Am I The Only Person Enjoying The Series Orchid?

I don't really hear anyone talking about Orchid, one of the new series from Dark Horse. The first three issues are out and they've been incredible. Sad thing is it looks as if I'm the only one reviewing the series. There was another person who reviewed an issue but I'm the only user to review all three so far. I'd love to hear other peoples perspective on the series. Personally I've become fascinated with this world Tom Morello has created. I had never heard of the guy before this (don't shoot me). So I had no idea of whether or not he could create compelling comics. I took a chance since the first issue was $1.00 and it was one of the best decisions I've made in the past few months (concerning comics). The artist Scott Hepburn has earned my admiration. This guy is talented. I'll definitely be keeping my eyes and ears out for him in the future. If anyone else is reading this series let me know how you're liking it.