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This thread is about the upcoming series by Grant Morrison called The Multiversity .

What is The Multiversity ?

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Well I could answer that but let's have the man himself explain it.

"'The Multiversity' has been a labor of love almost eight years in the making, and brings together an unstoppable supergroup of artists -- Reis, Sprouse, Oliver, Quitely, Stewart and more -- with a cast of unforgettable characters from the 52 alternative Earths of the known DC Multiverse!

"Prepare to meet the Vampire Justice League of Earth-43, the Justice Riders of Earth-18, Superdemon, Doc Fate, the super-sons of Superman and Batman, the rampaging Retaliators of Earth-8, the Atomic Knights of Justice, Dino-Cop, Sister Miracle, Lady Quark, the legion of Sivanas, the Nazi New Reichsmen of Earth-10 and the LATEST, greatest superhero of Earth-Prime -- YOU!

Comprising seven complete adventures -- each set in a different parallel universe -- a two part framing story, and comprehensive guidebook to the many worlds of the Multiverse, 'The Multiversity' is more than just a multi-part comic book series, it's a cosmos-spanning, soul-shaking experience that puts YOU on the front line in the Battle For All Creation against the demonic destroyers known as the Gentry!

But beware! Power has a cost, and at the heart of this epic tale waits the cursed and malignant comic book called 'Ultra Comics'...

How safe is YOUR head?

Join us, if you dare, for 'The Multiversity!'" -- Grant Morrison

Here is a map of the 52 planets in the New 52.

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Here is some video interviews that I found.

So guys and gals discuss anything about this series and have a wonderful day/night.

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Hero of 100 Worlds(RP-BIO)

Name:Pyrrhus Hawkins

Alias:Hero of 100 Worlds, Void Hawk




Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Dark Blue(Due to contact with a strange Atherium device)

Species :Human with alien technology.



Occupation :Circle Agent , Ambassador to Earth from the UAS

Character BIO

When he was young and foolish and had ideas in his head. Pyrrhus Hawkins joined the United States Air Force; just like his father. This made the young Hawkins go in the Air Force and became a fighter pilot . During this time, he was confronted by a general to tested a new jet with alien technology in it. The jet's purpose is to go into space without being detected from most tracking systems or so that is what they think it should. When he went into space however something went wrong when activating the alien tech in turn on the some sort of hyper drive and blast the ship into Atherium space. Where he crash into a member planet called Seli.

As a Circle Agent during the his time with the Strike Force.
As a Circle Agent during the his time with the Strike Force.

When he landed how ever it was attack by Xin Pirates, a race whot the years became a nation of pirates, and decide that the universe was there's for the taking. Hawkins along with the local defenders of the place were able to hold off until the Ninth Fleet under the command of Admiral Kon Vess arrived to either drive them off or kill them. During this time he was introduce to the U.A.S and what is can bring to the universe.Then on for the next years before he returned to Earth he had battle pirates, monster,and who knows what the universe holds. This drew attention to the group know as The Circle. The Circle can be best describe as the SWAT of the universe, but instead acting like a team the act as agents who go around the U.A.S. and help out there are case the go out of the borders of U.A.S. He was made a Agent of the Circle after a test that he took and gotten a 'B' which was passing .He was astonished by the diversity of alien in the United Atehrium Systems from sentient Crystal aliens to aliens that are 20 feet tall. Knowing he could go home but he didn't have any family or friends to speak of now and the government would more then likely throw him under the rug, so he decided to stay here and help out .

  • Stop a Xin Pirate ship from taking a supply ship in the eastern part of the of the U.A.S.
  • He was able to stop rampaging dragon-bat on the planet of Thati with the help of some other people on the planet.
  • Was able to safely deliver a prototype ship to the fleet base of the 3rd Fleet.
  • He was part of a Strike Force to retake a planet that once belong to the Xin.
  • Rescued a Turian Senator from a couple terrorist.
"Good to be Home"

After a couple of years in the Circle and being a part of the U.A.S. as a whole .He went to the Director of Circle and ask he could take a ship and return to earth because he hasn't been there for at least ten years or so.He got the green light but at a price he was going to be the ambassador to earth from the U.A.S.He agreed and the next couple of days he return to earth.

