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The Flower of Carnage

馃尮The Flower of Carnage 馃尮 || 馃寫 Chaos Incarnate 馃寫|| Y || 鉂勶笍 The Cocaine Goddess 鉂勶笍||

Origin Forme
Origin Forme

Birth Name: Vesna Bolic

Birth Year: 1080

Place of Birth: Volislavlevic Dynasty (Serbia)

Height: Varies

Weight: Varies

Hair Color: Varies

Eye Color: Varies

Parents: Matea Bolic (Mother; Deceased) Bodin Bolic (Father; Deceased)

Children: Tem眉jin Khan (Son. Believed to be deceased)

馃尫The Beginning (Origin Form) 馃尫

Vesna Bolic was born into a turbulent Serbian existence; her people were threatened by reannexation into the nearby Byzantine Empire. She spent most of her early childhood being moved across the territory to escape the string of wars that plagued the region. Despite dodging the fight for many years, Vesna's father Bodin was forced to enter the war on the side of the crusaders poised to take back the "Holy Lands."

Her father saw this as an honor to fight and die for Christianity and departed, leaving her with the impression that it was 'God's Will.'

Bodin wouldn't return home from the war resulting in Vesna cutting her hair to join the war effort in the battle for Jerusalem. In disguise, she could see both sides' first-hand effects of war, pillaging, raping, and mass murder. It all sickened her, and she couldn't believe her father would fight for any God that would allow all these things to happen. Before she could return home, one of the other crusaders noticed Vesna never prayed, resulting in her being called out as a heretic and being found to be a woman.

On the night she was set to be executed, she prayed to God for the first time, asking for his salvation, but nothing happened. Once the flame was lit on the stake, lightning struck Vesna transforming her into a being with unfathomable ability.

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Vesna's newfound powers were so strong she murdered many soldiers from both sides of the Holy War before fleeing in fear. A couple of days later, the First Crusade ended with the creation of the Kingdom of Jerusalem.

Vesna returned home, but her mother rejected her, saying that her powers weren't "God Given" but the Devil's tricks. This became a cruel but essential lesson for Vesna. She learned that according to Christianity, God and the Devil could do miracles. It also taught her that faith was powerful enough for people to shun their flesh and blood.

Vesna retreated to Bulgaria, where she would spend years learning how to use her abilities. One night she was injured and noticed that her body didn't heal when she was physically attacked, which prompted her to begin projecting her powers and abilities into others rather than confrontation.

At 21, Vesna put these abilities into practice when she possessed a Muslim soldier and switched sides in the Crusade of 1101. Her presence decimated the crusaders, but she was not alone. She noticed that a few of the people on both sides had latent abilities. This made her believe that if she could project herself into these people, then she could use her skills and theirs.

馃尮 The Flower of Carnage 馃尮

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Vesna wouldn't get involved in the "Holy Conflict" again; she'd been using her powers in curiosity and only hurting those she felt hurt, but centuries later, she found herself living in Bulgaria, working as a seamstress.

Her town was attacked one night, but before Vesna could use her abilities to defend she was knocked unconscious by a telepath. She was then transported east, where she found herself being held captive by Genghis Khan.

Khan, too realized that there were people with abilities within his empire (Though it's been speculated that he might've been a super) and used his telepaths to seek out "The Demon of Jerusalem'--Vesna.

The tales of her conquest (61 years before his birth) intrigued and made him seek her out. Khan was preparing for his own military ambitions and wanted Vesna in his arsenal. He kept her heavily sedated and submissive, but he knew sedation wouldn't work forever, so he made her own of his wives and empowered her with his influence. Soon he didn't need to sedate her; she was there because she wanted to be.

Khan could convince her to use her abilities for him and him only and was responsible for many of his conquest. People during this time questioned whether or not he needed her. Many believe that having her to use at his disposal was the biggest show of power from Khan. 'He controls a demon.'

She was so enamored with him that she bore him a son (Who was also born with abilities). In one of their last conversations before his death, he referred to her as his "Flower of Carnage" and gave her freedom shortly before they departed.

This was also the last time Vesna would see her son; while he was immortal, it simply meant that he wouldn't die a natural death. However, she believed he'd been murdered in a series of rebellions that would occur shortly after her husband's death.

The Witch Hunt

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Vesna moved to France in the 14th century to keep herself involved with worldwide events. One of the mass hysteria taking over Europe at the time was the persecution of witches. What angered Vesna was that people were using the bible to justify the mass killing of innocent people. On a fateful night, Vesna would intervene in the attempted burning of a woman named Yelena Petrova.

Vesna was late in taking possession of the woman, which saw the stake ignite with flames; however, Yelena was unharmed, which caused more hysteria.

When Vesna finally possessed Yelena, the woman's mental psyche trapped Vesna inside her. In the calamity that ensued, Yelena retrieved Vesna's unconscious body and stashed it at a cabin in the middle of the woods.

Yelena and Vesna initially couldn't figure out how to switch back; finally, Vesna was able to return to her own body, inadvertently leaving a portion of her consciousness with Yelena. This meant Vesna could operate as herself and Yelena, but most importantly, this meant Vesna no longer needed to move physically; she could live vicariously through Yelena.

Yelena, on the other hand, was already blessed with enhanced durability. She believes that her powers were nullified briefly as Vesna attempted to save her. Which meant she died and was resurrected. Soured by the notion that her own people would turn on her, Yelena would attack Witch-Mob and Witch Torture sites throughout Europe; her face was placed on wanted posters throughout the continent. She would soon change her name to "Y."

Y would stay in Europe for now; she would become the leader of a Coven of 'Witches.'. Vesna wouldn't stay put; she booked passage on one of the exploration ships and went to the new world.

馃 The Chaos Incarnate 馃

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Vesna's trip to the new world was chaotic; the ship's crew mutinied, holding many of the passenger's hostage. Vesna possessed a woman named Christine Viotto, seeking religious freedom, and used her to regain control of the crew.

Much to the surprise of Vesna, Christine's mind was stronger than hers, which made the new possessed far more potent than Y was in Europe. Christine sought to kill Vesna until she realized it meant her own doom.

The ship landed in modern-day Guyana. Christine's rule over the crew grew to cult levels, but she didn't want Vesna around. She gave her 'creator' an ultimatum leave or be held, prisoner.

Vesna decided to leave, which would be her last public outing. In Guyana, Christine began implementing practices and rituals for her own gratification.

Christine's cult saw her as the Goddess and began worshiping her as such. The cult would make sacrifices and purge the nearby indigenous tribes.

Christine is the more chaotic version of Vesna and has, on several occasions (In modern times), clashed with the other personalities of Vesna. Christine is the only version of Vesna that can slightly change her appearance.

On a drug-filled night, Christine created a fourth personality. The fourth was called out to by Vesna and instructed on both Y and Christine and how she played into all of it. Despite being an extension herself, the 4th extension is living a tranquil life and has assimilated into working in society.

In modern times, most of Y's personalities are secluded within their own areas of influence; this is due to the boom in technology across the Earth that allow the world's governments to handle Vesna's supernatural personalities.

It is widely known amongst all the extensions that Vesna's death would also be their demise; they make a habit of knowing where the creator is at all times.

Powers and Abilities.

  • Immortality - All the extensions of Vesna are immortal. Vesna herself is immortal but can die outside of natural causes. If Vesna is killed, all the other extensions will die as well.
  • Enhanced Durability- Vesna's extensions can survive most energy attacks, bullets, and falls from enormous heights. The Origin form doesn't have the ability.
  • Lightning Projection - All of the extensions have the ability to conjure and project lightning.
  • Fire Projection - All of the extensions have the ability to conjure and project fire.
  • Flight- Christine has the ability to fly with wings attached to her back. Christine can also use the sharp wings to attack with.
  • Teleportation - Y has the ability to teleport; she shares this ability with Vesna.
  • Telekinesis - All the extensions have the ability to use Telekinesis to push, pull, choke and block.
  • Possession- Vesna and Christine have the ability to possess. Y doesn't have the ability to take control of people.
  • Life Force Absorption - All the extensions of Vesna have the ability to steal the life force from any living thing. They can use the energy to heal themselves.



