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Quick Look: Black Fairy

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Name: Aeval

Alias: Sha, The Black Fairy, The Dark Fairy; Queen of Sha'ac.

Relatives: Jasir (Deceased)

Identity: Known across many realms

Species: Fairy

Base of Operations: The Meld, also known as the void . Can frequently be seen in the realm of darkness.

Height: 5'5

Weight: 59 kg

Eyes: Blue (Sometimes Yellow)

Hair: Blond

Fun fact: When actively casting a spell Sha will take on Horns, a Tail and Hooves.

Powers and Abilities.

Soul Reaver
Soul Reaver

The Soul Reaver is Sha's signature weapon and allows the demon fairy to steal souls to restore her own physical health. It is said to contain the soul of her brother Jasir which explains it's indestructible characteristics. The souls taken by soul reaver can be used to summon demons. When enhanced with Black Fairy dust, Sha can use the Soul reaver to cross realms and dimensions.

Sha has always claimed she's just a sword strike away from changing the course of history, this leaves many to believe that the blade is capable of shattering history, creating paradoxes and new timelines.

As an offensive weapon, It enhances Sha's long strike capabilities, it can also ignite in parasitic flames which has proved effective in dismantling foes with armor and shielding.

Despite it's seemingly endless capabilities the sword is invulrenable to Light Magic, and Pure Magic; things like electricity and Ice have also proven to be effective against the demonic blade.

Heart Theft
Heart Theft

One of Sha's signature techniques is the stealing of a person's heart. She is able to enchant her hand and literally rip someone's heart out, the person only dies when Sha decides to crush the heart. With the heart in hand she can control every action, to include speech. This technique has proved useful against foes who are immune to Black Fairy Dust


Telekenesis - Sha can manipulate objects with her mind, She can also use her TK ability to choke, push or pull objects. She can use her TK to as a homing skill.

Tactikenesis - Sha can envelope her body in TK energy which will prevent her from taking large amounts of damage.

Teleportation- Sha can teleport however she can only teleport short distances, otherwise she'd have to leave the realm and reemerge elsewhere.

Other Abilities

Mystical Sense - Sha is able to view and sense beings crossing into whatever realm she's in, the downside to this astral awarness is that it can cause migranes.

Ruler of "Void"

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The Void is a location that doesn't exist on any plane, and is impossible to find; but fairly easy to stumble into. "This is the place where that one sock goes too" The Void is actually a specific mindset triggered by thoughts or feelings of being lost or loneliness.

Victims will stumble into the void out of their own doing, and can only be retrieved by outside interference.

It is a world where erratic thoughts become reality, and victims literally create their own perils. It remains to be the biggest trap for children.

The Sacred Tome

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It is the Old Law and the most important of all Laws, which no one may do or say anything which will endanger any of the Craft, or bring them in contact with the law of the land, or the Law of the Church or any of our persecutors. In any disputes between the brethren, no one may invoke any laws but those of the Craft, or any Tribunal but that of the Priestess and the Priest and the] Elders. And may the Curse of the Goddess be on any who so do.

These spells have been passed down to the final remaining families, should the book fall into the wrong hands, say the magic spell that will eliminate the ink from the pages.

Rules of the Old Laws

·Do what thou wilt, but beware of consequences

·Your enemies are those that, break the laws

·Watch, listen and withhold judgment, in debate let your silences be long, your thoughts clear, and your words carefully chosen.

·Do not judge those of other paths, but offer them love and aide

·Use the power to banish benevolent spirits.

·The practice of Black Magik is forbidden, violators must be banished to hell.

There are 3 Tiers of Old Law Magic.

1.Basic (Spells 1-10)

2.Intermediate (11-20

3.Advanced: Spells 1-30

4.Black Magik (Summoning of Spirits)


Spells are broken down into 6 major components, some spells can be combined to increase the effect.

Spells that hinder the earth start with Terra

Spells that involve the sea or sea creatures, Aqua

Spells that involve the Wind, or air, Aero

Spells that involve animals, Meta

Spells that involve matter, Ani

Spells that invole Spirits Neco

The Spells

1.Neco Talis – When recited correctly, this spell will render a person under your authoritive control. Because of the taxing nature of this spell, it will wear off after two hours has elapsed.

2.Meta Neco Topolis – When recited, the subject animal must also be stated for the spell to work, this will transform a human being into an animal. This is a 24 hour spell, and will leave the human subject bare.

3.Aqua Ani Regales- This spell will suspend water, making it ready to walk.

4.Neco Salira – This spell will allow a lost soul to return to the living for one-hour.

5.Ani Tempest- This spell will freeze the world around Sky, leaving her, and anyone touching her unaffected.

6.Ani dobalis- This is a duplication spell, this will transform any matter into two symmetrical parts (When Duplicating PEOPLE the spell becomes Neco).

7.Neco Agles – This spell will age, any person, animal (With Meta) or item (With Ani). *If said, backwards, it will make the subject younger.

8.Neco Rosalas – This spell will place a person to sleep, it can also be used to place a person under deep hypnotism

9.Ani Ramato – This spell will caused an object, and anything touching said object to vanish. (Does not need Neco or Meta in front)

10.Neco Amor- This spell will render two spirits in love

11.Neco Verdad- This is a truth spell

12.Ani Temporal- This spell will allow a person to go back in time.

13.Neco Ani Van – This spell will banish an unidentified evil spirit.

14.Ani Neco Ruse – This spell will cause two people to switch powers.

15.AniIntel – This spell will increase the knowledge of a person

16.Neco Ani Tumor –A spell used to fight a Spirit Hunter.

17.Ani Aqua (Also a Basic Skills) will project water

18.Ani Terra (““) Will cause a seismic activity.

19.Ani Aero (“ “) will allow the protection and projection of the wind.

20.Ani Burn (“”) will allow the protection and projection of fire.

Advanced Skills

·Healing Spell- From the head, down to the knees heal the cause of this disease.

·Luck Spell – Life can be as wild as a Buck, give my friend extended luck.

·Life Spell- Those who laughed and cried with strife, must return one chance at life. (24 hour spell)

·Thoughts Spell- Alliances age and change with time, let all of your thoughts now be mine.

·Disguise Spell – I call upon the laws of power, to mask us now in this hour.

·Dispel a Spirit Hunter Spell – Ashes to Ashes, Spirit to Spirit, away from here, I banish this evil. (Must have weakened the Hunter first)

·Dispel a Renegade Vampire Spell- Fang-like teeth and, face so pale, send this demon straight to hell.

·Reverse Renegade Spell – Here I stand, a light unto thee, bring the cherished back to me.

·Dispell a Warlock Spell - We call upon Medusa's bones, turn their flesh into stones.

·Remove Magic Spell - Magic Forces Far And Wide,Enchant These So Those Can’t Hide Allow This Witch To Use Therein, So She Can Reveal The Evil Within