Character Powers/Abilities

He is a skilled pilot during his time in the Air Force with him being in the top of his class well the top five at least.He was able to translated this experience in the Air Force to his time in Circle when he was in the Strike Force.He mostly piloted fighters and small ships he rarely drives big cruisers .

He also has some experience with firearms when he was in Air Force but he didn't have that much experience to be a expert marksmen.When he became a Circle Agent he had to improve this when he joined and it slowly improved over the years in the United Atherium Systems.

Augmented Body Type Beta: He went under a operation that improved his body to go on missions for the Circle.He had to under this operation when he was in his second year in the Circle when he had to go on more tougher mission.He when got this ABs as there are called he was able to understand the the languages in the U.A.S.

  • He had a increase of strength, speed, and reflexes that would be consider superhuman .This improved his muscular systems that would make some professional athletes look like kids.
  • This also gave his eyes a huge improvement where his eyes could see little things a mile away.
  • He gained regeneration abilities but only it works that if he get's shoot in the heart or the head he will survive but he would slow down and would need time to regenerate.

Character Equipment

Force Field Bracelet:A portable Force field that goes around the wrist of the wearer.The field goes around the body of the person who wearers it being able to stop a lot of things.(It is unknown how much it can take.) It can take any from a simply firearms to psychical contact but it does have a draw back it will overheat depending on how much it can take before it has to recharge.

Gravity Boots:These are also called "Fun Boots" by Pyrrhus himself.The reason is that it can walk on any surface without any problems and can walk on the sides of buildings and any that count as physical surface.

Hand Held AntiProton Guns:Pyrrhus has at least two of these holstered on him at all times just in case some happens that would require him to use these.The guns shoot a red hot beam with a black stream in it of anti protons at a target .It has two types that he can switch to depending on the situation.

  1. Beam-which can be used to cut things like locks and other metals.
  2. Brust-It shoots a burst of anti protons energy at something.This is use for combat.
Wearing the Alpha-12
Wearing the Alpha-12

Alpha-12:This helmet is a multi use helmet that has any number of things in it.He gained this helmet from his third year in the Circle.The Helmet has been a great help both on missions and off missions.

  • Air respirator:This respiration system works as a high tech gas mask that allows him breath in this helmet in hazardous places.
  • Eyeware:This is a binoculars and scanning device that can tell what kind of material is in something.
  • It also is protects him from least small arms fire.
  • It also has a music player in, it which plays any kind of music when it's introduce to it.

Arsenal of Justice (BIO-RP)

Name:Ptolemy "Wolo" Wolodyjowski

Age: appears to be in his 40's



Height: 6'2

Eye Color: Sapphire Blue

Hair Color:Brown

Family: None

Occupation:CEO of Ptolemy Industries


Born from two Polish immigrants who came to america after World War Two and made there home in Virginia , years later after they made there home Ptolemy Wolodyjowski was born soon after that.At a young age Ptolemy had a strange power and that is having a different way of thinking of helping people and that is giving people tools to help people

During his time after collage he would join the small company that later would be Ptolemy Industries by giving them ideas and by making sure that he would help other people outside the company as well and years later he became the head man and renamed the company with bring in people that he help outside the company to help expand the company into new areas but during this time he found out some that would change his world forever his life was all a lie the truth was more strange then disturbing then he would think so.

As the CEO of Ptolemy Industries
As the CEO of Ptolemy Industries

The truth is that he wasn't born at all he was made in a tube in a unknown lab from a unknown organization .The reason that this happen in the first place that he found a file with his name on it and visions of him in the lab in a tube with people surrounded by people in white coats.He began to use this knowledge to track down who created him and why but all he found was the empty lab and what information he can find .He made sure that the place was total searched from top to bottom.He even went to his so called parents but they were both dead taking there secrets to there grave.The one thing that confused him was that he was made to be a force of good and not evil this could be on his mind for some time.