The Lengths We Will Go (Chapter 2)

Outskirts of Faron Forest

Her vehicle pulled up to the abandoned lighthouse with a loud screech alerting the Houndoom positioned inside the gate. Exiting the car, she moved around to the passenger side to retrieve the antennas and radio equipment she'd salvaged from the trash can before opening the gate with a personalized passcode. "Don't worry; she wasn't followed," The woman cheerfully called in mid-stride past Houndoom. She wasn't worried about anyone finding them here; she probed this area long before settling down. The sharp rocks around this place forbade travel by sea, and thanks to the creation of the bullet train, the need for travel via the Faron Woods was obsolete.

Ascending the stairs to her command deck, she came to a stop on a map with a Pokeball embroidered in gold lettering, clearing her throat to announce her return. The rest of her subordinates immediately flocked to her location. "Welcome back, Prof. Willow." She nodded in acknowledgment before taking her position at the head of the command center.

Her entire support team wore the same white lab coats; many of them were disgraced scientists that went to horrible lengths in the name of science. Many of them used to pledge allegiance to Team Rocket, a terrorist organization that plagued Kanto and Johto regions. Others were members of Aqua, Magma, or Galactic, all now unified under Team Scholar. "Did we learn anything new about this region?" She asked, presuming already that the natives of Terran weren't high on the thoughts of Pokemon training.

"We did, Professor. The Terran Region is said to have been created by the pokemon god Arceus. Legend has it that Arceus created Terran as a haven for Pokemon, so Pokemon here tends to have more of a community mindset. Humans first migrated to Terran after the battle between Kyorge and Groudon; to live in harmony with the Pokemon here, Pokemon Training was outlawed."

Willow's finger caressed her chin's cleft, thinking about how much trouble the girl who caught her Pokeball must be in by now. She was torn; part of her wanted to pack up shop and move on to another region, but the allure how much money she stood to make reigned her thoughts back in. Pokemon Centers, Poke-Marts, Gyms, Pokemon Tourney's all things she could profit off in this untapped region.

"Professor Jed. This experiment of yours? How sure are you that it will work?" Willow asked, her hands not leaving her chin.

"Ma'am, I'm sure of it. W-w-e did this exact experiment In Johto a couple of decades ago. It's foolproof." Jed responded, fumbling over his words. Willow nodded and motioned to the old radio set she brought back. "That should allow you to key into this regions frequencies. Let's not start with Pambello Island; we don't want to attract any tourist trainers. Target Alpine City. Jed nodded before gathering a crew and the equipment and disappeared beyond the wall.

"Professor Willow. We only have a handful of Pokemon left. Did you bring back Treeko?" Her assistant asked, trying to update her spreadsheet. "No, I gave Treeko to a potential trainer. This girl reminds me of someone I can't pin-point it. Anyways, once the signal goes live in Alpine City, I'm sure there will be no shortage in Pokemon Trainer. We need to get someone down there to start selling Pokeballs." The woman nodded in agreement and set off to assemble an undercover team to send to Alpine.

Alpine City was the largest city in Terran; it was a lawless city. However, the hefty fine Pokemon Trainers from other regions are believed to have underground Pokemon Battles. There was one massive advantage to Alpine City, that was the number of Pokemon living there.

Pambello Island

Scarlet took refuge in an alleyway tucked behind a dumpster doing her darndest to keep Treeko from popping out of it's Pokeball. "If I let you out, you have to promise to behave!" She hissed, speaking directly into the front of the Pokeball. "Alright, C'mon out," extending the Pokeball forward, a blue light materialized Treeko right in front of her. "KO!" The Pokemon crooned immediatly, enjoying the humid Pambello air. "You're going to have to act natural. I'm not sure if the police are already looking for me, but as long as we don't do any-" She couldn't finish her sentence before Treeko swiftly begins to move toward the main road. "Wait for a second!" She called out, running behind in tow, just managing to grasp the Pokemon by its tail. People and Pokemon alike eyed the duo with caution as they walked around the two.

Taking the green Pokemon in her arms, Scarlet hopped on the nearest trolly that'd take her back to the orphanage. "Are you a Pokemon Trainer from Hoenn?" A little boy sitting directly across from her asked. "That's a Treeko; they're native to Hoenn, right?"

"Uh--yeah." She lied casually. She thought it best to keep her conversations short; she didn't want one lie to compound into a story she couldn't remember. However, none of that mattered; the monitors on the TV screen flashed a picture of her with the words at the bottom in big bold letters 'Wanted for Illegal Pokemon Training.'

The color nearly dissolved from her face; she could feel stares from the people on the trolley burning a hole through her person. "TREE," the Pokemon screamed before jumping from her hands off the moving trolley's side. "Treecko!" She screamed, lunging behind it. Luckily enough, the trolley wasn't moving that fast, but that also didn't work in her favor. Many of the Patrons began screaming for the police with their finger pointed in her direction. She couldn't stay here anymore.

Scooping up Treecko, she made a mad dash for the docks; she could hear police sirens in the distance and a scout Spearow above. Her mind was racing; getting caught meant going to jail, and without evidence, she'd never been able to clear her name. Without thinking, she jumped into a peddle boating and strenuously worked the peddles until her boat drifted from the docks into the open waters. 'Great, now I'm a thief,' she thought, watching as Pambello Island became distant.

Outskirts of the Faron Forest

Scarlet drifted for what seemed like hours; she no longer had the strength to propel the boat, so instead, they were at the mercy of the winds. Fortune seemed to be in her favor for at least now, as the boat seemingly swayed between the deadly rock formations before marooning on the boat on the shore just a few odd miles from the lighthouse.

"What am I supposed to do now?" She thought about removing her phone before deciding against it. She would call the headmistress to plead her side of the case, but given that she now stole a peddle boat and escaped from the police, the odds were not in her favor. Treecko perked up at the sound of voices in the distance, which put Scarlet on alert. "Gotta hide!" She screamed, running off; about a couple of steps in, she realized Treecko wasn't following her, so she ran back to pick him up.

Taking refuge behind a tree, she squints her eyes to try and make out who was making the noise. She couldn't make out their faces, but she saw what they were wearing. "Lab Coats?" She whispered, calling back to the woman she met just earlier who wore a lab coat.

"You can come out; My Poochyena can smell you!" The woman called out. No sense in hiding anymore. Scarlet stepped from behind the tree, genuinely surprised to see the woman from the trash can. "It's you!" Scarlet screamed with her fist balled.

"It's we." She retorts. She nodded to her gruesome-looking cohorts, a silent instruction to return to the lighthouse.

"Looks like you and Treecko are getting along quite well. How the heck did you even make it here? She said before her eyes peered back toward the peddle boat. "In that?!"

Scarlet's face burned as crimson as her namesake. "Thanks to you, I had to leave my town!" Scarlet hissed in anger forgoing any danger to get a closer look at the woman. "Nonsense, we didn't force you to catch the Pokeball."

Acting swiftly, Scarlet removed her phone and snapped a quick picture of Prof.Willow, but the Pokemon Professor didn't seem at all alarmed. "Alright, We have things to do. It's time to deal with you. Poochyena Ice Fang!" The Prof. Pokemon lunge toward Scarlet, its fangs grew frosty, looking to bite down on Scarlet, but its trajectory was intercepted. Treecko slammed into its side, sending the pup rolling along the sand before resetting back to all fours.

