Under Rated

a list of underrated characters and/or teams.

List items

  • The King of underrated characters. Aquaman is sooooo cool, but a majority of his existance has been crapy usage and gay jokes. He's old school. A member of the main 6 heroes in DC.

    The way i see it, Aquaman could kill Superman.

    idk. i have too many emotions about Aquaman ....

  • as a supeboy fan, i've read allot about Project Cadmus. And the Guardian.

    and even though he dropped out of the stories for a long time, he is still one of my favorite characters.

    My big thing about the Guardian is that he's like Captain America, except with less going for him. While Cap has all these superior abilities and a massive reputation, Guardian is just a selfless cop with a small amount of gadgetry at his disposal.

    While the reasons for his selflessness may have changed since he found out he was a clone, the nuts and bolts of it all are still there.