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As if there wasn't enough to do on this site already, I can see this consuming an unhealthy amount of my spare time. Its easily the best looking user-submission/wiki style site I've ever used and editing pages just got way easier on top of that. I never bothered adding images to overview pages before because I didn't want to bother with the html & sizing crap, now its ridiculously easy & intuitive. I also dig the changes to creators pages, adding objects/locations to issues, new display for issues & being able to go issue by issue without going back to the volume, easy forum mod tools (+/- rules!), subscribing to pages everythings good except the bugs. I'm sure once all those get ironed out, nothings stopping comicvine from becoming the best comic site on the series of tubes that is the internets.



Gene Colan Needs Help, RIP Bill Elder

The Comics Reporter recently posted a couple sad stories about a couple of Hall of Famers

Apparently Gene Colan has liver trouble and his family is having a hard time paying his medical bills, EBAY auctions for his classic artwork are up & support him directly. Itemized list of whats on sale can be found here

If you're feeling generous you can also send a direct Paypal Paypal donation... "the Colans are registered as — just log into your account, hit the “send money” button, and insert said email address and the amount you wish to donate into the appropriate boxes. Oh, and you might want to mention the word “donation” prominently in the comments box, so the Colans don’t have to sort through a bunch of listings to find the eBay payments."

If you can't afford to donate, send an e-mail or feedback Marvel's way and tell them to look up from the pile of Iron Man movie money they're counting to support the man that helped make Iron Man what he is today. Not to mention Daredevil, the Avengers, Dr. Strange, Namor, Captain America, Blade etc.

The comics industry was kept alive and vital for years by Gene Colan and his peers through the Silver Age, modern artists owe much to his work for inspiration directly or indirectly. The least the industry & community can do is to support him in the twilight of his life.

For those not familiar with the man his website's bio does a better job summarizing his accomplishments than anything I could say.

In other news, Bill Elder died yesterday at the age of 86. Elder worked on those iconic EC horror books that got EC out of the comics business and into the magazine business following Congress' hearings on violence in comicbooks & the adoption of the Comics Code in 1954. He was also one of the founding artists of MAD magazine.



Outstanding Contributors 2.0

I've been wanting to do this earlier but I've been busy with the moderating & having connection problems b/c of the damned CV gray screen of death. For some reason there was an abnormally large amount of good new contributors in the last month or so, too many for me to remember & list here so I'm going to go with 5 that stood out to me. Please don't feel slighted if you're not mentioned here, I go through a LOT of subs, if I approved your sub you (probably) did good.

In no particular order:

Keep up the good contributions, makes it much easier on the mods.


Plagiarizers Updated

Hasn't quite been a month yet, few new additions, most disappointing is those that were warned while they're going through moderation but either disregarded the PMs or think they're slick enough to get away with it. Very frustrating when you click on a member's page and see they've got 3000 points in the week after they got to 1000, almost entirely from pasting text from other sites. Some of these people are banned already, some are still around & have a chance to redeem themselves. I don't mind making the names public, I don't have much time to watch the active people on a regular basis, I don't even have time to do submissions. So if anyone runs across anything from these users or others, feel free to post in the plagiarizers thread or leave a comment here, or PM a mod. Even better if you rewrite the subs from these nimrods. If you're a new user and you don't understand what all this is about, read the guidelines-

The rogues gallery:

Next week I'll post some of the GOOD new contributors over the past month, people we can be proud of having in the community.


Good contributors that make moderating easy

Since my last post was focused on the people crapping up the site I thought I'd post a few people doing good work on their way to 1000 that deserve live edit as soon as possible. They're not throwing as much crap fanart against the wall to see what sticks, they're not eeking out points adding marginal powers to characters, just doing what they want to do and letting the points come.

I'm thinking I might do this like monthly and have top 5 new contributors or people on their way to live edit deserving of some recognition.



So, in part hopeful deterent, in part list for me to keep track of easily without looking at some other document.

You plagiarize, I see it, your names going on the list.

Repent and it might be removed, I understand new people not knowing better, but you screw up the site drastically and I have no sympathy.

The watch list:

I'll update the list as they come.