"Oh? it seems Treecko has some fight in him," Willow teased, not bothering to unfold her hands. "Alright, then we'll humor you. Poochyena places right in front of the ebony professor while Treecko postured in front of Scarlet. She wasn't a pokemon trainer; she had no clue what to do.

"Treecko! Punch!" The command was a weird one that left Treecko standing confused. That did not stop Willow, however. "Ice Fang!" the confusion was enough to catch Treecko slipping as Poochyena's frosty fangs clench into Treecko, causing the Geko pokemon to release a cringeworthy wail.

"Treecko is a Grass Pokemon, and it's weak to ice type moves. We can honestly say you're not your sister." The remark drew strict attention from Scarlet, "Wait, what?" She asked, tending to her fainted Pokemon. "Y-you know my sister?"

The Powerful Professor didn't care to answer any more questions; instead, she commanded her Pokemon to tackle. The last thing Scarlet remembered seeing was her legs swinging over her head.

A Couple Hours Later

Scarlet woke up on a bed in what appeared to be a cottage made out of tree logs. She could see Treecko resting not too far off, she immediately felt bad for it. He did it's best to try and defend her, but she let him down when it counted. She moved to get up only to realize that she was actually handcuffed to the bed.

"I know this is all strange to you, but I couldn't have you running off before I had the chance to turn you into the police" The strange voice called out from the other room. The woman rounded the corner, long purple hair rolled up in a ponytail with cobalt blue eyes. "Not sure what knocked ya out, but it sure saved me the trouble of restraining you," She said with a light chuckle.

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For a moment Scarlet was confused at least until she realized what the woman was getting at. "Wait, listen this is all a misunderstanding. If I can get to my phone. I can show you proof!"

The Purple Haired woman looked around stupidly. "You didn't have a phone when I found you. Hell, you almost didn't have a Pokemon. Poor thing"

Scarlet snapped her fingers on her freehands, the professor woman must've taken it after she blacked out. "Listen, Ma'am, none of the stuff they said about me is true!" Scarlet lamented.

"So you don't have a Pokemon Illegally?" she said pointing at Treecko. "You don't own Pokemon Trainer Paraphernalia? " she asked again pointing at Treecko's Pokeball. "And you didn't steal a peddle boat from Pambello Island?"

Scarlet opened her mouth to refute the first two claims but there was nothing she could do about the last. "Ma'am. I didn't smuggle in that Pokemon, a woman wearing a white lab coat threw it at me. I did steal the peddle boat but that's only because I panicked."

The woman folded her arms across her breast before, Scarlet could see she was thinking, her pencil-thin eyebrow rose in thought.

"What did this woman look like"

"She has a dark complexion, a bit short hair like mine, and hazel eyes!" As Scarlett described her she could see the shock overtake the purple-haired woman. "Her name is Professor Zedaya Willow." The Purple-haired woman said taking the key to free Scarlet.

"She used to be a colleague of mine at the Mossdeep Space Center in Hoenn, but shortly after her husband died she joined a group called Team Scholar a group of disgraced scientists who exploit Pokemon for their own benefit."

'Prof. Willow huh' Scarlet thought to herself, finally able to place a name to the unknown woman. "Wait a second, you're from Hoenn so am I! My parents died on the S.S Cactus, and I was brought here!" The purple-haired woman nearly fell backward. "Are you Sini's missing sister?" The woman asked.

"Y-Yes I am. You know her?! Scarlet asked having finally found someone who knew her sister. "I do, she's one of the strongest Pokemon Trainers in all of Hoenn, next to Steven Stone that is. I'm terribly sorry, my name is Prof. Lilac, but you can call me Lila"

Scarlet extended her hand to shake, but it was clear to Lila what the next question was. "I'm afraid I don't know where your sister is" That revelation nearly sucked the energy from Scarlet as she retreated back to the bed.

"Apparently Willow knows her too, If I'm going to find her I have to find Willow first!" Scarlet's eyes could be likened to fire as she'd honed in on finding her sister. "That's not going to be easy, considering you have no skill as a Pokemon Trainer" Lila reminded fixing her eyes on Treecko.

"Teach me how!" Scarlet insisted, but Lila simply shook her head no. Pokemon Training was Illegal in Terran. Scarlet's heart sank, but a ground breaking news story drew the both of them towards the television.

We're live here in Alpine City, where just moments ago, The Cities Pokemon Populace went beserk. Many of the Alpine City residents have fled in fear, the city's mayor is advising people to stay away from Alpine City!

Lila and Scarlet shared a brief glance at one another, through the silence there was understanding. "Let's get your Treecko healed up. You're going to need him."

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The Lengths We Will Go (A Pokemon Fan Fic Chapter 1)

She couldn't sleep; her bed wasn't comfortable in the least; she could feel some of the loose springs digging into her lower back, causing her to flinch every time. 'How did any of the others sleep' She thought to herself as she climbed out of bed to inspect. The frame was bent, giving it a "twisted" appearance, it then dawned to her that the previous owners weren't that big, so they only occupied a fraction of the bed. That's how things worked here, kids would either be adopted or turn 18, and everyone in the orphanage would rotate rooms.

The rooms were a roll of the dice, you either got the right furniture and a bad view, or you'd get lousy furniture and a good view. Of course, there was the case where you could get a good view and suitable furniture, but be right next to the headmistress room. She was an ok lady, but she snored when she slept; in most cases, no one could tell the difference between her or Snorlax.

Her room happened to have a beautiful view of the town elevated so she could peer into the streets but also catch the ocean reflecting iridescent rays from the moon. Periodically she could see Wailmer and Wailord breach from far off, here they tend to be more active at night so they could frolic without running into a human surfing. The Pokemon would presumably eat, mate, and then disappear beyond the reaches of the island. Such Freedom.

The Island, Pambello Island, was a resort on the fringes of the Terran Region and Orre. People from all over came here for rest and reprieve. The people who lived here typically spent there days prepping for the busy seasons, when hordes of tourists would come to buy items that were native only to this island. What was usually a huge draw was when the Pokemon League Champions from other regions visited the island from time to time. The Terran region was small dwarfed in size by the likes of Orre and Sinnoh, but what made this region different from all the rest was Pokemon Training was outlawed. To even own a Pokeball was a crime here, it was seen as discriminatory toward the pokemon populace. The Champions from other regions would rent huge ocean liners and host battles on international waters; events that typically sold out within minutes. The subject of Pokemon Training was a highly contested issue, but "wild" pokemon simply didn't exist here.

The sound of her door swinging open reeled her back in as she turned to see the headmistress with a giant bowl of udon standing at the threshold. "Oh Scarlet, you should be sleep! You don't wanna be late for work tomorrow" She advised, but she didn't have to sleep on that horrid bed.

"This new bed sucks. It's like sleeping on a Jolteon" Scarlet lamented. "Oh? I will have Arthur look at it in the morning. You are welcome to come to sleep with me" Scarlet's eyes nearly fell from her sockets at the invitation before transitioning into a more shy nature. "No, No No, it's fine I'll just stretch out on the floor. Besides, I don't wanna wake you with my snoring" She managed to save herself as the hefty woman wished her goodnight before closing the bedroom door. 'That was close' She thought ripping her blankets from the bed before curling up on the floor.


"Alright, I'm off to work!" She called out before sprinting out the door, the headmistress had a knack for making her change outfits. The headmistress was old school, she didn't like 'her' children roaming around in light blue denim shorts and a white spaghetti string tank top, but Pambello was ruthlessly hot during the day. Temperatures around the island could easily reach 98 degrees by 8 am, and don't let there be a heated argument between Torkoal because they made it hotter.

