Sienna Miller... the Baroness?'ve never seen her in anything but a bathing suit so I have no idea if she can act. Gotta say this compounded with Lorenzo "Lets put nipples on the batsuit" Di Bonerventura producing and initially trying to get it retitled as Action Man because thats the name Euros know GI Joe as not to mention stating he wants to make it a buddy action movie about a couple of wild & crazy guys fighting terrists, I'm feeling a little skeptical. I know I'm probably just a crazy fanboy. The idea of Hollywood taking a property thats been around for decades and making a crappy action movie to exploit the fanbase and give the toy company the opportunity to pump up sales for a few quarters, that'd never happen. Surely they're striving for quality in this one. Anyways... gratuitous Baroness cleavage shots ahoy.