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My Team

This is my listed of people who I would like to see in a team together fighting the good fight.

List items

  • He is the Ultimate leader in general and he is my first pick on my team.Besides who doesn't want him to lead a team.

  • I mean the Superior Spider Man.He would be one of the techs on the team and a villain who wants to be hero and trying to at least not be a villian

  • She will be a team sub leader just in case something happens to Rogers.She is also one of the flyers to fight people in the air.

  • She might not fit in at first but she might but she will be a big part of the team in time , with her time as a cop and the witchblade could come in handy.

  • He is young but being Batman's first robin and his time with other teams could be useful when the going gets though.

  • She will be the team's magic heavy and they old soul of shorts with the team.Although she may bring trouble with the team.

  • He is both the tech and the strongest man on the team but he can dish both on and off the field with both science and strength.

  • Hal Jordan is a Green Lateran and one of the most willful people in comics in my opinion to be the host of Parallax and The Spectre is something that not a lot of people can do