She worked at a "Poke-Center" on the south side of the island which was 45 minutes from where she lived, a 45-minute walk was a 13-second train ride on the bullet train. The Bullet Train was new, it connected Orre and Terran together, construction on more tracks recently begun to connect Terran with the distant Johto and Kanto Regions, but that was still far off.

Despite the name, the "Poke-Center" was a medical hospital ran mostly by Pokemon it's official name was the Pambello Island Emergency Center where she worked as a medicine stocker.

She got the job a couple of years back, one of the Alakazam's she met put in a good word for her, and she got the job. Since then she'd been saving up her money to attend one of the major universities in Terran after she turned 18.

"Good Morning Scarlett! Just a couple more days and you'll be 18!" The receptionist called as she walked past. He was typically a cheery old man, but for some reason he comments, today seemed...creepy. She gave a faint smile before pressing the button for her floor.

'Has it really been 10 years?' She thought with her head pressed against the back of the elevator. "Gard!" Her eyes immediately shot open as she'd missed Gardevoir's presence in the elevator. "Hey! get out of my mind!" She rebuked causing the intrusive pokemon to scuttle off the elevator at the next stop.

"I can't believe so much time has passed," She said out loud this time. Scarlett was set to turn 18 in a couple of days going to university was her goal, but she could never dismiss the series of events that brought her to this region in the first place.

For her 8th Birthday, her parents decided to take a cruise from Mosdeep City to Maudeville City. She remembered not wanting to go, because her sister wasn't coming with them. She had a great time until a bunch of raging Gyrados summoned a twister and sent the ship to its demise--her parents with it.

She was saved however by a very crafty Pokemon Trainer, and for whatever reason, she brought her to Terran. Where she'd been ever since. The elevator door buzzed open but Scarlett's thoughts remained on her sister, was she still alive? Did she look for her? Did she even care?"

The seriousness of her thoughts was lost on Machamp as he scared the living daylight out of her as she entered the office. "WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM!" She snapped as the group of Machamp and the one Pangoro carried on laughing.

She was the only human in the office so the Pokemon typically played practical jokes on her. At 5'11 she towered over the 5'2 Machamp, but her physical dominance stopped there; she'd have to coordinate with Alakazam to get the payback she rightfully deserved. "You guys play too much! We have a lot to do today." She said placing her lunch in the refrigerator as she did her eyes made out someone digging through the trash in the window outside.

"Hey!" She called out before storming outside to confront the person. It was a woman in a white lab coat, she was shorter than Scarlet with matching brunette hair, beautiful bronze skin but where Scarlet's eyes were a tint of red; this woman's eyes were almost hazel.

No Caption Provided

"Ooop looks like You've been found!" She called out which didn't make any sense to Scarlet. "What are you doing in the trash? Do you work here?"

"Well she's looking to see what will be useful, but she does not work here." The woman said wrapping her left arm around what appeared to be old radio sets.

"Why are you talking like that. You know what I'm calling security" Scarlet turned around but the woman tossed something in her direction, out of instinct Scarlet caught it but then dropped it when she realized what it was.

"A Pokeball?" The ball shook and opened with a bright white light, providing the perfect cover for the woman to vault over the fence and disappear.

The light Materialized a small green Pokemon, one not native to the island. "Tree!" The pokemon yelled out gleefully. From high up, she could hear the distress call from Wingull as it cried out at the sight of the Pokeball.

"Wait... no! this isn't what it looks like" The Machamp she'd worked immediately entered the back alley to block her in. "Wait, guys! you know me!" She lamented, but all they saw was a human with a Pokeball and worse a wild pokemon. In her fear the Treeko launched itself in front of her prepared to defend against what it perceived to be attackers.

The Machamp ran in fear, they weren't used to "Wild Pokemon" Scarlet turned to see the woman had got away, thanks to Wingull she needed to get away too. She took a few steps before remembering the Pokeball, it had her prints on it! Picking the ball up off the ground she commanded Treeko to return before dashing off leaving her job.


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"I Forking Tried"

Temple of Shira

No fair
No fair

The combination of both, The Mazoi and Kwazulu sentries backed the young goddess into a corner. The Mazoi maintained Ziccarra discipline; utilizing a vicious offensive strategy to force Cat on the defensive, all the while the Kwazulu used tactics to shatter that defense. Deciphering the Mazoi tactics became manageable over time, they were tactics she'd seen her mother use time and time again, but the Kwazulu? they were bred from an entirely different art. Their presence in this fight exploited Cat's novice ability to fight hand to hand. The ebony advisor could see the frustration mounting on Cat's face.

"No fair..." Cat gasp trying to catch her breath. Her might shield glowing from a barrage of mystical energies pelting against the hull. "You know I can't use my powers in Goddess Form"

"Pwincess, you a' consid'ably stwonga' in yoa' God fo'm. You mozt leawn ow to awness the powa's of the Gods, That is, If you want to be a complete wawwio'"

The African born vixen replied with her assault spear pointed in Cat's face.

"Can...we take 10? I mean, come on guys its taco night. If I arrive late Tassi and Maya will eat all the hard shells."

The African Born sage chuckled to herself quietly before nodding in agreement. Blowing out a sigh of relief, Cat momentarily dropped into a squat above her downed weapons. "My mother made this look easy" The training was starting to get to her. Cat was always a fighter, but not in the traditional sense. She never mastered any linear form of combat; she typically favored the controlled chaos approach...this was different--and exhausting.

"Well if it helps, Mom had years of combat training. You're justing starting" Maya said entering the temple with Star in tow. Since the passing of their mother, Maya once again took up guardianship over Tassi; at least while Cat was off the island.

"Always the optimist" Cat spat rising to her feet. "What's up?"

"Nothing, it's just...." Maya started but then paused. Her eyes rolled to the left side of their individual sockets suggesting she didn't know how to exactly put her thoughts into words.

"Spit it out stupid"

"Ugh! there's someone here to see you. She says she's your daughter?" Maya finally revealed which drew a curious brow from Catalina.

"I mean it's obviously a scam, even someone as slutty as you couldn't have a daughter that's nearly my age" Maya continued. "But what's killing me is how she even found us in the first place."

No Caption Provided

There was a stiff silence that parted the two sisters, but the look on Cat's face told it all. "Cat...who is this girl..." Maya asked moving closer to her oldest sibling.

"She. She is your niece..." Cat finally broke, her face turning pale with shock.

"How she's like 16, you're only 27. Maya immediately pointed out. How, how angered Cat the most. Especially with how their lives had turned out in the last couple of years.

"Maya, I am literally the spitting image of our mother. Tassi can understand the damn dog. You are technically only 6 years old in the body of a 19-year-old...nothing in this family ever makes sense." She spat, her face turning plum in agitation.

"B-Back when I was living in Belize, I had a child. I had to be no older than 11 or 12, but I did have one. I gave her up for adoption. I couldn't stand to look at a child, I had with some random man in a whorehouse. Never did I believe I would run into her today"

Her brief backstory provided Maya with a small increment of what life was like back then, but Catalina didn't seem to be too bothered with it.

All of Ziccarra's children had messed up upbringings, but Cat's was probably the worse. She experienced more in just 12 years than most people did in a lifetime--it seemed now that her past was beginning to catch up with her.

Maya leaned back on an arching wall trying to get a feel for what Cat was going through. She couldn't. But who could? The only other person she knew who understood Cat right now was their mother; who ironically found out Cat was her daughter the same way.

"You have to go see her," Maya advised it became clear that her advice was not wanted by the scowl that Cat shot.

"Think about everything she's going through. Think about how you felt when you first met mom"

"Yeah, I hated her" Cat replied finally rising to a vertical base.

