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Red Goddess Timeline

Red Goddess timeline

1970 – Ziccarra Liafador is born to Sabella and Ramon Liafador in Malaga Spain. She is the youngest of four siblings.

1989- Ziccarra and childhood friend Isabella Marisol enroll in Malaga University. During this time she became a prolific dancer but chose to be an exotic dancer as a hobby. Ziccarra is diagnosed with diabetes

Ziccarra is subjected to the 3rd society’s indoctrination process by her indoctrinated brother Kane. This form of mind control was meant to have Ziccarra kill when Kane asked, she was also to carry a child that would benefit the coming 3rd society.

1996- Ramon Liafador creates the Braveheart order. This creates a schism in the Liafador Family as most had been loyal to the Red Cardinals.

1997- Kane Liafador joins the BH’s and forces Ziccarra to join. Kane successfully creates a “test tube” baby, and has chosen Ziccarra as its carrier. Thanks to the indoctrination Ziccarra gave birth to the child without knowledge of actually being pregnant. The child was named Catalina.

Ziccarra befriends Ashley Emerald Mooreland and conducts braveheart missions as partners.

2000- Ramon and Sabella Liafador were killed by indoctrinated members of the Braveheart order, shortly after their deaths Ricardo Liafador (He grandfather) dies, and crowns Ziccarra the Liafador Family Matriarch.

2002 – Ziccarra enters the Liafador Family dungeon known as “the Pit” her experience shatters her indoctrination. Through extensive meditation techniques, Ziccarra crafts what are now known as The Cardinal Skills. She writes a total of 12 books called “The Cardinal Law”.

The Liafador Family winery enters a downward spiral and sales begin to plummet.

2003 – Ziccarra travels to Tibet teaching the Cardinal Law, her small following was met by stiff resistance lead by Faatina Knightfall. This brief period of conflict was known as the Cardinal-Tibetan conflict; which results in Ziccarra being defeated by the Cerise tactician.

2008 – Due to the Tibetan inability to pay Faatina, the Cerise tactician pulls out of Tibet allowing the Cardinal influence to expand. Faatina reveals to Ziccarra that they are “half-sisters” as she was the child of Sabella Liafador and Jayden Knightfall and instructs Ziccarra in land warfare.

Traveling from small village to small village using what she learned, Ziccarra was reluctantly shown the forbidden techniques of the infamous fighting style, in-exchange, and the lovely aristocrat began influencing the poor and the destitute through Machiavellian style sermons of dogmatic ritualization. Offering hope to those who had given up and heart to those who had lost it. Building an architectural masterpiece of discipline, loyalty, integrity, and faith from the mud huts and fish shanties of the region.

This unified congregation quickly rose to be a symbol of the La Malaguena's credence, her gifted influence constructing a tactically brilliant force of hand to hand elitism that would never give up, never surrender, and never betray their authoritarian leader. Intellectually motivated martial arts progressions of continual psychical and philosophical evolution engineering a secret army unlike the World has ever seen. Establishing one of the several secret societies in Tibet, the Red Cardinal Queen brought together a diversified unification of ethnicity. The original ancestors of the Tibetan people as represented by the six red bands before the birth of the Red Cardinals were the Se, Mu, Dong, Tong, Dru, and Ra. Other traditional ethnic groups with significant population or with the majority of the ethnic group reside in Tibet include Bai people, Blang, Bonan, Dongxiang, Han, Hui people, Lhoba, Lisu people, Miao, Mongols, Monguor (Tu people), Menba (Monpa), Mosuo, Nakhi, Qiang, Nu people, Pumi, Salar, and Yi people.

Taught to embrace death as a sacred honor the Tibetan Cardinals fought each confrontation with an instilled hope of death. They were to that; to be killed by an opponent of greater skills is the highest achievement a Cardinal can obtain. In fact, in the Tibetan Cardinal Religion to be killed by the La Malaguena is an honor reserved for the Gods. The mind proved useful as the Cardinal's greatest weapon. Training mind, body, and soul, daily, adhere to the strictest schedule of purifying the soul in search of combat perfected proficiency.

By the time she was finished in Tibet, she was known as Ziccarra the Impaler.

