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Comics most under-rated women......

Unfortunately, women in comics are often used as plot devices, beautiful arm candy, or a-typical cliches (See: "angry women in comics destroy the world with their evil emotions" for more information) and because of this, I think a lot of us miss out (or should I say Ms. out) on how cool these women are. Even when they aren't having their corpses stuffed into refrigerators, or premiering their newer, skimpier outfit for the season, these women are some of the most underrated, and under-used bad ass characters today......

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  • Maybe it's the star-spangled panties, but I have a feeling most people don't give Diana the respect she deserves. She's DC's most iconic female, a true amazon warrior and a total badass. She's earned Batman's respect, beat Superman in a hand to hand fight, and survived things that would drive lesser heroes mad. She's fricken Wonder Woman, give her a little credit.

  • I think most people imagine Sue Storm to be that thing Jessica Alba tried to portray. They probably think she's a nose bleed-having, disappeares-in-the-face-of-danger, mother with a heart of gold and a pretty face....and they are wrong. She's not only the most powerful member of the Fantastic Four, she might be one of the most powerful people in the Marvel Universe. If you think she's weak, you haven't read enough of her. She was Captain Universe, for god's sake!!!

  • Okay, I know her portrayl in Marvel Ultimate Alliance was subpar, and sure her most recent solo series never really got off the ground, but Ms. Marvel is amazing. (I could have said marvelous there, but that's too corny) Not only is she one of Marvel's classic female superheroes, but as Binary, she's one of its most powerful. The power of Whitehole? Yeah, that's a lot of effing power. I love Ms. Marvel, especially when she's kicking some major butt.

  • Most guys LOVE Black Canary- of course they do, look at her! But I bet most of those same guys who put her on their "favorite females" list, don't know all that much about her.....because, well, look at her! She's an amazing hand-to-hand fighter, nearly unrivaled on the level of the "street brawler" heroes, and she has a power that floors nearly anything.....a voice that shatters stuff into teeny tiny little pieces. Those reasons alone are enough to make her an awesome hero, so why do people just assume she's just a pretty face? Oh yeah- look at her!

  • Okay, I get that disco is pretty lame and I also really hate her vintage, silver bodysuit that she can't seem to escape, but Alison Blaire is amazing. She's one of the first mutants in Marvel to come out of the closet as a mutant and live with all the ramifications of it. It even cost her a booming career and climbing fame while she was at it. Light powers have been done before (done to death, if you ask me) but Ali is different- her powers are incredibly strong and flexible (and no, she isn't just like Jubilee) hell- she can even resurrect herself...and no, no one knows why. If you can get past the silver catsuit and the fact that she dated a three-toed android with a mullet for most of the 80's, you'd probably see just how awesome she still is. I'm super stoked that she's back on the X-Men's main roster and even getting a little solo love, so here's hoping it will garnish her more fans...and some RESPECT, dammit! R-E-S-P-E-C-T, oh sorry, she makes me want to sing.

  • Vixen is so cool, if you don't agree, try telling that to Jon Stewart...yeah, I didn't think so. She can copy the power of any animal local to the planet she's on, and if that wasn't enough, she's also a supermodel. Powers and looks aside, Vixen is a trailblazer too. I mean, she plans to bascially start her own branch of the JL in Africa all by herelf. I first read about her in JL Taskforce back in the early 90's and have been searching for her ever since. Too bad there aren't more of us who want to do the same, if there were, she might be around more. Here's hoping for JL Africa!!!

  • No, she's not just like the Human Torch, thank you very much, Angelica's powers are all about HEAT. Rawr! Her recent trials and tribulations in the Marvel Divas and her unfortunate battle with her self-induced cancer has made a few more folks stand up and take notice, but she still gets less than she deserves. She was powerful enough to power an entire Shi'ar spaceship, she's powerful enough to destroy the earth is she isn't careful, she's powerful enough to give herself cancer....come on, you've never heard that one before. She's friends to Spiderman (an Amazing one), a former New Mutants (the good ones, not the ones who went to Stamford that one time....), she was even one of Emma Frost's top picks for her Hellions. And if Emma Frost wants to use, misuse and abuse your powers, you know they have to be good ones.

  • Yes, she's Hulk's cousin, so that's always going to put a hitch in someone's giddy up: being in the shadow of your uber famous relative, but she's not all that much like him....aside from the huge green muscles. She's beauty to Hulk's beast and a brillant, compassionate lawyer to his meticulous scientist. She never gets much credit from mainstream fans but I think it doesn't take a genius scientist or lawyer to see that she's impressive. And not just because she's got famous family.

  • The power to control nature is awesome (as long as you aren't Captain Planet, he's still lame) and having a cool hairdo is key to being an awesome superhero, so the fact that Crystal is royalty and a former member of the Fantastic Four AND has a child with one of Magneto's progeny is really just icing on the cake. Crystal is powerful and graceful, wise and tough, and unfortunately one of those characters most people call "What's-her-face." She's awesome and I think others would agree....if they ever read anything with her in it.