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"Call me the American Dragon"

Real Name: Shawn Savage

Aliases: American Dragon, Iron Man, Gold Standard Genius

Height: 6'1

Weight: 307 lbs

Age: 24

Hair Color: Auburn

Eye Color: Crystal Blue

Species: Human

Alignment: Ideal Hero

Orientation: Heterosexual

Birthplace: Los Angeles, California, United States

Relationship Status: Single

Family: Randell Savage (Father), Lana Wilshere Savage (Mother)

Occupation: Robotics Expert & Engineer at First A.I.D. Labs

Affiliation: FirstA.I.D. Labs, Brian Newcastle (Employer)

The Gold Standard Genius - Intellect & Inventive Prowess

Usually, intelligence is not a narrow, one-dimensional prism. Geniuses are incredibly smart but they often have specialties in which they reign supreme. Some geniuses are gifted in electronics, avionics, computer technology, and armaments. Others are well-versed with materials science and the human anatomy, while some are experts in mathematics and physics. While Shawn's mastery of engineering and it's associated sciences (environmental engineering, mechanical engineering, computer engineering, chemical engineering and civil engineering) is astonishing, his intelligence is not limited to specific disciplines and his expertise easily spans a wide variety of areas. This is because he benefits from the genetically-enhanced genome of unknown but hyper-intelligent ancestors in the Savage family line. He is capable of learning and absorbing information at a far greater rate than any human genius.

So while some geniuses are creative in that they are capable of creating and envisioning new sciences and approaches, and others possess mechanical and or engineering inclinations that enable them to create unique machinery etc., Shawn is both. He possesses the ability to consciously have countless simultaneous thought processes being performed concurrently. This level of intellectual capacity is what allows the American Dragon to develop sciences and concepts beyond the comprehensions of even other world renown geniuses. His brain is strange in that it has greater network density than is normal which is responsible for his outstanding cognitive ability. Furthermore, both sides of his brain are connected by a thick bundle of neural materials which coordinate activity between the left and right sides of his brain. It is for this reason that Shawn is highly capable of memorizing entire libraries of information, multitasking and constructing entire mental simulations (to generate accurate predictions) with a speed and accuracy that surpasses that of even the futuristic supercomputers.