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Shaping a Monster 0

I really love when the major comic companies; explain their villain characters, because I tend to see the characters story a little different from then on. Let me first start by saying, if Marvel would've started the series from issue #3; you guys wouldn't have missed anything. In this issue we see Johann still living his life; as a typical street urchin. He's been carrying out hits for a criminal, when he comes across his 'friend' Dieter.The relationship between him and Dieter strikes me as mys...

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Last Family of Krypton 0

Superman, also known as Clark Kent and, Kal-El, has been one of the most noticeable icons in comic book history. Since coming to Earth under his “Last Son of Krypton” persona, he’s adopted more and more of an “earthling lifestyle”, even getting married to an Earth women, whom is also famous across the Comic Universe, her name Lois Lane. Superman survived the explosion of Krypton, and landed on Earth; he was then adopted by Martha and Jonathan Kent in a town called Smallville.   Since coming to E...

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