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  • Been loving this for as long as i've known about it. I started reading around when the 4th trade came out, and its probaby responsible for the most comic reading ive done in a week since 5th grade.

    Kirkman is a god.

  • great. Action is always great. especially right now...

  • On and off on all Batman titles. It always depends on the characters involved....

  • Supergirl has been doing great almost her whole run. Loved the problems with Power Boy. Hope she sees him again....

  • as long as these are continuing the seasons, i'll keep buying them. GO BUFFY GO!

  • the titans would have to be soooo insanely bad for me to know pick it up every week....

  • so far a great comic staring one of my fave characters of all time. GO TIM GO!

  • liking it so far. shouldn't this be under the old adventure comics? i thought it was doing that thing where it says issue one, but faded behind it is the continued numbers from the original? idk...

  • BN is great! Now that have all the rings, i think im gonna stop buying the random tie ins, but still.... great.

  • been doing fantastic these last few months. Only a couple i havent picked-up in the last year.

  • Perfect. This is exactly what Dick needed during his run. I kinda wish they had just stopped doing normal batman comics entirely so that it could just pick up when Bruce comes back to the mantle, whenever that may be. it just seems like it would have been more epic.

  • ABSOLUTELY LOVING IT! perfect. bestest! awesomeo!

  • its been on and off. Each story is good, but some are better to me than others

  • Love Harley. Love Catwoman. Love Riddler. Having them in the same is sweet.

  • so far so good. well, the robin/ guardian issue was a little off... but still, so far...

  • loved this one. completely looking forward to the event.