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@Job: And this was initially a response to a post that it seems is now deleted, but here is my wordy reply to that regardless.

You have a long history of antagonizing others, not the other way around as you would have others believe.

Just a note on what follows, to save some space, I have cut out the pertinent bits of Job's responses for presentation, so as to keep down the wall of words somewhat.

From the Blade and Selene versus Spike and Angel debacle:

Wyldsong - As well, Blade and Selene get a hand up in better production values and choreography, but also owning everything Spike and Angel have been in, they definitely are not pushovers, lower budgets aside=)

So, you have a joking comment about production values, and another comment that did not at all seem serious (Lady_Liberty), and you come in on the attack:

" All i've seen in this thread are illogical fallacies, for selene and Blade, and personal opinion thats not even backed by feats, but by production values."

" People are sleeping on Spike and Angel because of production values!?!? If you want to go bye facts and feats then clearly Spike and Angel win this fight. If you want to go with the team with the biggest budget, vote for Selene and Blade."

So, that's you starting the attack on people in a jovial discussion. YOU starting the attack, not them. This is how you chose to enter the thread. No one made you, no one provoked you. You, harping on what for all intents and purposes is meant to be taken lightheartedly, and not seriously. That is the tone you set for your further interactions with this first personage, and that did not go well at all.

Now, let's look at another example of you setting the tone with someone else, and jumping to another level for an otherwise mild discussion:

"@drgnx said:

If Buffy can knock them out, Blade and Selene can do it, Buffy has never shown the feats they have, will I wouldn't say never, but nothing extraordinarily out of their range.

Yes, because Blade and Selene don't have access to ultraviolet weapons. And wood works so well in U.W. movies. I also don't recall them using wood in Blade. So who do you think is more likely to pull out holy water? Angel's and Spike's other weapons don't have any special advantage over these two vamps. Buffy Vamps would have less tools to take Blade and Selene because they are more immune of the traditional weaknesses than Angel and Spike are. So your argument works against you.

Have your points and selection of feats not already been addressed in this thread?

Blade has Garlic based weapons and we know that works in BuffyVille. Team 2 have also both used light based weapons in the past."

Job - "My argument does not work against me. You just phrased what i said in a way that was moronic, and came to the wrong conclusion. Thats an indication of your intelligence, not mine."

So, no name calling on drgnx's part. He tries to point out your argument working against you, and then states something truthful -- your points and selection of feats had been questioned by others. No direct insults, no name calling, but what do you jump to? Insults? Why I do believe so.

And here again, more name calling: "This is more for the people debating this thread than the two idiots trolling."

And here we find out about your multiple accounts:


"SOme guy started rambling about how i purpsley left out U4 feats"

And so there are no questions, why yes, I do have 2 accounts now, one was the initial, the second to make a point since the 5 post thing came up. TSo there are no questions to the obvious: shatteredearth, and shatteredurth -- no hiding behind multiple accounts here.

And here, someone else that had yet to attack you, but yet you jump to attack yet again:

NCC1396 - "In underworld Evolution, Selene states to Alexander Corvinus,"You were the only one older than marcus, the only one stronger." In Underworld they do get stronger with age, she killed two young vampires with just a few blows, and she may need a knife or a gun to kill a werewolf, but Angel and Spike need stakes to kill vampires, or swords and axes to kill demons, do they not. She was overpowered by Marcus because he was over twice her age, but after she drank blood from Alexander Corvinus she was strong enough to fight him. Angel couldn't kill the Master could he. Selene Michael was a hybrid between a 600 year old vampire, Selene, and the original Lycan, Lucien. He atleast has the power of a thousand year old immortal. Selene defeated the super-lycan who could only fight her because of his size, it wasn't his strength or speed that made him appear to be stronger than her. Infact their strength is pretty equal. She tossed a van several yards, after tackling it, and the super lycan was seen doing the same thing. their strength is equal. Her speed is far superior she can run alongside a van going atleast 60MPH. I think defeating a Lycan that's atleast 20' tall is a pretty amazing feat. And when was Michael owned by vampires from the 16th Century?"

Job - "I'm telling you know i only skimmed your post, because all you seem to be doing is repeating yourself. This is the last time i'm going to say thi,s, because quite frankly, you should have gotten it by now. If you think getting up close to someone whos, faster, stronger, and more durable than you are, and then stabbing them in a specific area, is easier than shotting someone in the head, then by god whatever. Idc about super lycans. Or marcrus, or whatever you'll be mentioning in the next reply."

Again, I just cut to the rude parts of your reply.

Oh, and another example of you jumping to the attack:

80sBaby - "Blade solos this pretty easily. He's faster, stronger and has better weaponry. And whoever said Spike and Angel have dodged gunfire like Frost did is being dishonest. Off the top of my head I can cite 2 seperate examples of them being tagged with bullets. The first instance is when Fred shot Angel to break him out of Jasmin's trance. She even shot THROUGH another body so Angel must be really slow to have gotten hit. The second is when Angel, Gunn and Spike wen to rescue Lindsay from the Happy hell dimension and both Spike and Angel were tagged numerous times by people with autmatic weapons. They've NEVER shown "bullet time" speed feats. And I own all 5 seasons of Angel as well as all 7 seasons of Buffy, in case anybody wants to question."

Job - "Perhaps you should pay attention to the thread. I know the location of Noahs arc, in case anybody wants to question."

So, they don't call names, don't call anyone out directly, just stated they felt someone was being dishonest -- maybe an honest oversight, and these two phrases come out of your reply? A purposefully mean spirited response, wouldn't you say? But hey, seems to happen to anyone who even slightly disagrees with you.

