Missing in the DC 'New 52'

There are a few notable people that I having noticed are missing since the new 52 reboot some get a brief mention but other than that -nothing!

So here is my Top Ten DC M.I.A. list by importance:

List items


    Growing up this was the Flash- not Bart, not Jay, not Barry- Wally West was the fastest man alive! So to not have him around is a little more than disappointing.

  • Captain Marvel

    Since the 1940s he has been in comics. One of the oldest characters of the DC universe has gone missing with a a world. What strikes me as odd is that he appeared in the 'Mortal kombat vs DC Universe' video game a few monthes before the reboot. So why isn't he in the 'New 52'

    However there are rumors of a sereis:


  • The Original Wonder Girl! she's been in the comics for decades and for a brief period in time she was even Wonder Woman (http://media.comicvine.com/uploads/0/8669/193811-110702-donna-troy.jpg), but now she's pushed aside like a nobody.

  • AKA the Supergirl of Earth-two, she saw Lois and Clark as mother/father figures (according to Infinite Crisis), and was a role model and big sister for Supergirl. While Supergirl has her own series, her big sister is nowhere to be found- looks like DC is playing favourites.

  • She was Batgirl for nearly a decade, and then a member of Batman Incorporated. Now she is being completely ignored. With Barbara Gordon back as Batgirl it looks like Cassandra has been erased from continuity.

  • The last Batgirl prior to the New 52 relaunch, as well as Spoiler and briefly even Robin! She has been in comics for nearly two decades (since 1992), and has been forgotten all together. She has been killed off in the past, but at least it was acknowledged. This time there pretending it never happened.

  • The Dark Knight of Death! Micheal Lane was a "former Gotham police officer that was changed into a Batman has taken the sword of Azrael as agent of the Order of Purity, from the Sacred Order of Saint Dumas." Had his own series going on before the 'new 52', and now suddenly has been disregarded altogether. Perhaps we'll see him later?

    Also the 'original' Azrael is MIA -Jean-Paul Valley (although he died in the comics in 2003).

  • One of the original and most notable Titans- yet absent from the new reboot! She was present in the Animated series yet no longer in the mainstream comics.

  • Like Raven he is one of the most notable Titans (who isn't a side-kick), and unlike their friend Cyborg he is nowhere to be found in the 'New 52'.

  • Lian was Arsenal's greatest motivations in both life and death. She was one of the focal points of 'Rise of Arsenal' and Roy Harper's one and only daughter. She does die, but it looks as if DC has eliminated her from existence all together along with the events of Cry for Justice.