He knew that he would be a target not only from other company and other people which he would later heard the story about the group of rings that would give the user different powers for each ring that it is on the hand gives the user that power and when collect it would a force to be reckon with and after years later he was able to collect at least six of the ten of them so far which takes us to the present day where Ptolemy is finishing his new headquarters in the New Mexico desert which would be his new home and place to build his new inventions to help other heroes out but during this time where he was building his new headquarters an telepathic assassin was able to scar his face or at least his right eye by the most part and from this he had a slight distrust of telepaths and the solution his to make a holographic mask over his face and made a mask that would cover his face when he is in a fight.

His ultimate goal is to help the heroes wither they been vigilantes or someone who decided that they needed to help people he will be there to help them.

Wearing his mask
Wearing his mask


-Hyper regeneration

-A superhuman brain that some would consider inhuman to others.

-Has a genius level intelligence or even beyond in some cases.

-Psi defense network in his mind that was place when he was in the tube/tank.

- Experience marksmen

- has some hand to hand experience but he never does use it.

-Is consider one of the best inventors on earth with his ability to make gadgets to help people.

-Due to him being a Homo Synthezoid he does really need to eat or drink something to stay alive but his body does that for him but he does need to breath in order to stay alive.

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Each of his rings that he has own power which he uses for his day to day operations and is well verse on how to use each of them.The ring themselves work like a link between the mind of the person with the ring like instinct and not a telepathic sort of way.

(L-left hand and R-right hand.)

Blue Ring-.The blue ring gives him the power to read minds and could control them if he can.(L)

Red Ring-Gives him the power to control fire as his finger tips like making a sword or a whip.(R)

Yellow Ring-Gives him the power to absorb sunlight and unleash it into energy blast of make a flash to confuse his enemies.(L)

Green Ring-Allows the him to talk to animals and hear them from earth or anywhere in the universe.(R)

Black Ring-Can destroy any bonds and molecules with a black blast from the hand of the ring but it can only does every 30 minutes.(L)

White Ring-Can heal any wounds from the user to anybody with in a two yards of the ring itself but it cannot bring the dead back from the dead.(R)

The Rings of Power.
The Rings of Power.

(More info to come.)

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Forever Evil Blight:Part 15 -The Gamble

(Due to some problems with making the review I made a blog about the issue.)

With Phantom Stranger,Cassandra Craft, and Pandora escaping the clutches of Nick Necro and Felix Faust they reached safety but will they go back to rescue there friends if they do who will they go to help them out...


We are getting close to the end folks which after at this point is a welcome but that is for a different review.This was an good issue at best it wasn't terrible but it wasn't great.The art in this issue was split between two artist one Blanco who was the regular on it and the new artist Diego Olmos which both did a good job but I saw a few things that seemed rush although.The writer continues to do great character work with the Phantom Stranger and the others here.

The main plot was strange at best with a strange turn of events that happen when the three went to get help and how it happen. DeMatties did something really cool with pieces of silver around the Phantom Stranger neck and how it effects other people when they wear it.


The art switch is really strange and not really why it happen in the first place.There were a few panels that seemed either are out of place or rushed.


This issue was at best a 3.5/5 at best overall.If you are reading this issue then is a next part of this crossover but if you just getting into the series or want I would recommend read the start of the series because there are a few things that are mention here that goes back before the crossover started.The next part of this crossover takes part in the pages of CONSTANTINE #12 hope you guys and gals have a nice week and see you next week : )


Rethinking of the Mind(RPG)

The Cyborg know as Sawyer had a lot of thinking to do and his time in the Rocky Mountains help in that endeavor .In the past couple of months be built a cabin and made both a place of mediation and a forge/lab for himself but after all of this there has been a few things that were on his mind.He start to figure out a few things.Things that up until now he had an idea but after some time thinking it came to him.He would need to write his thoughts in a journal .