"You may look like mom, but you aren't. Don't make the same mistakes 27-year-old Ziccarra would've made." Maya advised again before disappearing through the massive doors.

Liafador Palace

No Caption Provided

Mari sat uncomfortably across from Maya preying that someone would break the awkward silence between them.

"'re a model?" Maya could tell through Mari's pitch that she didn't actually care, rather would prefer to say something than suffer in silence.

"I used to be." The Crimson Cardinal replied, noticing the subtle traces of Catalina in her niece. Before either of them could say anything else, Catalina's advisor announced her entrance.

"Princess Catalina." Maya rose more out of formality than anything else.

Cat strut into the room an immediately made eye contact with Maricela. As the mother and daughter sized each other up, Maya not so subtly removed herself from the room.

"'re my mother?" Mari asked crossing her arms over her breast.

"I gave birth to you, yes, but I'm not your mother. Whoever adopted you are your parents. You shouldn't be here." The Liafador Princess replied pouring a small glass of bourbon, a small shot of tequila and what could be considered a beer.

Mari's eyes wince almost as if she'd been insulted, maintaining her composure, her eyes traced Catalina as she savagely downed all of her drinks. This woman, she might've looked like Ziccarra Liafador, but she was far from it.

"I-I know, I had to meet you. I want to know about my past." Mari said again, this time taking a seat.

"What's your name?"


"Maricela, your past is not here. When I gave you away, I made a promise not to impede the life you have. I intend to keep it." Cat slowly turned as if she were going to depart, but Mari jumped between her and the doorway.

"You can't just dismiss me! I'm not one of your servants that you can just shoo away. I wanna know my place in this family!" She screamed, which actually made Cat flinch.

"Maricela, I had you when I was 12 years old. You were the only one out of three that I allowed to live. I wasn't parenting material then, and I'm not now. This is not the family you want, trust me. A quick google will show you that."

No Caption Provided

"Oh I know, I have googled you. Very first video as a matter of fact" The child replied sarcastically.

"Look, I never said I wanted to be apart of this family. But if I'm going to live my life. I need to know where I come from. So I don't forking sprout wings on my prom night"

"Alright, sit the fork down." Cat understood when she was a child no one told her that she'd magically transform into her mother--Hell she didn't find out she was a replica until she was already in her teenage years.

"Before you start, are you saying...fork?" Maricela asked a bit confused.

"Yes, Maya is a Witch, or Sorceress or pixie; y'know I really don't know what the fork she is but, she placed a spell on the Palace so no one can curse. Tassi, my little sister has a cursing problem. But what are your questions?"

"You said, I'm only one of three that you allowed to live. Are you saying you aborted my siblings?"

Maricela's first question was a hard one, but Cat dug in. She wanted to show this girl that giving her away was a blessing in disguise.

"Kinda, I guess I made it seem as if I had a choice. I don't know what happened to your siblings. Every time I got pregnant, I was drugged and then magically woke up with scars. So, the last time. I got smart. I stopped broadcasting my pregnancy. My friend Cherish took my shifts until I was able to give birth and give you up."

Cat used the silence of shock to pour herself another glass bourbon. She could see Maricela's mind working, trying to process a plethora of emotions--emotions she still had yet to process.

"Why'd you save me?"

"It wasn't personal, I did it more out of rebellion. I hated being told to do with my body so I made sure you lived. End of story" Cat hissed, taking her drink to the head again.

No Caption Provided

"You know, I knew who you were. I knew about your history. I know you used to run a cartel in Southern America. I know you tried to destroy New York City, I know you did destroy Malaga. I know that person wasn't you. The person sitting here trying to act like she doesn't care, that's you. Because you're just like me, not supposed to exist. But you seem to be perfectly content throwing obstacles in my way, I don't know why that man showed me this place. I Forking tried"

With that, Maricela stormed down the hall towards the door. Cat's hand immediately went to her forehead. Was she right? Of course, she was. Wafting her hands across the ambient space, Catalina disappeared in a portal of darkness only to reappear behind Maricela. Too late the young teen's body ignite in a flamboyant pink aura before streaking across the Liafador sky.

"Good. Job. If this was a Star Wars movie she'd been on her way to the Empire right now." Maya jest tearing a portal in the fabric of reality to anatagonize her oldest sister.

"Go fork yourself."


The Truth Of It All

"The f---

Mari's eyes hadn't shifted from her food since they said grace, she was uncomfortable. For the first time in months, her adoptive Mother and Father were in the same household; to make matters worse the wine they were drinking themselves into believing their marriage could actually work.

Her dad worked from this very house, he was some sort of on-call IT person, she spent the majority of her days with him. Her mother was a journalist often times she found herself in various areas of the U.S; she was a no-nonsense woman. She loved Mari lots, but she wasn't ignorant either. She knew Mari struggled in the private school system, but she'd never let her attend a public school. In fact, Kristen specifically told her if she got in trouble again--she'd be going to boarding school.

The source of her parent's separation could be attributed to multiple things but namely, Kristen (Her mother) was always away; and Jesus was way too lenient towards the rambunctious Maricela. So lenient, she often found herself needing to be picked up from the police station.

"Mari, you're uncharacteristically quiet," her mother said spinning her glass of wine loosely with her fingers.

"I just don't have anything for the conversation mother," She said, but not before releasing a sigh of irritation. Jesus saw the potential conflict brewing between his wife and daughter and motioned to intercept the conversation.

"Are those girls still bothering you, Mari?" Mari's eyes darted to him if she had heat vision she'd be ash by now.

"What girls?" Kristen asked nearly breaking her glass on the table. A suffocating silence settled upon the table before the 16-year-old pushed away from the table in vain.

"You sit your behind down and act like you're apart of this family. Tell me about these girls!"

Her mother screamed, a scream so potent it caused Jesus to jump a bit.

"Family? what family. You guys are supposed to be my parents, but you live in two different homes. Don't act like I don't know. This entire evening Dad has been texting Ms. Linda from across the street. You have a guy named Killigan waiting on you in Seattle. This isn't a family...this is a fricken joke!"

Both Kristen and Jesus glanced at one another, they'd known about each other's adventures, but they had no clue how Maricela found out.

No Caption Provided

"Oh yeah, and I know who my real mother is; it's certainly not you." She hissed twirling her finger in Kristen's direction.

"But you already know who my real mother is, don't you?" What became increasingly insane about Maricela's accusation was that Jesus didn't seem to know.

"Oh! you didn't tell him. I'm a Liafador. My mother's name is Catalina; I was conceived in a fricken whorehouse in Southern Belize. I guess she told you something else? You know what screw it I'm out."

Mari stormed to the door but was halted by Jesus begging for her to stay.

"Mari, look I know you're mad; just calm down and let's talk this out!"

Underneath Mari's feet, a vibrant pink hue eclipsed the entire floor; before the light circled Mari revealing her "Ghost" form.

No Caption Provided

"Get out of my way!" She screamed, pushing them both to the ground with a powerful wind gust. "I'm going to find my real family. Have fun with your secrets!" In a booming stream of pink and white light Maricela Delgado was gone.


Quick Look: Black Fairy

No Caption Provided

Name: Aeval

Alias: Sha, The Black Fairy, The Dark Fairy; Queen of Sha'ac.

Relatives: Jasir (Deceased)

Identity: Known across many realms

Species: Fairy

Base of Operations: The Meld, also known as the void . Can frequently be seen in the realm of darkness.

Height: 5'5

Weight: 59 kg

Eyes: Blue (Sometimes Yellow)

Hair: Blond

Fun fact: When actively casting a spell Sha will take on Horns, a Tail and Hooves.

Powers and Abilities.

