Batman's greatest villains....well, to me, any way.

No one can deny that one of Batman's greatest draws is his robust and fascinating gallery of rogues. These are my favorites and why I think they're so great.  

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  • one of Batman's most fiendish and all he has to protect him from Batman's tricks, tools and fists is his brain. A devious genius who (according to him) has no faults to fret about, the Riddler is a master manipulator and cunning thorn in Batman's side.

  • I've always loved the juxtaposition of a Batman villain who, for all intents and purposes, can't take him in a fight. He's fat and deformed, short and stubby, he smokes and can barely see out of one eye, but yet somehow he still manages to keep Batman at more than an arm's length long enough to get away scott free.

  • fanaticism has never looked as good as it does in the form of Pamela Isley. Her love of plants and love for the earth is really something to be desired....or it would be if she didn't go about showing it in such a wicked way. Beautiful and dangerous, Ivy is like the rose whose thorns grow strong as steel.

  • the idea of a criminal mastermind obsessed with clocks and efficiency is....less than thrilling, but the idea of taking on the Batman with nothing more than an expert knowledge of pacing is something you have to admire. A villainous personification of the idea that "one bad day" can turn a person mad, The Clock King is one of Batman's most unique.

  • basing his life's work and future crimes off C.S. Lewis' Alice books, The Mad Hatter puts color and pinache to an idea as terrifying as child abduction. Kidnapping little girls and holding them against their will, hoping that each one would be his "Alice," Mad Hatter has far crossed over the line from villain to monster....and he did wearing a bowtie.

  • doing whatever it takes to save a loved one is something you should admire, but doing it with revenge and crime to fund your research, freezing people in ice all the while is another story. He is living embodiment of revenge- unfeeling, unwaivering in his determination, and completely evil. Mr Freeze is the original cold hearted killer.

  • what better weapon to use against the fearless than fear? Scarecrow has made fear and phobias his life, but maybe even more than that- his obsession. He does what no other villain can do by instilling terror in the Dark Knight Detective and making him (even if only briefly) doubt himself, and that's no small feat.