Plagiarizers Updated

Hasn't quite been a month yet, few new additions, most disappointing is those that were warned while they're going through moderation but either disregarded the PMs or think they're slick enough to get away with it. Very frustrating when you click on a member's page and see they've got 3000 points in the week after they got to 1000, almost entirely from pasting text from other sites. Some of these people are banned already, some are still around & have a chance to redeem themselves. I don't mind making the names public, I don't have much time to watch the active people on a regular basis, I don't even have time to do submissions. So if anyone runs across anything from these users or others, feel free to post in the plagiarizers thread or leave a comment here, or PM a mod. Even better if you rewrite the subs from these nimrods. If you're a new user and you don't understand what all this is about, read the guidelines-

The rogues gallery:

Next week I'll post some of the GOOD new contributors over the past month, people we can be proud of having in the community.