Stolen Ideas (Avengers Spoiler Warning)

Have you ever had that feeling that somewhere in space the government has satellites that scan your brain for information? Well after seeing the Avengers that's how I feel. The way they defeated the alien horde at the climax seemed all too familiar to me. In 2006 i wrote a sci-fi story for a class project: Gundam/ crest of the stars crossover. In the story the gundam characters defeated the invaders in the same fashion. That also wasn't the first time. Months before Phil took the mantle of hobgoblin i thought to myself: what would happen if Phil Urich became the goblin to impress a girl. Also in Naruto the creator Kishimoto said that their were no strong samurai in the show outside of two weaklings from the first few episodes. So i came up with the concept of samurai using the same energy the ninja have to make their swords like lightsabers. Almost three years later it happens in the books the exact same way. Now it might just be me but this seems too coincidental.