Comicvine pet peeves

Two things have been bugging me- dupe pics in galleries and ugly or pointless scans that bring down the gallery's quality. The dupe pics thing baffles me. Not only did the person not bother looking through the galleries to see if the pic burning a hole in their hard drive has already been uploaded, but they don't bother double checking the gallery after they've uploaded it. When you hit the edit button you can see thumbnails of every pic in every gallery, so its not like you only see the gallery you're uploading to. Seems lazy and inconsiderate and its a pain in the butt to go through and remove them.

Second, the ugly or pointless scans that add nothing or depreciate the galleries of popular characters. There's some really nice galleries on Comicvine and then there's some galleries that would be better if it didn't look like every image that turns up in a google image search were uploaded. Less is more.

Personally, I think the main galleries for popular characters should look good- pinup art, clean scans of various costumes, pivotal events, funny or interesting pics etc. Look at the galleries Mighty Magneto has uploaded, most if not all of the pics are quality stuff worth looking at. When there's a half dozen random comic panel scans of the same costume in a slightly different position, it looks like crap.

Just my opinion, I could be wrong, maybe the goal is to get every panel a character has been in up on Comicvine, which would be amazing in itself.


Want points on Comicvine?

I've seen hundreds (thousands) of issues missing from volumes like Action Comics, Detective Comics, Fantastic Four, etc. Almost entire series don't even have characters or creators listed including popular ones like X-Men, Spider-Man,etc . An individual new added issue with creators, characters, and a good clean pic of the cover is usually worth minimum 15-20 points. Say for example there's 300 Detective Comics issues missing (there's more), thats 6000+ points on that series alone if you went through and added them all. More if you actually have the issues and have the time or interest to write a basic plot summary. G-Man is pulling in 60-80+ points per issue for writing extensive plot summaries and adding the things mentioned above.

I think thats probably the quickest way to get points right now. Rummaging around a few sources on the internet for the +2 points you get for adding a pic to (for example) Spider-Man or Batman's galleries that already have 100+ pics not only isn't going to yield much points but is going to take more of your time than using sources to build up comicvine's volumes database.

Another suggestion is to find a niche or universe that isn't on comicvine but still needs to be added. Fesak just added a ton of Street Fighter characters, got a ton of points, I got a ton of points for adding basic G1 Transformers characters. For instance the Spawn universe and various older Image imprints, other independent comic universes, haven't been fleshed out yet- ton of points there for anyone with the knowledge and sources.

Just some ideas I thought I'd throw out there to anyone that bothers clicking on the number 2 guy's picture or the blawgs tab. Disagreements/comments/insults welcome.


Captain America Killed: America Speaks

Monica Chan,Systems Analyst"But who will avenge him? If only there were a group of 'avengers,' if you will, organized for that purpose."Herbert Mandelbaum,Archivist"Yet another intelligence failure by S.H.I.E.L.D.. How many more screwups must we endure before Bush fires Executive Director Nicholas Fury?"Diego Lopez,Florist"Oh, man! Why are all the really cool assassinations wasted on make-believe people?"