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I popping action! 0

A bran-new Wolverine series is out for "Marvel Now". I used to be a big fan of Logan when i was younger, but in recent years I have lost interest. Hopefully this series redeems the character a little.Good:I always enjoy when the writer and artist are one in the same, especially with talent like Cho's. Its done in a very pulpy manner, which some other users have criticized, but I enjoy it. By pulpy, I am referring to decapitating tribes men, and having dinosaur's eyeballs pop out of their heads. ...

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"Do the chickens have large Talons" 0

After last issue's explosion booby-trap I was worried a little for the Caped Crusader, but he shakes that off pretty easily at the beginning of this one...the Good:Another Dick cameo :D but sadly not a Nightwing one :(. I enjoyed Bruce's childhood flashback with his first 'case'. He looks for the Court of Owls because he can't accept that a common thief like Joe Chill killed his parents, but only finds an deserted nest.I felt the cover was appropriate, it implies that the Court of Owls is watchi...

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Fun with Magnets :D 0

After issues one and two Snyder has set the Batman up for a great story arc with a new villain know as the Talon and an entire underground conspiracy that looks to go back to the beginnings of Gotham!The Good:It looks like Batman is starting to solve the mystery of the Court of Owls. This has a detective vibe to it that is missing in the Detective Comics series.I enjoyed the flash back with Alan Wayne.I was totally taken by surprise by the court of owls conspiring under the Wayne's noses for gen...

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The Anit-Bat 0

Last issue (#1 review)Batman appears to have developed an entirely new enemy, and he has a mystery to solve...Good:For a bit there I actually thought Bruce was gunna bite the bullet, so great job on the writing! The new villain! He strikes me as an anti-Batman. Joker is yin to the Dark Knight's yang and will probably be his biggest threat, but he's not an evil doppelganger. Flash has Prof. Zoom, Superman has Bizarro, Spider-man had Venom even Darkwing Duck had Negaduck- but I don't really feel b...

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Being aTeen Side-Kick will Stunt Your Growth! 3

Good:I enjoyed the art work, not as much as I did Detective Comics #1- But it was still great. Grayson as the Joker caught me off guard! I loved how Bruce and his Robins (minus Jason :( ) are together in their tuxedos . I also enjoyed Bruce and Dick's new relationship in this comic, clearly Bruce has no problem relying on Dick's help, and Dick no longer feels over shadowed by Bruce. The introduction of a new villain was quiet interesting to me.Bad:Although Batman's arsenal of gadgets is more and...

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Talking with Superman 0

So it has been quiet a while since this comic came out a few months ago. Superman is pretty different from Action Comics (review#1 ). For starters it is set 5 years in the future (or Action Comics is five years in the past if you prefer), and the Man of Steel has his full suit. Clark is working at the Daily Planet with Jimmy and Lois. This issue starts with the Daily Planet building being torn down...Good:The art work was well done. It took some initial getting used to the new costume but I new ...

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About a Steel Drivin' Man 0

When we last left Clark and his colleges he was about to be attacked by robots with green eyes (review issue #3). This issue starts with him running away from the scene, and leaving the others frightened...but little do they know he is actually going to return as-SUPERMAN!Good:As always it was drawn/written well, and reminded me of the superman i grew up with :) (points below). It also wasn't lacking in action- which is a must for Action Comic! (at least in my mind...)>Superman's attitude whe...

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A Whole Planet of Super Hot Guys 0

Last issue (review#2) Superman escaped from the military base to return to his apartment in Metropolis.this issue starts off with Clark reliving the last moments of Krypton in a dream...Good:There's a white dog/ ghost watching over you? What does that mean? A look at superman's origins has been expected for some time now. It also does a great job of showing Clark second guessing if what he is doing is really any good. Fortunately his land lady gives him a little reassurance (otherwise this would...

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Harry Potter and the Camber of Humpty Dumpty 0

When we last left the man of tomorrow he had been captured by the US army and Lex Luthor...Good:The cover is great! There are a lot of covers out there that give no insight to the story inside. I know you shouldn't judge a book by its cover but it's annoying when they have nothing in common. That is not the case here as Rags Morales hits the nail on the head.Superman is still shown as vulnerable much like last issue, but he is still Superman- and he knows it. When he has a dozen soldiers pointin...

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Aborable Moloid! 0

Since last issue (review#1) Spidey and Red-Hulk managed to escape the giant slug monster (or what ever it is).Good:Every body loves Spider-Man-even Moloid babies! Well everyone except General Ross, and I found their bickering quiet amusing. I enjoyed the dialog in general, as I did last time- kudos to Zeb Wells. Great ending- I was on the edge of my seat with suspense.Bad:It started off really slow, intact this whole issue is kinda slow. The big fight is at the, and Spidey is hardly involved alt...

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I want Kool-Aid! 2

Spider-Man has always been one of my favourite characters, because of his witty commentary and nerdy alter ego. So I had high hopes going into this #1...Good:It was hilarious! From Spidey trying to get a ride home, to him trying to help Jameson, i was laughing. The art work was a little cartoony but it felt right, but each character was drawn differently in accordance to their body type. Unlike JL where each character is more or less the same body type. Wells and Madereirs have done a great job....

