Oh Most Definitely

I'll echo Satyrquaze's blog and say Punisher War Zone will no doubt suck. Thomas Jane bailing on his own volition- that was the first sign the script wasn't up to snuff. No big (or even B-list) name actors lining up to play any character- also not particularly inspiring. Adding to that, the advertising campaign, or lack thereof, tells me Marvel isn't really putting much muscle behind this one and thats says something. Early reviews have eviscerated it, with the only silver lining being that it is ultra-violent & has some nice action sequences. Granted they had a couple guys that worked on Iron Man's screenplay working on this one too, there is some hope there that it won't entirely suck. If it does suck, it'll show how significant pros like Robert Downey Jr., Jon Favreau, Stephen Platt, etc were to Iron Man's success.

Can Punisher be done right? Probably. Have Garth Ennis sitting next to the director's chair through the whole movie and Steve Dillon or someone that knows how Punisher should look doing storyboarding, and Marvel might have a higher chance of success.

People might be getting too excited about Marvel turning around their reputation for mediocrity after Iron Man & the 2008 Hulk showed that they can do things right. After all it was just last year that the craptacular crapfests Fantastic Four 2 & Ghost Rider came out.

All that said I still might see it if I have nothing better to do on Saturday.