Mediating in his mediation chamber is where he came to realize both his failures and his greatest feats.Sawyer press the button in the chamber and the chamber open with a hissing sound coming from when it open up.Sawyer stood up from the mediation and got out of the chamber and up stairs to the actual house where he got out a journal with blank pages and blue pen .He thought about writing somethings out but never thought to write it and now he is .He need a to continued his goal to be one of the best swordsmen on the planet but not the best this goal is a hard but one that Sawyer would see through.Then another thing came to mind which is who he really was.He thought he was an honorable man but after some time he thought about he was really a governmental assassin for Stark.

He knew Stark from the days as an Enforcer but now he see something different coming from the man.He knew Stark had changed but there is something different about when he joined Blacklist he started to notice things about Stark but that is on his list on things to do.The other things that he need a code that he can follow not just have honor and fight for justice but something more then that.The Sawyer had a thought and figure out a start of it.He pick up the pen and started to write in the journal.

  • Both Honor and Courage is important even in the face of Death.
  • Serve no master or serve on a team but always be there to help.
  • Be smart about the surroundings .
  • Be respectful even towards the enemy.
  • Use knowledge and not emotions when facing any challenge.

He stop writing and put the blue pen aside for now and look at the words that he had written.These were things he hold true for him but would machine even follow half of these things ?He wonder about even though he would be consider a cyborg but people might still see a machine and not hero.This brought him to another thing that he need to find out who he really was all he knows that he woke up in lab surrounded by people in white lab coats and escape but with no memory of what happen before.

This was a start but he had more work a head of him.


Philosophy of Lightning - Starting in the Cloud.

The Merriam-Websters definition of Lightning is" a the flashes of light that are produced in the sky during a storm" and " moving or done very quickly".If to become a better swordsmen I must be like lightning and strike from a storm and right at the problem in my way.

To accomplish this I must find an target and zero in on it by a second notice before the opponent has any chance of knowing that you even moved in the first place.So what I must do is to make a style is like lightning but like all task this one will take time and needs to be effective.

So at this point I will make notes about my progress to make this specialize style that only can bee used for the most expert swordsmen or anybody with a tool for there task from fighting in a duel to cutting down a tree or even cleaning with a broom can work with this Philosophy in a strange word for but it will be difficult so writing my progress should help me this this task but losing my robotic eye in my travels but I cover it with a black strip of leather around my head.It my take me a long time to accomplish this but in the end all it matter is I learn something from it.

Sawyer , the Philosopher of Lightning


Blue Strike-Origin

(OOC-This can be used as a rp or , just something else but I wanted to put this down anyway.If this does not follow the rules of the rp section well it was since to work on this any way.)

Blue Strike
Blue Strike

On a earth that is not ours ,there is a group of individuals that hold a special power in there hands.That power is to travel though the mutli-verse .In the start or the beginning of the group they were a special operations unit under the United States Government but , after the discover of the strange device that it seems to be broken . When this group found the device over the years they have been working on it to figure out it's secrets.When they finally repair it and when they active it a the device shoot out a portal that made a portal to somewhere but it is unknown where it leads but the leader went to see it leads and what happen was nothing that he suspect to happen.

Ripped apart and put back together over and over again.
Ripped apart and put back together over and over again.

When the leader went his body was ripped a part and then put back together a again and again.He felt his body being shaped into something else that seems inhuman about himself.When he went in and his transformation was starting happen. The portal was acting weird and the try or what it seems to shut it off when the did the left there leader in what is consider the void .During his time in the void he started to gain powers that are strange but made him powerful but at a price for his power.He saw something that made him his jaw drop there were earths that was not like his but different and when he saw it he spend what time he had thinking and waiting for him rescue.

During his time in the void , Blue Strike begin to try and get their leader back but at the same time they continued with there operations.They slowly being to expand and took control of a couple corporations.Then they went to a couple of heroes and villains and made them deals to join them to changed the world with the US to start this shadowy conquest of the world.


Nick Fury and the Howling Commandos(Part 1)FanFic

(Rated T for Teen for the reason that a guy got beat up )

(All rights belong to Marvel)

In my years leading SHIELD and then after the event in Latveria which lead to my exile form Shield and making my own team of young people who have superpowers which lead to several conflicts with HAMMER, Hydra,and Leviathan and losing a lot people on both sides including my son during this conflict .Now after breaking my girl out of prison using my wits and dealing with my other son , plus a few other things and now I having a long over due break with Valentina de Fontaine on some tropical beach but I always knew that would never happen for me .I'm old war horse that doesn't seem to know when to stop at his job.