Soul Reaver
Soul Reaver

The Soul Reaver is Sha's signature weapon and allows the demon fairy to steal souls to restore her own physical health. It is said to contain the soul of her brother Jasir which explains it's indestructible characteristics. The souls taken by soul reaver can be used to summon demons. When enhanced with Black Fairy dust, Sha can use the Soul reaver to cross realms and dimensions.

Sha has always claimed she's just a sword strike away from changing the course of history, this leaves many to believe that the blade is capable of shattering history, creating paradoxes and new timelines.

As an offensive weapon, It enhances Sha's long strike capabilities, it can also ignite in parasitic flames which has proved effective in dismantling foes with armor and shielding.

Despite it's seemingly endless capabilities the sword is invulrenable to Light Magic, and Pure Magic; things like electricity and Ice have also proven to be effective against the demonic blade.

Heart Theft
Heart Theft

One of Sha's signature techniques is the stealing of a person's heart. She is able to enchant her hand and literally rip someone's heart out, the person only dies when Sha decides to crush the heart. With the heart in hand she can control every action, to include speech. This technique has proved useful against foes who are immune to Black Fairy Dust


Telekenesis - Sha can manipulate objects with her mind, She can also use her TK ability to choke, push or pull objects. She can use her TK to as a homing skill.

Tactikenesis - Sha can envelope her body in TK energy which will prevent her from taking large amounts of damage.

Teleportation- Sha can teleport however she can only teleport short distances, otherwise she'd have to leave the realm and reemerge elsewhere.

Other Abilities

Mystical Sense - Sha is able to view and sense beings crossing into whatever realm she's in, the downside to this astral awarness is that it can cause migranes.

Ruler of "Void"

No Caption Provided

The Void is a location that doesn't exist on any plane, and is impossible to find; but fairly easy to stumble into. "This is the place where that one sock goes too" The Void is actually a specific mindset triggered by thoughts or feelings of being lost or loneliness.

Victims will stumble into the void out of their own doing, and can only be retrieved by outside interference.

It is a world where erratic thoughts become reality, and victims literally create their own perils. It remains to be the biggest trap for children.

The Sacred Tome

No Caption Provided

It is the Old Law and the most important of all Laws, which no one may do or say anything which will endanger any of the Craft, or bring them in contact with the law of the land, or the Law of the Church or any of our persecutors. In any disputes between the brethren, no one may invoke any laws but those of the Craft, or any Tribunal but that of the Priestess and the Priest and the] Elders. And may the Curse of the Goddess be on any who so do.

These spells have been passed down to the final remaining families, should the book fall into the wrong hands, say the magic spell that will eliminate the ink from the pages.

Rules of the Old Laws

Do what thou wilt, but beware of consequences

Your enemies are those that, break the laws

Watch, listen and withhold judgment, in debate let your silences be long, your thoughts clear, and your words carefully chosen.

Do not judge those of other paths, but offer them love and aide

Use the power to banish benevolent spirits.

The practice of Black Magik is forbidden, violators must be banished to hell.

There are 3 Tiers of Old Law Magic.

1.Basic (Spells 1-10)

2.Intermediate (11-20

3.Advanced: Spells 1-30

4.Black Magik (Summoning of Spirits)


Spells are broken down into 6 major components, some spells can be combined to increase the effect.

Spells that hinder the earth start with Terra

Spells that involve the sea or sea creatures, Aqua

Spells that involve the Wind, or air, Aero

Spells that involve animals, Meta

Spells that involve matter, Ani

Spells that invole Spirits Neco

The Spells

1.Neco Talis 鈥 When recited correctly, this spell will render a person under your authoritive control. Because of the taxing nature of this spell, it will wear off after two hours has elapsed.

2.Meta Neco Topolis 鈥 When recited, the subject animal must also be stated for the spell to work, this will transform a human being into an animal. This is a 24 hour spell, and will leave the human subject bare.

3.Aqua Ani Regales- This spell will suspend water, making it ready to walk.

4.Neco Salira 鈥 This spell will allow a lost soul to return to the living for one-hour.

5.Ani Tempest- This spell will freeze the world around Sky, leaving her, and anyone touching her unaffected.

6.Ani dobalis- This is a duplication spell, this will transform any matter into two symmetrical parts (When Duplicating PEOPLE the spell becomes Neco).

7.Neco Agles 鈥 This spell will age, any person, animal (With Meta) or item (With Ani). *If said, backwards, it will make the subject younger.

8.Neco Rosalas 鈥 This spell will place a person to sleep, it can also be used to place a person under deep hypnotism

9.Ani Ramato 鈥 This spell will caused an object, and anything touching said object to vanish. (Does not need Neco or Meta in front)

10.Neco Amor- This spell will render two spirits in love

11.Neco Verdad- This is a truth spell

12.Ani Temporal- This spell will allow a person to go back in time.

13.Neco Ani Van 鈥 This spell will banish an unidentified evil spirit.

14.Ani Neco Ruse 鈥 This spell will cause two people to switch powers.

15.AniIntel 鈥 This spell will increase the knowledge of a person

16.Neco Ani Tumor 鈥揂 spell used to fight a Spirit Hunter.

17.Ani Aqua (Also a Basic Skills) will project water

18.Ani Terra (鈥溾) Will cause a seismic activity.

19.Ani Aero (鈥 鈥) will allow the protection and projection of the wind.

20.Ani Burn (鈥溾) will allow the protection and projection of fire.

Advanced Skills

Healing Spell- From the head, down to the knees heal the cause of this disease.

Luck Spell 鈥 Life can be as wild as a Buck, give my friend extended luck.

Life Spell- Those who laughed and cried with strife, must return one chance at life. (24 hour spell)

Thoughts Spell- Alliances age and change with time, let all of your thoughts now be mine.

Disguise Spell 鈥 I call upon the laws of power, to mask us now in this hour.

Dispel a Spirit Hunter Spell 鈥 Ashes to Ashes, Spirit to Spirit, away from here, I banish this evil. (Must have weakened the Hunter first)

Dispel a Renegade Vampire Spell- Fang-like teeth and, face so pale, send this demon straight to hell.

Reverse Renegade Spell 鈥 Here I stand, a light unto thee, bring the cherished back to me.

Dispell a Warlock Spell - We call upon Medusa's bones, turn their flesh into stones.

Remove Magic Spell - Magic Forces Far And Wide,Enchant These So Those Can鈥檛 Hide Allow This Witch To Use Therein, So She Can Reveal The Evil Within


Black Solace

No Caption Provided

鈥淵ou see now, the mission is fairly simple. Go in extract the ambassador comeback鈥 Not even the sound of one hundred thousand dollars hitting the table was enough to pull Ashley鈥檚 attention. Since the brief encounter the two shared in Union City, she鈥檇 been busy tracking Ziccarra鈥檚 movements via a small device on her wrist. Multiple trips to Tibet, a few trips to the Caribbean; but she always stopped in Morocco. She'd found her. At her level she could do nothing to stop the darkness rampaging through Maya Liafador, but she could supply the tools to finally rid herself of Y-intercept's constant meddling. But to do that, she'd need to steal the Black Rose Blade from Ziccarra.

"Why do you need ME to do this?" She ask finally chiming in on the offer. "Because, you're the only person I know that can phase and manipulate sound. This mission was made for you." Her caramel eyes moved to the briefcase before releasing a scoff. "You are aware that my father was a banker, and my mother a royal descendent of the Benin Empire, I don't need your money."

"Come on Mooreland, don't be b!tchy to me. I know damn well what your father did, but I also know that legally you've been declared "dead". Have been for years. Unless you somehow rose on the 3rd day, all that money is going to Sareiya."

He was right, she'd runaway from her parents, and was initially dubbed missing--and eventually deceased.

"What's this Ambassador doing in Syria anyways?" She asked while lightly skimming through the dossier. "He was taking a package to Eygpt when his plane was shot down."

