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Mutants who got a really bum deal in life....

Not just because of their abilities or physical, um...."differences," many of the most popular mutants of marvel have had a pretty lousy time coming up in the world 
no wonder so many of them are hateful, murderous or just all around nut jobs 
who can blame them? 
there are plenty of mutants who have an even worse time because of the severity of their physical mutations, like Onyx, Gentle, Bling, etc 
but I'm focusing on a few of the most well-known 
those whose robust pasts have made us shake our heads in a silent out-pouring of understanding and support, in a "that poor kid" kinda way

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  • sure she can control her powers NOW

    but not being able to touch another living soul for the past however-many-years has got to screw a person up

    and I'm pretty sure being so super powerful now is going to screw her up all over again

  • poor Beast

    he doesn't deserve to be a giant blue kitty.....bear?....wait, what is he right now?

    doesn't matter, it just sucks for him

  • Oh Warren, your daddy hates mutants so very very much

    and as much as we'd all love to fly, you have to admit: having giant fricken wings sticking out of your back 24-7 isn't really all that convenient

    thank god he's rich, just think of the tailoring bills!

  • guess who you don't want to be....this guy

    sure, sometimes I wish I could poke someone to death

    but to think that I would inadvertently kill anyone I tapped on the shoulder is a little terrifying

    "excuse me sir, do you know the time.....oh right, it's time to die....sorry bout that."

  • Mystique's done a pretty good job making the best of her situation

    and as far as murderous mutants are concerned, she's pretty successful

    but to imagine the horrors Raven Darkholm must have had to face that lead her to this place, where she IS so cold, callous and wicked-as-all-get-out, you have to assume they were terrible

    I mean...she's blue after all

  • we all miss Kurt, lord knows I do already

    but maybe he's in a better place

    it's too trite a concept now to ever recreate now, but the idea of the little blue devil who only wanted to be closer to his god and live a peaceful life is a theme from the X-Men none of us will ever forget

    ....until he comes back to life and none of it matters any more

  • ok, you can't have all that much compassion for a guy as lame and devious as this little bugger

    but you have to admit, it can't be easy to look like a toad first, and be treated like a toadie second

    no wonder he's evil- what else was he supposed to do with his life?