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Sha: battle for the mantle!

Yuppers taken right out of DC, only I'm going to do it for Sha, If you haven't read Sha lost her inner fight with Chaos Black, which made them finally become one person. NOW; Solace City needs a SHA to step up and be a leader. The problem is which one? It would be easy to make Maya (Solace) the new Sha, but I have other plans for Maya.  So this is what I'm going to do. I'm going to do a One shot for 8 of my characters (One's that have been around), and what i need you guys to do is decide which one would make a good replacement. This is for ONE to see if i could transform another one of my characters into my main, and two a good way for everyone to understand this NEW Sha right out the bat.  So these are the nominee's 

  1. Shane (Male Sha)
  2. Attention whore
  3. Gwen Lopez
  4. Hayden Miles
  5. Tiffany Fairbanks
  6. Y intercept
  7. Savage.
  8. Diego