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Siting on a wooden chair across form a Hydra agent that he and some of his buddies were after me and Contessa trying kill us but we killed some of them and left this one for some questioning and I need some right now.

So what is Hydra up these days you know not having a good leader to lead them ,”I said with a smile at the

The Hydra agent was beaten to hell and bloody too but I say that his friends got off easy. I hear the door open for the apartment that we acquired for a hideout right now but this is only temporary one at best. Contessa walks in wearing a brown trench coat,with her old shield outfit ,and her hair in a ponytail. The Hydra agent is sweating like hell and to scared to talk about anything.

“So I say again what is going on with Hydra these days I know I took a it down form the inside with some help but now I want some answers now,”

Now my voice is more intimidating and scaring this man is an option that I have and while I talk to the scared Hydra agent a cell phone rang behind me and I look back and say Contessa picking it up and answering it. I could hear some things but I can are the words that caught were the names Jake and Barnes which is my brother and the Winter Solider himself and the side kick of Captain America. Contessa put's her phone away.

Well Nick look's like we have some more news on why they attack us and we didn't need this Hydra agent then,”She said while putting her phone back to her coat pocket.

I looked back at the Hydra agent and saw the fear in his eyes and realized he must be new in Hydra and thought this was going to be easy .

Okay kid this is whats going to happen your going back to your masters and give them this message I coming for them and there is nothing they can do stop me,”I make a intimidating to scary the Hydra agent.

I stand up and I walk to the door with Contessa already in the hallway waiting for me making sure no other people catch them off guard. I looked at the agent and all of his strength got up form the chair and started to run for his life right out the door of the apartment and right out of the hotel. Then Contessa came right next to me and spoke in a whisper.

We have a meeting with two friends at a near by coffee shop,”She said with

In my mind this is going to be one coffee break that he will remember.


DC-Trinity War-1

We have an event that has all three Justice Leagues going at each other or so it seems but I will get to that soon.What we have is when the villains the Secret Society which appear in Justice League of America and in the last pages of Justice League issue 6. Then we have the Trinity of Sin which The Question,Phantom Stranger,and Pandora are part of but this is the first of the Trinity's of Trinity.The next in the Trinity is the three Justice League, which are JL,JLA,and JLD .Then the last Trinity is the DC's Trinity which is Wonder Woman,Superman,and Batman.

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New 52 Tarot Cards

These were the names on the cards and the hero or villain that the name was on.All of these appear in Justice League issue 22.

The Boy-Shazam/Billy Batson

The Hero-Superman/Kal-El / Clark Joseph Kent

The Warrior-Wonder Woman/Diana of Themyscira

The Hostage-Pandora

The Politician-Amanda Waller

The Solider-Steve Trevor

The Detective-Batman/Bruce Wayne

The Alien-Martian Manhunter/ J'onn J'onzz

The Unknown-The Question/Vic Sage

The Betrayer-Phantom Stranger/Judas Iscariot

The Prison-Firestorm/Jason Rusch/Ronnie Raymond

The Grid-Cyborg/Victor Stone

The Gameplayer-The Atom/Rhonda Pineda

The Freak-Elemental Woman/Emily Sung

The Messenger-Flash/Barry Allen

The King-Aquaman/Arthur Curry

The Magician-Zatanna/Zatanna Zatara

The Archer-Green Arrow/Oliver Queen

The Thief-Catwoman/Selina Kyle

The Spirit-Stargirl/Courtney Whitmore

The Misfit-Vibe/Francisco Ramon

The Miracle Worker-Green Lateran/Simon Baz

The Savage-Hawkman/Katar Hol

The Assassin-Kanata/Tatsu Yamashiro

The Sacrifice-Arthur Light

The Outsider-The Outsider/Alfred Pennyworth(Earth-3)

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