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Bat Family

For all the members of the Batman Family!

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  • After witnessing the death of his parents, Bruce dedicated the rest of his life to ridding the world of evil. Armed with a arsenal of gadgets and an unbreakable will, Batman is considered the greatest hero of them all.

  • Alfred Pennyworth is the only person that knew Bruce Wayne before he was Batman -- making him the friend, and ally, that Bruce has always needed.

  • Dick Grayson was once a member of the Flying Grayson's but that all changed when his parents were murdered. Dick soon was adopted by Bruce and trained intensively to eventually become the Robin. Year later, Dick became Nightwing and continues to be a trusted ally that Batman looks for advice.

  • One of the original allies of Batman, James Gordon is the eyes of the Batman during the day and one of his most trusted allies.

  • The black sheep Or should I say Black Bat, of the family he was the 2nd robin that eventually died and became red hood, and then became red robin, then a Bat merc, and finally became red hood once more. He is 2nd adopted son of Batman.

  • The third Robin. Tim is the 3rd adopted son of the Batman. He is now Red Robin.

  • The 4th Robin in the Bat family. She eventually became Spoiler and dated Tim for a while. She is now The 5th Batgirl.

  • Son Of The Bat. Damian is the 5th Robin, hopefully he lives long enough to become another super hero identity.

  • Wife Of The Bat.

  • Cassandra Cain is one of the ex-Batgirl's, but is now considered 'The Black Bat'.

  • The greatest Batgirl of all time, Barbara Gordon has gone through a lot as her career has gone up-and-down.

  • Huntress has appeared as a loyal member of the Bat-Family, however sometimes that friendship can be strained.

  • Selina Kyle a.k.a. Catwoman is a on-and-off fling of the Batman. Whether it be pre or current New 52, Catwoman has been a loyal friend of Batman.

  • Batman's version of Superman's Lois Lane, Vicki is a minor character that has sometimes been romantically affiliated with both Batman and Bruce.

  • Superman is the opposite of Batman, but in a good way! Superman was an orphan from his planet, and Batman is an orphan. Making these two heroes cross paths can usually lead in a confrontation, but what could you expect when these two heroes have lost so much, and gained so little?

  • A team of individual misfits that Batman started.

  • The Home Of The Bat!

  • The Batman's ride

  • used by mostly all members of the family

  • A good friend of batman from the TV series the BATMAN

  • From Earth-12, He is the dark knight of the future.

  • Homosexual member of the Bat-family.

  • From the tv series THE BATMAN, was the friend of Bruce Wayne and first Clayface.

  • One of Batman's mentors in the J.S.A.

  • Has worked with Batman in the outsiders

  • Creeper was the responsibility of Batman after Joker decided to create another monster

  • Batman and Hal Might be against one another every once and awhile but they will help each other in whatever way they can.

  • A new member to the bat family

  • From Kingdom Come/

  • Heroes inspired by the caped crusader

  • Being the heir to the Bat-Legacy in the 853rd century, Batman 1,000,000 resumes the mission that Bruce Wayne started. With both technology and intellect, he continues to enforce justice in a new high-tech and evil-ridden future.

  • what's better than a company with a bunch of batmen punching crime in the face?

  • The only character that could pull off the first Robin suit, Carrie Kelly hails from the possible story line of 1986's Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns.

  • The Daughter of Bruce and Selina in an alternate dimension. Took the mantle of Batwoman in the alternate dimension.