As her eyes scanned the page, she noticed something was missing, something fairly important. "What's a British Ambassador doing in Egypt with no armed escorts? Also there's no solid details on the package. Jerry, what the hell is it?"

Jerry sighed, before allowing his hands to trace the lining of his belt. He'd been a frequent supplier of information to Ashley over there years, but this was something he wanted to play close to heart--but couldn't if he wanted her agree.

"It's a bomb...the package is a bomb" He revealed. "What do the Egyptians need with a Bomb, more importantly...why are we supplying it?"

"No more questions, just ask the man when you rescue him are you in?" He asked sternly, Though she didn't get her desired answer, she did however manage to make Jerry mad--which was always a good thing. "I'm in"

75 Miles South of Damascus

No Caption Provided

"Are you sure you don't need backup!?" Jerry asked, watching as the Ebony beauty prepared to jump.

"No, they'll just get in my way. Just make sure your ass is here to pick me up!" She said, before launching herself out the back of the cargo plane. There was no sound on her approach, as she gradually descended from the air, the faint light of a compound caught her attention.

Too Easy
Too Easy

Quickly concealing her parachute, she moved from the drop zone toward the compound. Adorned in her usual Cat Suit, she eased toward the center gate whilst keeping a low silhouette. Two armed gunmen at the gate. "Too Easy"

Before acting on impulse, her eyes moved around the rest of the compound. Despite the simple set up, there wasn't much outward protection. Just two guards, but probably more on the inside.

Negating the sound around them, she popped off the first shot hitting the guard in the side of the head. As the other try to shake the surprise blood from his face; her second laid him down. Pushing thru the gate, she sprinted until she made it to the front door.

Pressing her ears on the door, she was able to make out a few weary breaths--probably guards. Someone shouting in a foreign language, more than likely an interrogator and a guttural discharge from another--The Ambassador. Phasing through the wall at the exact moment she felt movement, Her hand locked one guard in a headlock, before firing across the hallway at the second.

No sooner than his body hit the floor, she put another shot in the head of her captive. "Looks like some sort of terror cell" She murmured noticing the terror flags.

No Caption Provided

As she strolled through the halls gun pointed, she felt her hands becoming increasingly sweaty, the air hadn't changed so what the hell was going on. As her head peered into a room, she noticed a computer on the far side of the room. "How can a place like this have internet?" She thought, before moving behind the table to access the files, her jaw dropped when a folder Highlighted with her codename: Black Solace appeared on the desktop.


No Caption Provided

Ashley Emerald Moorland

Age: 44

Height: 5'5

Birthplace: Union City, New Jersey

*Master of Sound, Healing and Phasing

Price: 100,000$

She'd been set up, they wanted her to come here; that's why it was so easy--there was no bomb. Why would Jerry lie? As she prepared to rise from her seat, she heard a voice she hadn't heard since she was a little girl.

"Hey there, my little black solace"


To be continued.


Intro: The Liafador-Pettis Regime (Spanish Economy Report)

Though the international laws pertaining to refugees were pretty straight forward, Ziccarra felt the need to address the situation brewing in Ethiopia. Her husband, Thee Champion, launched a massive campaign to rescue a couple hundred refugees from the unforgiving waters of the Mediterranean. Facing pressure from both the parliament and the rest of the EU, Ziccarra opened the Spanish borders to receive the refugee鈥檚; despite facing for sure public backlash.

Slowly but surely the economy was starting to rise, a lot slower than a lot of people wanted, the inclusion of refugee鈥檚 would only make matters worse; she was sure of it. Article 33 of the 1951 Refugee Convention prevented Ziccarra from sending them back to their country of origin because of religion and race鈥攊n short they were stuck.

In just the few short hours of receiving the refugee鈥檚, Ziccarra passed a series of laws that directly began to the country. The 鈥淩efugee Act allowed persons from Ethopia to petition for legal residency in Spain, it鈥檇 allow them to own a home, vote and other necessities needed to assimilate into society. Despite her reservations, Ziccarra signed the creation of the 鈥淐ivil Works Administration鈥 an office that begin to create manual labor jobs to improve the infrastructure of Spanish Cities, an organization to temporarily employ millions.

The second major concern was the addition of a new drug known as 鈥淜onite鈥, while very little was known about the drug, she鈥檇 read reports of its effects. She was then forced to push more Anti-Drug legislation which enforced stricter punishments for those caught using 鈥渞ecreational drugs.鈥

The reports in the 4th quarter showed a gradual rise in the economy, nothing she did, but it was also nothing she was actively trying to change. Spain didn鈥檛 need government force job creation, as she found out when her family鈥檚 winery took a hit in the early 90鈥檚.

She believed that allowing people to innovate and profit from said innovations were the key to economic growth, and that the government should step in, in times of stagnation. With those laws in place she seemingly bought herself more time to deal with the economy, but even as she fought to keep the Spanish people together, she couldn鈥檛 help but feel like a revolution was on the horizon.


Thee Champion/ The Goddess

Mr/Mrs. Pettis
Mr/Mrs. Pettis

1. For Ziccarra: What was your husband's first reaction when you told him about your intention to pursue a political career? Was he supportive?

"Alexis is, (looking at him) supportive of everything I do. When I decided to run for office; he was as supportive as he always is. I do think there was some sort of initial concern about how much time we鈥檇 have with one another, but we found a way to make it work. In the immediate months following the election; I kept to my reserved role, which was to create some sort of peace amongst myself that everything would stay the same. Alexis supported that, and now that he has joined me as my general. (Looks at Alexis amorously before laughing), we are united on many fronts"

2. For Alexis: Your wife is a Political Figure, your daughters are social icons; we've seen you at various functions, but we could never get a comment from you. Why'd you choose to meet with us today?

(Smiles), "Well you've been insisting on an interview for so long, so I thought, 'Why not?', you know?".

3. For Ziccarra: What do you say to all of the criticism you've received for the Spanish Armament Act? Does it bother you that people are saying all of these judgmental things while you're going out of your way to do what's best for them?

鈥淲ell, Chris it doesn鈥檛 really bother me; because I know why I鈥檓 doing it. I saw the destruction of Malaga, and I watched what the Registration Era did to nations. I look at the people like I do my own children. I tell them not to do it, and they do it anyways. You set them up for success, and then they deviate from the plan of action. The people are like children(laughs while playfully bumping Alexis), they rebel for the sake of rebelling, talk back for the sake of talking back, but they know at the end of it all, they cannot win. That is not to say that this Armament Act is my final word, I do believe bits and pieces of it will be augmented; but it鈥檚 for the greater good of Spain to become the beacon in Europe".

"Especially since for the last couple of decades, we鈥檝e been dependent on American ideals; and American response to certain issues. I think it is time that we establish our own identity away from modern politics. That is what this act was created for, a statement to the world that we will not tolerate nonsense".

4. For Ziccarra: In addition to that, does it sometimes make you feel as if the people don't appreciate you or what you're doing for them?

"Of course it does, but that is the spectrum of politics. Before I became the Prime Minister I could count the amount of friends I had on one hand, those being just Ellie Knightfall"

(Laughs at the thought of having one friend)

"You can kill me, or shut up and like it"

"But as a Prime Minister, that number has not changed; instead of Ellie, I now have Valerie. Politics has a way of 鈥渃utting the grass to reveal the snakes鈥, it does not matter how good the idea, or the course of action is; if all the cards are stacked against you; you can get nothing achieved. I know a lot of people don鈥檛 appreciate my presence on this Earth; a lot hate the power I wield here in Spain, but there are only two things that can be done. 鈥淵ou can kill me, or shut up and like it鈥. I hate to be crude, but I do not see any other alternative" (Looks at Alexis with a wide grin)"

5. For Alexis: You recently became the General of the Spanish Military, are you at all worried that your new exclusive role will tarnish your image as the herald of hope?

