Gene Colan Needs Help, RIP Bill Elder

The Comics Reporter recently posted a couple sad stories about a couple of Hall of Famers

Apparently Gene Colan has liver trouble and his family is having a hard time paying his medical bills, EBAY auctions for his classic artwork are up & support him directly. Itemized list of whats on sale can be found here

If you're feeling generous you can also send a direct Paypal Paypal donation... "the Colans are registered as — just log into your account, hit the “send money” button, and insert said email address and the amount you wish to donate into the appropriate boxes. Oh, and you might want to mention the word “donation” prominently in the comments box, so the Colans don’t have to sort through a bunch of listings to find the eBay payments."

If you can't afford to donate, send an e-mail or feedback Marvel's way and tell them to look up from the pile of Iron Man movie money they're counting to support the man that helped make Iron Man what he is today. Not to mention Daredevil, the Avengers, Dr. Strange, Namor, Captain America, Blade etc.

The comics industry was kept alive and vital for years by Gene Colan and his peers through the Silver Age, modern artists owe much to his work for inspiration directly or indirectly. The least the industry & community can do is to support him in the twilight of his life.

For those not familiar with the man his website's bio does a better job summarizing his accomplishments than anything I could say.

In other news, Bill Elder died yesterday at the age of 86. Elder worked on those iconic EC horror books that got EC out of the comics business and into the magazine business following Congress' hearings on violence in comicbooks & the adoption of the Comics Code in 1954. He was also one of the founding artists of MAD magazine.