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Ideal Team of Blondes?

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  • Carol has been an Shield Agent, and a member of the Avengers, she knows how to lead a team, i think it's her experience of leading a grown team that gives her the advantage over Karen.

  • There is no mistaken that while Ms.Marvel is the leader, that Karen is in second command, i think her strength gives her the edge over Emma, but she hasn't lead a team of her peers yet, just children.

  • Dinah is defiantly the most versatile member of the team, her sonic scream as well as her ability to fight hand to hand, enables her to battle out of any situation.

  • I don't think there is another woman on this team that could be a bigger ICOn the A.D

  • Never really been a fan of all the bats, but i liked Spoiler, so i'm going with her, she brings a mysterious,and stealthy element to the team, that isn't seen with any of the others.

  • I started to go with Emma, but i can see Emma clashing with PG and Ms.Marvel, but I think Courtney is one of DC's most underrated characters, learning from the likes of Jay Garrick and Power Girl, i think she is essentially the voice of reason.