Is anyone else sick of Wolverine at this point?

I used to love this guy. When i was in elementary school and middle school hes was hands down the best there is, at what he did (and what he did wasn't very nice). He was this rebel always acting out against the group, but always had a heart of gold. He never let anyone boss him around or tell him he could do something. While all the other characters had their strict morals he was able to work in a more grey area. But now...

I feel like i'm being force fed Wolverine, and not the one I am used to. While I enjoyed the Origins comics, it took away from the character's mystery, and also created a more more level headed Logan/James. I don't care for this at all, and I care even less for him now being the Head Master at the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning. I loved Schism, and understand that he team needed to split, but there is no reason for him to be in charge of the school.

Finally it looks like his stories are becoming dilute an inconstant. as many have pointed out there is almost no way he can be on so many teams at once. I will attempt to list his current series as of Feb2014:

1) Wolverine(2013-) Written by Paul Cornell, and Art by Alan Davis; 13 issues in has JUST concluded the "Killable" story-arc, were wolverine has lost his healing factor. Other series are inconsistent as to weather or not he still has it. I can only assume 13 is the last issue because...

2) Wolverine (2014-) Also Writen by Paul Cornell, with Art by Ryan Stegman; #1 just came out and continues from the 2013 sereis. So why isn't this Wolverine# 14 ?!?! (money grab) It has the same title and the same writer, and continues from the "Killable" arc.

3) Savage Wolverine (2013-) The first story arc of this series starts in the Savage Land, and worked well with the series title. However this series consists of various Writer/Artist combinations coming in to do short (5-2 issues) story-arcs with little to no relation to one another.

4) Wolverine MAX (2012-) To be fair this is not "main continuity", but its another monthly series (although it seems it miss a month every now and then). It is meant to be a more adult version of the character, for a mature audience. The first issue had a generally poor reception from Comic Vine, the series ends this March with #14.

5) Wolverine & the X-Men (2012-) coming off of the heals of Schism. He is now the Head Master of the school. To me this is just marvel's way of out-right saying he is the only X-man they really want invest in by making him the title character when he already has 4 solo series.

6) ...

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Every thing changed!

I gotta say I was pretty surprised with the site changes.

Its gunna take some getting used to but I think I like it :D

I was online whenit happened. I was looking at a story arc, then stopped for a few minutes to get back to work. When I returned andclicked a new link Everything was different. And all I could think was o god what did I do to the internet D:


Booster Gold Canadain??!?!

Hey I recently read on this site on the Booster Gold page that he's now Canadian (as of the New52)! This makes him DC's premier Canuck, but I'm skeptical. The only thing I could find on the internet confirming this was the creators of Justice League International saying so at FanExpo (in Toronto, 2011). Frankly, authors saying the main character is from Toronto, Canada while they are promoting the book in Toronto, Canada doesn't sound credible at all!

Does anyone have any evidence to support this claim? By evidence I mean in-comic citation, not just some off-hand comment. I've only read JLI #1 and 2, but there was no reference to his nationality in either of those. If someone could say what issue this is said I would appreciate it.

Don't get me wrong- as a Canadian I would love for him to be from my home and native land, but frankly I don't see it happening.

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