And, one of my personal favorites:

80sBaby - "How is outracing a bus going 70 mph faster than dodging bullets (after they were shot, no less) from an automatic uzi, at point blank range? I assue you're talking about the series finale? And, again, Spike nor Angel can dodge bullets. They simply move faster than the person shooting the weapon (sometimes.) Nothing Batman hasn't done before. If you have proof otherwise, please, post the episode."

They ask for proof, and there were no attacks, your reply?

Job - "This is going to sound kind of rude, but it's not my intent, but i dont really care what you think to be honest. So, all you're really doing is wasting my time, by using fallacy arguments, and then caliming how YOU never seen it happen."

Yes, they claimed they have never seen it happen, and ask you for proof. Such a horrible, horrible attack on your person, requesting information for something they have never seen. And you wonder why discussions you enter into get heated?

How about this hapless bystander:

SoA - "blade hunts vampires who are older and more powerful ,( nomak, dracula.) selene has the power of a vamp lord and is like 600 yrs old plus they have weapons that can harm/kill vampires (who is to say selene cant get a hold of UV rounds?) and are highly proficient at using such weapons . spike and angel have what besides their fists? stakes? sorry (not really) blade and selene take this"

Job - "Is anyone in this thread rooting for Selene and Blade capable of not making the same argument that has been proven false?"

How dare they, this one who has not even replied to you, or said one word to you, but how dare they even deign to post an opinion. Madness.

80sBaby - "Neither Angel nor Spike can lift 1-2 tons. Buffy, who is stronger than they are, isn't even that strong. She's about at a (female) Captain America level, as they have similar feats. As for speed, I already cited that they're much, much slower than Frost, who is equal to Blade."

Job - "I'm not interested in your opinion, so i wont be doing a bufy vs captain america trade off with you."

And again, they state an opinion, no attack on your person, and this is what they get in return? For someone not interested in an opinion, you seem awfully eager to respond. But, let's move on from 80sBaby.

Hey look, someone trying to bury the hatchet and actually be nice, not that they ever were really on the attack -- I'll just add the pertinent stuff, people can check out the thread for the full response:

NCC1396: "Please read this entire thing from start to finish before you respond. I'm sorry but we are just going to have to agree to disagree, and I hope you respect my opinion enough to agree. So please respect my opinion and i shall do the same. Can we agree to disagree on this one and stop this debate? I think it's gone on long enough and we aren't getting anywhere further, at this point it's personal preference. But please feel free to elaborate more on your opinion, but maybe we can behave and respect eachothers opinion."

But they still disagree, let's see what you do:

Job - "I'm not going togo back and read your whole post. And i didn't bother reading almost any of the one im replying to know."

How dare they have an opinion not in accordance with your own! Don't read their argument and be rude to boot, that will show them!

Oh, but you apologize after another plea, how sweet, but when you do respond to that, they get this...

Job -- "So why the hell should anyone care, that she has newfound powers? Shes inferior, and im tired of repeating the same information to people only for them to come back saying the exact same thing. I'd respect your opinion if you didnt support it with false information. I don't want to elaborate more. I've elaborated enough. i dont know what more you could possibly want."

How dare they have an opinion and ask for you to agree to disagree, and expect that you at least respect the fact that their opinion differs from yours...geez, some people. It seems pretty clear what they wanted, they wanted the same respect they were trying to give you. Did they really deserve that rude of a response? No, they didn't, but you responded to respectful request with disrespect.

Oh, and there is more we cold pull from, especially in other threads, yes we could Job/why_you_mad_thou/Spike -- and possibly i_bomb -- very similar opinions, writing styles, and knowledge base there, and whoever else you are, but I'll leave it at that for now, as I think everyone gets the gist of all of this.

Now, let's see how you started this thread out:

"Basically..anyone who doesn't think she clears this :A. doesn't know the character B. A troll C. Both."

You start out antagonistic, and now look where we have ended up. Those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it. You have quite a track record in your threads, and I can't say I really blame anyone who treats you the way they do. You have a long history of negativity on these boards.

Job - "Im not interested in you telling me what im doing because what im doing isn't breaking the rules. Insulting people is."

I think I have shown where you have done plenty of this already.

Job, you are not the victim here. You can't be the victim when you are perpetrating the actual crime. As I stated, those who don't learn from history etc...yours is a self fulfilling prophecy.

Say what you will, but this is all pretty self evident here.

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@Picard said:


@Static Shock said:

@Picard said:

I will repeat my self: I love to discuss but I hate trolling. I'm gentlemen so I will not act rude, but I don't blame people like Job

When you're talking to people in a condescending tone, you can definitely blame him.

I don't defend his behavior but I can understand him, because basically people who vote against characters from BTVS usually acting like this:

No Caption Provided

If your arguments fall on deaf ears then certain reactions are at least understandable.

@cliffrice said:

Current comic buffy has the powers of golden age superman pretty much. (Leao tall buildings, Faster than a bullet, Invilnerability, More powerful than a locamotive)

Last time I checked she didn't had those powers anymore.

You understand his behavior even when he enters the thread with such a tone before anyone has had a chance to say a word or even respond to him?

He gets the responses he does because of how acts and treats people, the first call of "troll" did not enter this thread until he did

Most who respond to him have had very bad experiences with his rudeness in the past, look through his past posts in past threads, this is not new behavior brought on by others, this is his normal behavior, as he even treats people in the same manner that agree with him overall but may disagree even slightly with some of his points

His is a self fulfilling prophecy, he will get like treatment for like behavior, if you choose to ignore this, then you may as well add yourself in that number that your little meme was meant for, as it is very evident what he does

And yes, Buffy lost her "superman" powers at the end of that "season"