. Not really. While the Suit does give Bruce "Beyond human Speed". It hasn't ever been shown to be any faster than what you see on the Left. Fast enough to get behind Katana before she could do anything about it....but nothing on Flash Level. You can see the same level of Speed from Someone like Spider-Man. It's also a pretty short burst of speed and not a sustained mode.

Heat vision Mode

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Well. It's heat vision. I think its pretty much self explanatory what Heat Vision does. Once again, It's a fairly solid ability...certainly works well enough for Superman.

Camo Mode

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Well...once again we have a fairly self explanatory mode. It's not flawless however as Geo force was able to find Bruce without much effort and clock him one.

Will Power Mode

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Green Lantern? Sure...if all Green Lanterns could do is shoot a concussive energy blast. Powerful enough to knock Geo Force on his that's something I guess. Although In this same issue Geo Force was knocked out cold already once (you can see in the previous two scans that he's just getting back on his feet) it's possible he still wasn't at 100% anyway.

So, hopefully now you've got an understanding of why the Insider Suit doesn't turn him into a one man Justice League...but I'm not quite finished yet. There's still a few more thngs we need to discuss

The Downside

Now the scans I've presented you are in the order they appear in the Comic in which they are taken from. There's a very good reason why I did this in this way. I wanted to present the complete battle as it happened. The most astute of you will have noticed something in the first panel of the last scan that might trouble you some. So lets zoom in and see what we see:

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What? Power Reserves Critically Low...but how is that possible...he only used each ability once? Yes. and that's where the Insider Suit fails. Each ability can only be used once before it needs to be recharged...and the recharge time on each ability varies. I found the recharge time on a few of the abilities. The other issue is that it can only use a single ability at a time.

Heat Vision recharge Time: 4 Hours Speed Force Mode Recharge Time 12 hours
Heat Vision recharge Time: 4 Hours Speed Force Mode Recharge Time 12 hours
Will Power Mode recharge Time: 24 Hours
Will Power Mode recharge Time: 24 Hours

Now To be fair...The Suit does have way of field charging itself (which you can see in the Scan where he clocks out Geo Force) and that's pretty decent...but against enemies with no energy blasts it's not going to help him. In fact, had Geo-Force decided to just Deck Bruce again instead of blasting him...Bruce would have been out of luck. So the problem with the Insider Suit is that it cannot be used for prolonged engagements. My personal Theory is DC didn't actually want to give Batman a Viable Power Suit like this so they built in a really crappy battery for it so Bruce wouldn't want to rely on it. Whatever the reason though..It hasn't been seen outside of a single Story Arc.

What's the verdict Bruce?
What's the verdict Bruce?