Ray Park = Snake Eyes

I've been really skeptical about the potential of the GI Joe movie to be anything more than a craptacular money grab for Hasbro & Paramount, but I have to admit that looks pretty sweet. Ray Park pretty much saved the first Star Wars prequel, if not for Darth Maul being so badass, the movie might as well have been a prequel to the Battle of Endor. So here's hoping they give him the last 20 minutes of the movie to fight Storm Shadow.

Hiring: Gamma Ray and Particle Detector Scientist

So this caught my eye in the monsterspam I get everyday:

Gamma Ray and Particle Detector Scientist

Company: Naval Research Laboratory Location: Washington, DC 20375

Status: Full Time, Temporary/Contract/Project, Employee Job Category: R&D/Science

Career Level: Experienced (Non-Manager) Education Level: Doctorate

The High Energy Space Environment Branch of the Naval Research Laboratory seeks qualified applicants for participation in >our research and development into gamma-ray and particle detectors for ground-based homeland security and for space-based >astrophysics applications. Other activities of the Branch include observational and theoretical investigations of gamma->ray, X-ray, and cosmic-ray emissions from celestial sources and monitoring of high-energy solar flare activity.

We are seeking a candidate with:

Strong physics and mathematical background,

Strong interest in experimental activities aiming at the development, optimization, and test of nuclear radiation detectors,

Background in semi-conductor and scintillation detectors,

Working knowledge of simulation tools, and

Professional skills in planning, performing, and analyzing the data from laboratory experiments.

Experience from nuclear and/or particle physics experiments (setup, electronics, and data acquistion) or nuclear medicine >(PET, SPECT) as well as experience in gamma-ray detection, neutron detection, scintillation and/or semiconductor technology >(HPGe, Silicon) is a plus. Successful candidate should hold a Ph.D. in related fields and experience demonstrated by >published results.

Post-doctoral fellowships are available through the National Research Council and are found at the “National Research >Council Postdoctoral Fellowship” page under opportunity 64.15.89.B3036 and 64.15.89.B3037.

I want to submit an application as Bruce Banner. Only I don't really know a timeline of Banner's career. I could just make stuff up, but it'd be funnier (to me at least) if it was vaguely accurate. Anybody know enough about the Hulk to give me a few job descriptions he had that I can throw onto a resume?

Yes I know I have too much time on my hands. No I don't know what I'd do if Banner gets a call to set up an interview.


Dark Knight Trailer, YoJoe, Watching the Watchers, 10,000 Submissions

So the submissions odometer rolled into the five digits, nothing broken (though in the middle of me writing this Captain Cascader decided it was a good time to work on the server, made me wonder if I did break something). Though Fesak got there already so I'm treading no new ground here. Sometimes I wonder if I would be better off as far as utilizing worthless information in my head during idle time adding to EnemyKite's instead.

In other news... GI Joe got 2 more cast members, Byung-Hun Lee as StormShadow, Rachel Nichols as Scarlett. Somewhat more encouraging than previous news I guess since they look the parts, although maybe not so encouraging for StormShadow having a speaking role with a lot of dialogue (I'm guessing since he's only done Korean films until recently).

I guess this guy is huge in Korea. Hopefully thats a good thing.

  • Red head? Check.

  • Hot? Check.

  • Leggy? 5' 10'' check.

Even if my worst fears for the Joes come true, there's always Watchmen

and a certain sequel with a certain deranged clown whose trailer is now online


Sienna Miller... the Baroness?'ve never seen her in anything but a bathing suit so I have no idea if she can act. Gotta say this compounded with Lorenzo "Lets put nipples on the batsuit" Di Bonerventura producing and initially trying to get it retitled as Action Man because thats the name Euros know GI Joe as not to mention stating he wants to make it a buddy action movie about a couple of wild & crazy guys fighting terrists, I'm feeling a little skeptical. I know I'm probably just a crazy fanboy. The idea of Hollywood taking a property thats been around for decades and making a crappy action movie to exploit the fanbase and give the toy company the opportunity to pump up sales for a few quarters, that'd never happen. Surely they're striving for quality in this one. Anyways... gratuitous Baroness cleavage shots ahoy.