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  • anyone who knows me knows i have a strong disliking of the characters Batman and Superman. In a world already completely far fetched, i would appreciate a certain amount of realism. I don't like blatant unrealism, and so i hate these two heroes. In one corner you have Superman, a hero with near unlimited abilities, and the brain of a super computer. Yet he never seems to work at his full potential unless he's showing off. he rarely uses his Superspeed or super breath, and he always feels the need to stand in front of his adversary and strike a pose, a habit that has gotten him knocked out or shot with kryptonite bullets on more than one occasion. Superman has a combination of powers that other heroes only have one or two of, and most of them still get more done than the big blue cheese.

    In the other, there's the Batman. An man. yes, trained to peek conditioning. Yes with tons of gadgets and a great mind. But a man none the less. In a world full of beings who can move faster than one can blink, level cities in a mater of moments, or are completely out of this world, Batman should not be a dominate figure. Maybe, MAYBE in his one city. if batman never left Gotham, i would understand a little better, But this guy goes to other peoples cities to fight other peoples villains, and these villains have powers that make them formidable to their super powered foes, and yet he still always comes out on top. either Batman's a bs hero, or everyone else in the DCU is a pansy.

    yes, i hate Batman And Superman, so when a major DC comic promised me a massively important story with Booster Gold, Elongated Man, and Steel (three of my all time favorites) playing major roles, and NO BATMAN or SUPERMAN, i was thrilled. In the aftermath of the death of my number one (Carl, Kon-El, Conner Kent. Superboy), this was the hand pulling me out of my hole called depression. And it did not disappoint.

    every cover was amazing. Booster was tossed to the top. Steel proved his mettle, Black Adam finally made it to where i always thought he should be.And Ralph went on an incredible last ride. 52 was amazing in every way, shape and form, and i will always cherish the number.

  • easily one of the most interesting characters in DC, Tim has done it all. he's been a sidekick, a solo hero, an team player, a team leader, a detective, a friend, and a lover. Tim Drake has the balls to cuss out Superman to his face. He isn't afraid of the Batman in the slightest. He can take down anyone he sets his sights on, and he's smarter than almost everyone out there. and he's what, 17? hell yes. he's the bad ass of the future today.

  • the first title i ever collected was X-man. I wasn't reading when the comic started, so my collecting actually meant going to comics and cards stores to pick up issues. I liked the idea behind X-man. The best genes of Marvel (at the time) combined to make a kid with unlimited power that he COULD NOT CONTROL.

    Now days, Marvel has a handful of characters who can do what X-Man did, and none of them are dieing from it, or doing things that they never though they could do on accident.

    Now, in Marvel, Nate Grey's level of power is not unique, and it is not uncontrollable. The guys in Marvel now just toss it around and do whatever, and its just so dumb to me. But Nate. Nate was not.

  • The second hero i ever fell into heart and soul. He was soo cool with his leather jacked and glasses. he had all these hot, adult girlfriends when he was still like 14. He was with a news reporter and a new god. He had the news boys. he was such a prick. The kind of prick every teen boy wanted to be.

    And then he started growing up. Then he bonded with Robin. Then he started carving his own legacy, instead of riding the wave the S on his chest generated.

    Superboy has been my favorite hero since before the days of Young Justice. He will always be my favorite. And i hope he lives again. Soon.

  • Batman is afraid of him. Superman cant seem to find him. And everyone else doesnt stand a chance.

  • The run that made me believe Tim Drake was is the greatest Robin ever. This comic showed Tim doing what no other Robin ever did before him. He solved a ton of his own cases, lived a double life (Dick and Jason never had to convince their parents), and got his own serious ROBIN gear (vehicles all his own, trowing R's, and a bunch of other cool stuff with an R instead of a bat).

    The first DC comic i got into, and the driving force behind my love for Tim Drakes ROBIN, this title is fantastic.

  • When Supernova showed up in 52, the immediate belief was that he was Superboy returned, and the situation would be explained in time. Surprisingly enough, Lex Luthor was the one to shoot that theory down.

    After 8 months or so, Supernova was a favorite character, even though no one really knew who he was. And then, at one of the more climactic points in 52, it was revealed.Supernova was Booster Gold. Booster did a serious amount of time travel, faked his own death, actually handled his own corps, and then lived alongside himself as Supernova.

    The character that defined Booster for everyone else was just another example of why he rocked for me.

  • This later Flash run was in my opinion one of the best. I always thought The older heroes where kind of lame because of how unrealistic their combat skills where. Because of their "Experience", they never got shot, stabbed, or generally surprised in combat. I just found it so hard to believe that these people where sooo good that none of the hundreds of villains they had could ever find a way to permanently put them down.

