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WILSON VIEIRA, born in São Paulo, is best known for his work for the Italian comics market during the 1970s. He additionally illustrated stories (Staff di IF - Genoa) with Il Piccolo Ranger, being the first Brazilian artist to work long for Bonelli publishers. He contributed to several Italian and foreign publishers, making stories with Diabolik, Spider-Man, Tarzan, and many other characters. Have talked about him: La Guida al Fumetto Italiano (Italy) - Le Dictionnaire Encyclopédique des Héros et Auteurs de BD (France). Bonelli Guide - All foreign Editions (Italy). He created and scripted the Brazilian saga Cangaceiros - Leather Men (2004), as well as the western miniseries Gringo (2006). Have also published comics in Argentina, Brazil, France, Italy, Portugal. And write, write, write...    

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