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Welcome to the Death Vigil 8

So when I decided to make my next review it had to be something weird and something good and I did.I found it in the first issue of Stjepan Šejić's Death Vigil form Image Comics which he both drew and wrote.So what is Death Vigil you ask ?Well it's a book about a group of "Gifted" people who are recruited by The Reaper herself to stop the Primordial Enemy from achieving there goals. This group goes by the name The Death Vigil which are a group of Death Knights which lead by the Reaper or ...

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A Murder Mystery in Future Japan 2

Now this is a book that I'm was looking forward to this year out of Valiant, well other then Dr.Mirage but that review is for a different time.Rai cutting a gun in half.When I pick up this Issue number one of Rai I didn't what to expect to be honest I know very little about Rai but that didn't stop me from enjoy this issue.The story itself was pretty good for a first issue but there were a few things that were in mind were left out that could of been explain that weren't but I hope that it will ...

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Forever Evil Blight:Part 18 -And in the End... 2

The big battle is in motion with both the JLD and Allies fighting Felix Faust but will they win or will they fall and what will John Constantine do... Good:We are at the end of this crossover and I have to say there are a somethings here that seem either rushed or put there for future stories.The one thing that I enjoy is the art of Cifuentes which were good and gives the book someone to look and the writing of DeMatties is good but it was lacking in a few places I think.i enjoy the character...

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Forever Evil Blight:Part 17-The Battle of Nanda Parbat 0

With the time cutting it close Pandora , Phantom Stranger, and the sons of Trigon going on the attack against Felix Faust and save the rest of Justice League Dark but this is not going to be easy... Good:We are getting closer to the end to this crossover and this issue is good to an extent but that would discuss later.The writer of this issue Ray Fawkes which is doing a good job with the character of Pandora with each issue and this crossover does that but this issue he did a good job with the ...

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Forever Evil Blight:Part 16-Dreaming of Blood 0

With both Constantine and Zatanna in the hands of Felix Faust and Nick Necro but what is the deal with Nick Necro while all of this is going down... Good:This issue is more about Nick Necro and John Constantine and how there are tied together and maybe a mirror for each other in a strange way.This issue like most of the Blight crossover has great character moments with characters in way get the spotlight then others.The writing of Ray Fawkes is still good with this series so far with Constantin...

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Forever Evil Blight:Part 14-Unholy Trinity 0

With the JLD capture by both Faust and Nick Necro what will happen to them now and what will the ones that got away will do to save them.....Good:If there one thing that were always enjoyable is the writing talent of DeMatteis and Mikel Janin but that is not the case for this issue.While DeMatteis still does the writing Janin does not do the pencils but still did the cover for it.The person who did do the pencils for the interiors is Vicente Cifuentes which did a pretty good job .The main plo...

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Forever Evil Blight:Part 13-Open Eyes 0

With the JLD team in Nanda Parbat will they rescue the people in there or will they join them to the unknown fate...Good:If there anything that I enjoy is that both the writing and the art are always good here but there are a few things that I didn't like but that is for later.I enjoy what Ray Fawkes is doing with Pandora making her a strong character in my opinion and this issue does that in a good way.The plot itself was okay but the plot may lack somethings that I notice but the character mo...

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Forever Evil Blight:Part 12 -Like a Bullet 0

With the JLD team going in Nanda Parbat and trying to recuse the lost members there is something more then lost members that they have to worry about.... The Good:If there one thing I have to say about this issue is that we get a closer look at Constantine as character and more in depth look at why he is doing this both rescuing Zatanna and the others. I have to say that Fawkes is doing a better with Constantine each issue.The art is okay but it is really chaotic is some places and in others re...

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Forever Evil Blight :Part 11-The Price We Pay 0

After the strange victory over Blight and Constantine knowing the location of Zatanna and the other JLD members are but will they get there in time or will they fail...Good:Okay we are in part eleven of this crossover and I have to say it's been strange in this case but we finally move on from the Blight stuff and on to the next part of this crossover dealing with the Crime Syndicate and what machinations that they are up too.The writer which is DeMatteis does a pretty good job dealing with the...