    And then, in comes Bart Allen, the new Fastest man Alive. A kid thrust into the mantle. A learning hero tossed feet first into the big leagues.

    Bart was without a doubt the smartest Flash there had ever been, The only Flash able to remember what he read at super speed, Bart once read an entire library to make up for his natural ignorance. he also trained to be a police officer, which aided in his combat and police-communication skills.

    Bart used actual intellect. He never just got lucky. He was never sooo experienced that he knew to duck because "theres always a guy behind you", or some bs like that. Bart had lost a lot of friends and his childhood, and everything he did reflected his growing up.

    Bart surrendered his secret identity in respect for the law, and then his life in a situation no Flash ever could have handled. People say he was too inexperienced, and a bad Flash. I think those people are morons. Bart is the only kind of Flash i would want in my world, and his short run as The Flash is the only one i have in my collection.

  • Constantly underrated, and happy with that. Ralph embodied my personal beliefs in myself like no other character. He is a greater detective than Batman,and a lesser stretch guy than Plastic Man. But he's just the right amount of caring husband and friend that you can never call him anything but a success. I hope he's reborn somehow in the new 52.

  • ok. i admit. I have a thing for sidekicks. The way i see it, every last one of them will one day be better than their mentor. They come in with a handful of the skills required to be a hero, and then they get trained by their mentors as they live the same types of situations as their mentors did to get them where they are. how can they not be better?

    The way i see it, the only reason why Freddy Freeman is as far under the radar as he is is because he will be one of the defining solutions to the problem. He is level headed and powerful, and just like how the adults aways like running their own show, Freddy is one of the heroes who sees the world as everyones show.

    The future i imagine has Nightwing, Freddy, and Donna Troy leading the superhero world to unity instead of individuality. Its not a matter of if, its when.

  • My first encounter with Booster Gold was back when Doomsday met the JLA, and beat them to a pulp. My second was in an issue of JLA Detroit. And then, randomly throughout other DC titles. It occurred to me that he and Blue Beetle where two decent heroes who where always getting the short end of the stick. And i bonded with them instantly.

    Booster Gold is a failure in the future who comes to the past to be somebody more. And he is what would happen if super heroes where real: a guy. He helps, and he cares, but he is still trying to make something of it. Still trying to make a living.

    52 finally showed what i had always seen in Booster. A real hero. Not a face with a smile. Not a god among men. Just a guy with some power doing some good and trying to live.

  • before i hated Superman, i loved him. Steel is one of my favorites because he was inspired by Superman. His character has been equal parts dragged in the mud and raised up to the big leagues dozens of times, but he will always be someone just trying to pay it forward.

  • I have always been a huge fan of Jason Todd. Wasn't reading comics during his run as Robin, but when i found out that the FANS decided he needed to die, i had to find out why they hated this guy so much.

    And i gotta say, while i kinda saw it, i didn't agree.

    DC was trying to make Jason realistic. They wanted him to act just like any other kid who led a bad childhood, grew up teaching himself how to survive, and then had his situation changed drastically. As in, lots of money and a superhero life type of drastic.

    There are tons of movies, books, and tv shows based around things like this. DC did the right thing, trying to push the industry forward, out of the "comics are dumb" zone, and into the world of proper litterature.

    But whatever. everyone loves him now. and its been a long time coming,

  • Right off the bat, Mr. Terrific fills two of my favorite hero requirements. He's a great hero who sits well under the radar, and he really truly cares about the next Generation of heroes.

    There really isnt much to say about Mr. Terrific's individual actions. He more or less leads the JSA, a team that exists to help the hero youth. He was one of the two key factors in stopping Brother Eye in INFINITE CRISIS, and he has proven that he's a big picture thinker as a member of CHECK MATE. Mr. terrific is probably the most important Hero in The DCU that may people have never heard of.

  • COMPLETELY underutilized. There is a ton of power here, and an interesting character too. i know i wont anytime soon, but i hope Red Star gets some team treatment eventually.

  • Pure Bad ASS. characters that want to be good but are born to be bad rock.


  • I'm not sure what it is about Mary marvel that i like. Sure, she's a next gen hero, which always has me, but really, i think its exactly how little she has been focused on. Mary has always had the potential to be the most powerful marvel out there, but really no one looks to her for much of anything.

    I'm waiting for the day that Mary gets into a team. She has allot of power and allot of potential, and if i was a writer for DC, she is certainly one of the characters id get into.