Following the Tibetan-Cardinal conflict, Ziccarra holds a meeting in Tibet with the most affluent members of her family and lays down her plan to return to Malaga, as well as laying the ground-work for invading Venezuela.

2010 – Ziccarra returns to Malaga with the full strength of the Red Cardinals, and slaughters the Braveheart order. Kane Liafador was forced into exile; leaving Ziccarra and the Cardinals as the masters of Malaga.

Ziccarra creates different sects of Cardinals and places a different member of her family in charge over them.

2011 – Ziccarra meets with Quintus Knightfall in New York City, disguised as her friend; Isabella Marisol. Killing her own butler in a push to frame Quintus (A mutant), she helped start the Civil War

The Malagan goddess returned to Malaga with an affectionate impression of Quintus. Throughout the year the two would meet on more than one occasion resulting in a romantic relationship between the two.

2012 – Catalina Liafador leads a Black Cardinal assault on NYC. The bout between Catalina and Ziccarra revealed that the rebel Cardinal was indeed Ziccarra’s daughter. Catalina was turned back by combined forces.

Ziccarra is pregnant with Isadora Lebeau.* Isadora was born to both Ziccarra and Quintus; however, her last name comes from growing up with Charlemagne as her “father”

2013 – Ziccarra arranges to have Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez killed. After the murder of Chavez; Ziccarra launches a Cardinal invasion of Venezuela. Met by heavy resistance from different mercenary groups the Cardinal Queen won the conflict and set up shop as the Venezuelan primer. Less than a month after becoming the leader of Venezuela, Ziccarra gave birth to her second child Isadora.

The stress of ruling a nation with a newborn child cause Ziccarra to abandon the roll entirely, entrusting Isadora in the hands of Mercy Sheridan, Ziccarra moved to Mexico and allowed a new regime to set up in Venezuela.

2014—After being flushed out of Mexico by Pyrogram in the late part of 2614, Ziccarra founded the Trinity Organization in Finland. The veil covering the new Nation of Gods and Earths comes down, revealing a lost civilization.

Cleopatra Thea discovers the mutant child Kari and begins preparations to eliminate the mutant X-gene in the White Race.

In a covert operation, the Trinity recovers Kari.

The Hellfire club invades the Trinity compound and kidnaps Kari from the Trinity. Catalina (The Black Pawn) hatches a plan to finally kill her mother.

Mercy Sheridan and Ziccarra Liafador invade Eden (Southern Venezuela) to confront Catalina, Catalina tricked Kari into killing Ziccarra, shortly afterward Mercy finished off Kari.

The death of Ziccarra became a national ordeal in Tibet, the Tibetans hailed her as a goddess which was grounds for her to ascend to godhood.

2015 – Thanks to the help of Quintus Knightfall, Ziccarra returns as “The Goddess”. The ensuing bout between Quintus and Ziccarra was the official end of their marriage

Liafador International founds Solace City

The S.H.A Squad is formed

Brahma Bull destroys Solace City

Ziccarra meets Alexis Pettis

Ziccarra helps Bishop and Alexis in Newark, New Jersey

2016 – Ziccarra enhanced by the powers of the relic stone destroys Newark, and fights Alexis. The wars of the Gods break out. Following the conflict, Alexis confesses his love for Z.

2017- Isabella Marisol, Ziccarra’s childhood friend; reveals herself to be a sentient machine bent on bringing an end to Mutants and Humans.

Ziccarra is indoctrinated and forced to attack Alexis. Alexis managed to break Ziccarra’s programming and Ziccarra reveals she is pregnant with her third child Maya.

The third society steals the consciousness of an unborn Maya and places her into a prepared body. Ziccarra gives birth to a stillborn.

The Matriarch Zedora enlist the help of Thomas Animus, the 3rd Society attacks Los Angeles and The Huntington Academy.

Using her reality powers Maya traps the leaders of the 3rd society in a pocket dimension. Ziccarra stays to monitor the progression.

Maya accidentally creates a bridge to the dead world known as Reality M; Ziccarra and Alexis fight to the death against their tyrannical counterparts. Leonel Pettis and Kurt Pendragon are released into the NU.

Ziccarra becomes the Red Queen of the HFC

Ziccarra is elected President of the Spanish Government.

Ziccarra becomes pregnant with her 4th Child.

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