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Forever Evil Blight:Part 10-The Redemption 2

With the fight with Blight still going will the JLD be able to stop it or will they be destroy in the process and what is Project Thaumaton ....The Good: We are back to the JLD main book and you know what that means the creative team of DeMatteis and Janin are back and it's always the best from where I can see.The art and the writing is at it's best right now with the suspereb writing of DeMatteis and the art team of Janin,Cox,Ortega, and Cifuentes just firing in all cylinders in this issue .Th...

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Forever Evil Blight:Part 9-The Response 0

With the JLD back in action and ready to take on Blight for the second time but will they succeed or will they end up failing for the second time and what does Pandora think about all of this...The Good:This issue gave us a closer look at Pandora as a character, to see why see even in this whole mess in the first place .There are two things that made me impress by this issue one is the writing and the second is the art of this which is done by two people but the way they did was really well don...

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Forever Evil Blight :Part 8-Two Fingers to Heaven 0

After making the decision to go though the mirror but will this journey be able to help the JLD or will it make there downfall...Good:First off this crossover just got a lot better with each issue with both writing and with art including this one.Ray Fawkes knocks it out of the park with this with the dialogue work for the characters from Constantine to Zauriel .This issue gives us a closer look with Constantine and it's really good and gives the character a feature that gives him a reason why h...

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Forever Evil Blight :Part 7-Seize the Fire 3

After the events of last issue we see that the JLD are finally coming together as a time but what else is in shadows that they are not expecting and what will Phantom Stranger do in all of this...GOOD:One of the things that made me enjoy this event is the writing and the art of the crossover .I enjoy the art of Blanco in this issue got a lot better from the last time we saw this series in this crossover which is a plus for the crossover.The other thing that I really enjoy in this issue is the wr...

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Forever Evil Blight:Part 6-The Haunted Sea 13

After the defeat from Blight the rag tag JLD landed right in front of the Doctor 13 but some familiar faces that show up and they aren't to happy about it...Good:We are back to the Justice League Dark title and it's one of the best issue in the crossover.I enjoy the writing of DeMathis and the art of Janin is so good.The art and writing in this issue made the issue really good with character work and the story itself is pretty good with what is involved and what is to come.Janin art with a lot o...

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Forever Evil Blight:Part 5- Precious Little 11

With JLD , Pandora, and Phantom Stranger taken a beating from Blight , will they survive the encounter or will Blight seal there fate...Good: With the continuing of this crossover we get to see Pandora's point of view of the situation that they are in which is good for the book and for the crossover in general.Now then one of the things that I really like is that art in this issue which I enjoy better then pervious part of the crossover in Constantine which was by the same author as Pandora. Ra...

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Forever Evil:Blight-Part 4 6

We see our rag tag group going into a fight that they might not win or can...Good: We are in part of this Blight crossover in the pages of Constantine number 9 and I have to say that I enjoy it.The writing is good in this issue thanks to Guy Fawkes the other writer in the Blight crossover and the writer of Pandora .One of the things I like about this issue and the Phantom Stranger one is that it is still center around the main character from there point of view.The issue itself in both plot an...

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Forever Evil Blight:Part 3-Sins 7

With Constantine and company capturing the Trinity of Sin to help out in the battle the greater threat or has this threat have a plan already ...Good:This is the first issue outside of Justice League Dark to continued this story line of Blight.This issue is focused on Phantom Stranger and the rest of the Trinity of Sin mostly which is pretty good in this issue. DeMatteis does a really good job with the character work from Swamp Thing to Doctor 13 are one of the best things in this issue.The Tri...

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Forever Evil Blight:Part 2-Rebirth of Evil 2

With Constantine and company trying to stop Evil itself but Evil has other plans, and new player in this game emerges from the depths .The Good:This issue was pretty good from the writing to the art this issue was good but there are little things but not a lot from last issue. First off the art in this issue is amazing from the inkers , colorist and the penciler of this title continues to be really good.The writer continues to be good with the characters of this crossover to the main plot but th...

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Forever Evil Blight:Part 1-Tiny Evils 9

After the events of Trinity War we see that just like the Justice League and the Justice League of America, that Justice League Dark also lost most of it's members but one and that is John Constantine .The Good:One of the reason that this book is good is the art. Mikel Janin's art on this book is wonderful and with Jeromy Cox on colors makes this book just a good looking book .Janin's doing some great work with the double spread page of Constantine and the mini's Constantines is just beautiful ...

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