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Together Agian for the First Time 0

After being ambushed at the end of the last issue (issue#3) Raphael and Casey are ready to kick ass!Good:*spoilers*As always we start with the action right away with a gang fight. casey gets knocked-out, and just when it looks like its curtains for Raph, Hobs is stopped from pulling the trigger- by three ninja stars! Leo Don and Mikey are on the scene to help their long lost brother. Raphael is beside himself as he seems these new turtles enter his world for the first time (that he can remember)...

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Oh Brother Where Art Thou? 0

The Turtles are back for another issues in their series, and hopefully it will be a little more action packed than their last one (review#2).Good:Once again we start off with some action as Raph and Casey (in his signature hockey mask) stop a mugger. Unfortunaty they end up scaring the old lady they were trying to help. We also find out that Casey has been taking care of his Dad since his mother died (as a promise to her), and could probably kick his ass any-time he wanted, but refrains from doi...

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Lonely Raphy 0

Ya, it's Turtle Time :DWhen we last left the turtles (review#1) Raph was separated from the others and had just barged into the the house of Casey Jones!Good:Raph kicking ass, and lending Casey a hand, right from the get-go!We also get aback story of Old hob and his relation to the turtles. We find out that Raph has been separated from the group since their mutation and the others have been searching for him since then. He has been wondering alone since then.We also get the back story of Casey J...

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I hope cyclops is doing better... 0

So right of the Bat I'm going to say that I have NOT read schism. I do not intend to. My understanding is that Wolverine is now the principle of the school and the X-man are divided.Good:Wolverine is one of my all time favourite characters! I went in fairly optimistic.Bad:This is not Wolverine. Wolverine is a bad-ass, renegade, loner who doesn't need the validation of those around him to do what he feels is right... and now Marvel has turned him into the school principle -_-I do not care for the...

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Jason the red-nosed Robin 0

So when we last left Jason and the gang they were getting ready to kick ass (#2reveiw), so we start this issue off by talking to a 12 year old... not what I was expecting.Well the aforementioned 12 year old is S'aru the protector, and is actually thousands of years old. All castle stops anyone from getting close to this guy, which has Jason worried because he was able to simply walk in. Jason is seeking revenge for the death of Durca and the rest of the All Castle. There is a clue inside the cha...

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"Wings?" Really? 0

After last month's issue I have slightly lower standers for this series (#1 review), but still overall optimistic going into this one.Good:We start with a flash back of Jason showing his connection to the All Castle, and Durca. Which helps with some questions from last issue.There was a lot of action at the end of in this one. Jason is a total BAMF- fights with out guns and goes hand to hand on the zombies.Roy's anti-superman hat = hilarious (kudos to Rocafort), actually everything with Roy was ...

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Orange you glad to see me? 0

After last month's issue (review) I was on the edge of my seat when Kyle harnessed the entire emotional spectrum!Good:Right off the bat he starts to throw down with the little blue munchkins until he starts starts melting like the wicked witch of the west. The art by Kirkham is fantastic- as always, and Nei Ruffino stepped up for what I thought was a particularly challenging colouring task. Meanwhile, Saint Walker tried to stop the other lanterns from chasing after Kyle. They join forces (sorta)...

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Fairy God-Father 0

Hey so after the first issue (#1 review), I was pretty excited to see what Bedard and Kirkham had in store for us next.Good:We pick off right where we left off from issue#1, and this time there's a lot more action. The art is great in my opinion, although it seems indecisive as to weather or not we can see Kyle's pupils (which appear to be blue now as opposed to green as they where prior to the NEW52). We also get a better idea of the kinda relation Ganthet has with Kyle, and with Saint Walker; ...

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Kyel! :D 0

Kyle Rayner is probably my favourite of the Green Lanterns, so out of all the GL titles in the NEW52 this is the one I was most interested in.Good:The point of the DC’s new 52 was to get new readers interested and have them start at issue#1. This comic starts of doing that by giving Kyle his ring for the first time. It feels like issue #1, which is more than what can be said about a lot of the other series in the NEW52. [Although they do not go into great detail about the power's of the ring.]Th...

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Morrisn FTW 0

The last time Action Comics #1 hit the shelves bran new was in 1938 and now its happened again!Good:We get to see the man of steel in his early days-before he’s really the man of steel as a matter of fact. He can’t fly yet, and he is quiet valuable compared to how we’ve seen him in the past. Grant Morrison has skipped over the usual origin story of him coming to earth as a baby and being adopted by the Kents. This is something I enjoyed because, frankly that story has been told and retol...

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Updated TMNT 0

As a kid I loved the Ninja Turtles (who didn’t?), so I decided to pick this guy. And it did not disappoint. I really like the fact that Kevin Eastman is directly involved in this.Good:It starts of strong with a showdown between Splinter, Mike, Don, and Leo against a new villain ‘Old Hob’, with Raphael noticeably absent.Michelangelo gets in a few quick one-liners this issue which brought back memories of the old cartoon show I grew up with- but not too over the top slapstick/goofy, which I liked....

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Red Hood and the Letdown 0

After the "Batman: Under the Red Hood" movie and the "Battle for the Cowl" story arc, I have to say that Jason Todd/Red Hood is one of the characters I am the most interested in. I had high hopes for this comic when I heard about it on the NEW52 list a month ago, so this ended up being a bit of a letdown.This issue starts of strong getting right into the action, but goes down from there. It’s implied that Roy and Jason have had some sort of friendship prior to this, but it isn’t explained when/w...

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