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" You've witnessed the birth of a new Legacy"

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Real Name: Maricela Lorinda Delgado

Aliases: Shooting Star

Height: 5'6

Weight: 110 Pounds

Age: 16

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Eye Color: Green

Species: Demi-Goddess

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Orientation: Heterosexual

Birthplace: Southern Belize

Relationship Status: Single

Family: Biological Mother: Catalina Liafador. Adoptive Mother: Kristen Delgado; Father: Jesus Delgado

Occupation: High School Student

Powers (Chaos Spectrum)

Maricela is the child of Catalina Liafador, she inherited her mother ability to manipulate Darkness, however she is able to do it at a superior rate. It is theorized that Maricela is composed of the best and worst of Catalina which is why she is said to have two very distinct power-sets depending on her mood. Chaos Spectrum is activated upon the feeling of Sadness, Hate, Angry or Mari being Vengeful; her powers within the Chaos Spectrum are:

Dark Matter Magic - Mari can cast spells in battle to aid her in any given situation. Her Dark Matter Spells are nightmarish in nature and usually drain her; because she is Novice with her abilities she knows very few Dark Matter Spells.

Darkness Attacks- Mari's go to is Darkness based attacks (Usually Orbs of energy), in the Chaos Spectrum this is her primary means of defending herself however; if a person is hit by her Dark Orbs they can be paralyzed for a couple of seconds pending survival.

Telekenesis is a skill Mari knows fairly well, mostly because all her family members tend to use it. She is able to stop anything in it's place with her powers, levitate, craft TK shields, choke, grip and manuever with her TK. Mari is so powerful with Telekinesis she is able to create telekinetic pressure, which is an extension of her own power. With this she is able to push back or outright destroy any opposing force.

Psychic Augmented Attributes - Mari cannot control this ability however on the whim she will receive boosted speed, reflexes, stamina, Strength, durability, agility and healing. She has yet to increase them all at one given time. The only time she's every done this is to heal.

The Life Spectrum is Mari's other skill set manifested by feelings of Hope, Will and Compassion. The Life Spectrum represents the Good in Mari, she has abilities in this form that she cannot use in the Chaos Spectrum for example.

Resurrection- Mari can temporarily extend the life of someone who is about to pass or has just passed. It's a power she's never used but the "flames of rebirth" suggest she can extend the life of a person by 5 years.

Pyrokinesis- In the Life Spectrum Mari can manipulate fire and all it's aspects. This is her number one form of defense in this form.

Life Spectrum
Life Spectrum