  • Power Girl is not an young hero, but shes not an old one either. When DC finally makes the switch to the next generation, Power Girl will probably be one of the mentors for the inexperienced. Her past is all screwy, and there are still issues she's having trouble dealing with, but she functions as if she where one of the bigger guns. nad because of her will to continue, she is. Can anyone say Girl Power? Because so far Power Girl seems to live the words better than Wonder woman or any other.

  • Lobo. Sweet Christ. This guy is awesome. A mass-murder turned hero. A bad ass with no plan. A rough-neck with no fear of death because... well, he can't die.

    one of the few comics i really appreciate from Marvel was the original ORIGINS story about Wolverine. I feel like Lobo has a really big story behind him, much like old man Logan, and i really would like to read it. One day, hopefully, i will.

  • majorly important, Dr. Midnight's existence is a reflection of one of the main things i love about DC comics. DC hero's get hurt. badly. And unlike in Marvel when heroes just go see a scientist, DC's Heroes go see a real doctor.

    Midnight is a fully developed character. This guy went from full fledged caped crusader to a semi-retired helper of the next generation. DR. Midnight is the type of person we would get in real life if we had heroes.

  • the future of the DCU. Hands down. No question.

    Nightwing has been a leader since practically the start of his career. He learned from great thinkers Batman and Alfred, and he is easily the role-model that all side-kicks follow. He has been the leader of one of DC's most dominant teams, The Titan's, since super early in his career.

    This guy has the approval of Generation's of Titan's, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman (she let him date her side-kick with no fuss. Superboy almost got his ass kicked for dating Wonder Girl), the JLA, Oracle, a volly of other women, and almost every hero he's ever met.

    This guy is gona lead the DCU to new heights as soon as the caped idiots learn to step aside.

  • Gotta love Hourman. This guy is almost completely obsolete, what, with about 3 dozen other heroes with his same abilities minus the time limit, and instead of trying to show everyone up or impose himself on situations iin which he wasn't needed, Hourman said "let me step back and help out these new guys".

    he and Liberty are quickly becoming the new Ralph and Sue Dibney of the DCU with their work in the JSA.

  • another Buffy character i wanted to ravage. Willow was hilarious in the show, while at the same time self conscious and meek. i liked that. I have known dozens of funny, shy people, and so her character felt super real to me.

    then she started dressing in these hot sweaters and skirts. And then she was dating OZ (Seth Green) who was bad ass himself. And then she went gay, and know.

  • You know how guys look at the TV and say, "thats the guy i wana be like"? well, Xander wasnt him. Xander was the guy everyone was actually like.

    In true Buffy spirit, Xander was an ultra-real character. He was just as funny and dorky as anyone else. He got tongue tied just as often as he spat out super witty banter that made you piss your pants with laughter, and thats why i loved the character.

    ..what? No one else pissed themselves? ....crap.

  • Simply put, i like how insane Power Boy is. i really do. When Conner comes back, i want these two to interact like Jason Todd does with the Robins. And i want Power Boy and Jason Todd to team up and go on wacky destructive adventures.

  • A cool character who i would have been way deep into if Marvel hadn't started fucking over Gen X. I tend to like characters who have a hard time building relationships, because it gives the relationship that much more meaning when they finally do.

  • cool character with allot of potential. I hope to see her in a team book one day. Preferably one with characters like her. beast Boy. That chick the Tornado in Jsa.

  • Just as likely to hit you with a glass pitcher as she is to kiss you for falling in love just by looking at her. SOOO hot. Soooo independent. Soooo likely to hit me.

  • Joss is my master now.

  • after his Streets of Gotham spot light, i just love this guy. if ever anyone was walking the line and keeping his balance, its this guy.

    its just business. truly.

  • easily the coolest prize in history.

  • HAHAH! this page is blank! Ima have to find that issue of Robin and fill it in. This guy worked with Spoiler's Dad, and he couldn't come up with a cool name. This was the best he could come up with.


  • I always wondered why everyone just kindof seemed to forget that Mon-El was trapped in the phantom zone. And then i thought maybe Superman did it on purpose because he knew Mon worked with the Legion in the future.

    either way, Mon-El is a cool character who i always thought of. I'm glad DC has brought him out and delved deeper into his character.

  • as a supeboy fan, i've read allot about Project Cadmus. And the Guardian.

    and even though he dropped out of the stories for a long time, he is still one of my favorite characters.

    My big thing about the Guardian is that he's like Captain America, except with less going for him. While Cap has all these superior abilities and a massive reputation, Guardian is just a selfless cop with a small amount of gadgetry at his disposal.

    While the reasons for his selflessness may have changed since he found out he was a clone, the nuts and bolts of it all are still there.