"My image is the last thing I care about. One of the most quoted things I've ever said is that 'The fame of heroes owes little to the extent of their conquests and all to the success of the tributes paid to them'. The key word there is fame. I'm not interested in fame or my image. I'm interested in doing what's right. In results. And what's right now at this moment is making sure that Spain is prepared and doesn't suffer another Malaga incident".

6. For Alexis: How did you become so powerful?

"I was born with most of my powers, just not at the level they're at now. Its a lot like how someone may be born with muscle fibers, but they develop and become better as the person becomes an adult. But basically its that. I was born with my powers".

7. For Alexis: Is there anything you can't do?

"Magic?", Laughs.

8. For Ziccarra: What's the most difficult part that comes with balancing your job as the Spanish Prime Minister, a mother, and a wife?

"The most difficult part is trying to please everyone, the things I do as a Prime Minister may affect my family and vice versa. I struggle with switching out of a political mind set around my children, and struggle to switch out of mother mode around the parliament. As a mother I have six mouths to feed, but as a prime minister; I have millions. There are times when one aspect gives me insight on another, but that鈥檚 a rare occurrence".

9. For Ziccarra: Before the two of you started working together, how did you and your husband manage to keep your marriage strong with your hectic schedules and him traveling so much?

(Laughs) "We really didn't, we鈥檇 go days without seeing each other, at first it was hard; at least for me. Then it became easier; once we worked ourselves on a little schedule. A lot of it was him coming to me, showing up at the office; or at a meeting; or an interview. We are busy people, but the fact that I can still steal him away from his duties for a little while".

10. For Alexis: You and your wife represent two different theologies, how did you two meet, and what were the initial challenges of your union?

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"We met by chance actually. I remember there was a bank robbery in Solace City, I believe. She, the original Retrofire, and I all arrived at the same time to stop it. It wasn't love at first sight but I did think she was beautiful when I saw her",smiles. "We haven't that many challenges but the initial ones were that she wasn't sure she was what I wanted because of her past and other things. I had to show her that I was sure about her. Five kids later and I think I have", laughs.

11. For Alexis: What do you say to the rumor that your wife is a modern day Hitler, arming Spain in preparation for war?

Laughs, "That if my wife was a modern-day Hitler, I think I'd be the first to know".

12. For Alexis: What do you think of your wife鈥檚 Spanish Armament Act?

"I think its necessary. Spain is in a sensitive position right now. With all the things that have happened, the people want a leader willing to do what's needed in order to ensure their safety. Tensions have been high ever since Malaga's destruction, and I think Ziccarra addressed that with the Spanish Armament Act".

13. For Ziccarra: You have a reputation for exercising great control when dealing with the press and the paparazzi, how is it that you manage to remain so calm and in control when every aspect of your life is essentially under a microscope?

(Releasing a hearty laugh) "That took years of practice. Life to me is a battle, the more emotion you exhibit shows people where the target is. Once I realized that, I begin to train myself to conceal my exact feelings on certain topics. I can be at a fever pitch on the inside, but on the outside I won鈥檛 show it because I鈥檓 giving the power to something else".

14. For Ziccarra: Which of your children is most like your husband?

"I would have to say either Maya or Selene; Maya is a caring person; she has an inviting personality. She can make anyone feel welcomed just by her presence. I see her father in her a lot, it why a lot of the time I cannot bring myself to argue with her sometimes. Selene has more of a natural Alexis coolness to her. She is the only one of my children that seems to have inherited Alexis鈥 natural physical attributes and she鈥檚 a lot more level headed than Maya. I truly believe that Maya and Selene together are Alexis".

15. For Ziccarra: And if you could, what would you change about your husband?

"Nothing at all". (Laughs) "Cheesy, I know but it鈥檚 the truth".

16. For Ziccarra: What is he like as a husband? And also as a father?

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"As a husband he gives me the courage to be me. Sometimes that takes a lot of courage! He taught me that simplicity is best and less is more. The way he moves through life with grace and a smile is truly rare to find. His patience and love for others is remarkable. He gives without any expectations to receive. He is honest and bright and reminds our entire family the importance of hard work. As a father, he is a source of protection. He will not allow himself to condemn another even if it is against popular opinion. He is sometimes annoyingly optimistic, laid back and reserved; he allows the children to make their mistakes, but reminds them that everything is okau. He is "Mr. Fix it"

17. For Alexis: What would you say is your wife鈥檚 strongest attribute?

Pauses for a moment, "She's a very strong woman so you'll have to forgive me if I take a while to decide which of her many strong attributes is the strongest", laughs. "But I think its her ability to change for the better. Her willingness to take responsibility for her actions and if questionable, rectify them. People who met my wife before all of this, can't believe how much she's changed. How much someone with a past as questionable as hers changed this much for the better. I'm proud of her for it".

18. For Alexis: And her weakest?

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"I... can't talk about my wife's weaknesses. She'll knock me out", laughs. "But no, in all seriousness, I can't talk about that. I'm her husband, I'm supposed to lift her up, be the spine that supports her, not someone who exposes her vulnerabilities to the public".

19. For Ziccarra: Given the chance, is there anything you'd want to tell a younger you? As a way to prepare her for what lies ahead?

"I got to where I am through experiences; I think鈥 think if I told my younger self anything my life may have turned out different. So If I had the chance I do not think I would tell myself anything. Well鈥 (Visibly thinking) I might tell her to keep a stronger influence in Isadora's life, because as you all know she died. I believe if I had a stronger hand in her upbringing I could've saved her".

20. For Ziccarra: Recently your daughter assembled her own team called S.T.R.I.K.E., do you have any comment on that?

"I am curious to see what it will all amount to. Do not get me wrong, we are proud of her; for going out to do her own thing. My concern is, Maya is used to doing things with Selene; and her brother, but they will not be joining her. She will need to find the strength to do things on her own, act; and think like a warrior, but also remember she is part of a team".

"As a celebrity, she already has a massive amount of exposure; I would hate for her to lose something she loves doing so much; because she feels obligated to another. She watches Valerie closely, and talks to Selene everyday鈥攕o I鈥檓 sure this isn鈥檛 the first time she鈥檚 heard this. "Pace yourself darling, there is a lot more life to live".

21. For Alexis: Your daughter Catalina Liafador burned the city of Malaga to the ground, what was your initial response to that?

"Disappointment. In both her and myself. In her because I just wasn't expecting that. She was... is my little girl. It was just not something I was prepared for. And disappointed in myself for not being there, for both Malaga and her. I could have prevented it".

22. For Alexis: What is it that broke her personality?

"Catalina's sick. She needs help, not punishment. She's suffering from Capgras syndrome and other delusions caused by the neurodegenerative diseases she has. She believes everyone she knows has been replaced by an exact double. She doesn't trust us anymore, and in addition to that, her other delusions have driven her out of control. I think that is what truly broke her".

23. For Alexis: Which of your children do you feel closest to?

Growing pensive, Alexis answers. "Sometimes all of them actually. When I'm feeling goofy, I feel closest to Tassi and Maya. When I feel like I need to improve as a warrior and train, I feel closest to Leo. And when the paparazzi starts to get on even my nerves, I feel closest to Selene as I'm sure you all know by that oh so flattering picture of she, Maya and I flipping off the paparazzi. But in general, I think Tassi since I spend the most time with her. The others are usually out and about doing their things while Tassi is still a baby. We take care of her more so we have more time for bonding".

24. For Ziccarra: Do you think you'll ever do an interview with the entire family?

"I think we will one day". (Ziccarra Laughs and looks at Alexis)