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The characters/ comics that will always and forever be my faves.

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  • Superman died. Hope died. And in the fall out, this kid in this bad ass jacket and some awesome shades stepped out.

    i've followed everything this guy has done from then to Young Justice to Superboy to Teen Titans. and It was a bad week for me when he died (ask my girlfriend. Lots of care from her that week. hell. That month).I didn't see it coming, and all the touching shit in Batman/Superman, Titans, and 52 only made it harder.

    I think they could have done more for his comeback. as sweet as it was (two page spread of him punching Prime in the face!), i feel like they could have done more to keep the comic on time (it was like 2 months late), and they maybe could have had him help be a solution to the main crisis. But all in all, im glad to have him back, and (temporarily) with his own title.

  • The first comic i ever bough myself was Robin III # 7. all i gotta say is Tim Drake is the best Robin. Period.

  • One of the two comics that drew me permanently into the life of comics i live now. I found X-man the same month i found Robin, and that was it for me.

  • not allot of people know Maggot. I thought he was one x-man with allot of potential. His powers where odd, and he was moody as hell. I figured they would eventually give him a second mutation and amp up his powers. But no. Instead Marvel dropped him off the face of their universe. One of the first of many decisions that drove me from Marvel comics...

  • SPEEDBALL.the book that got me into team titles was not Avengers or X-men or JLA, it was NEW WARRIORS, and Speedball was the man.

    sure, i was a fan of the other character too (Nova baby!), but speedball was just so much cooler than all of them. I miss GOOD Speedball stories....

  • im sorry. there just is no better villain than Deathstroke. this guy has his head on straight, his priorities in order,and even the greatest heroes at arms length. u ever wonder why Superman never just nabbed this guy? Why Batman never just tracked him down and locked him up? Why the JLA doesnt just ban together and end his shit?

    Cuz he's that damn good. Thats why.

  • Ok. For me, Skeletor was the template for what a super villain should be. Before him, i just thought in terms of good guys and bad guys. But Skeletor opened my eyes to what a true force of evil would be.

    Im positive that he could drop a majority of the super villains and omnipotent beings in comics today. I don know how He-man fought him off for all those years...

  • Favorite heroin of all time. I have all 7 seasons and i watch them often. im currently loving season 8, and i pray to god that Joss manages a followup movie somewhere down the line...

  • When i first became a true comics fan, Robin was my number two favorite character. so of course, i had to know more about him. even as i read Robin III, and then just plan old Robin, i wanted more. i felt like i wasnt seeing all of Tim Drake. for years, i scrambled for little glimpses of him in Batman and Superman comics. they where fun (Robin&Superman vs Dracula? remember?)... but they weren't enough.

    and then, Robin, Superboy (my new number one at that point), and Impulse(the only reason i know as much about the Flashes as i do) teamed up.

    ..let me just tell you, there was nothing sweeter than that feeling. my tw favorite characters, and another from my top ten, where in their own comic.Never mind that it was a one shot! this is how miracles start. with a whisper, and then....

    BANG! Young Justice.

    Kid Lobo, Impress, Wondergirl, Arrowett, ray,Secret, Flame Bird, Batgirl.

    i loved them all. i still do. I hope one day to see Secret and Arrowett in action with the Titans.


    i remembered reading his comics after i saw the tv show. I dont think they where that good, but i still ended up playing Night man all the time with my friends. Easily one of the greatest characters of my youth. I mean common! His alter Ego's job was Jazz musician. How sweet is that?

  • While my in comics memories of Spot are limited, i remember thinking he was the sweetest Spiderman villain ever after seeing him in the Animated Series. i did read a couple of comics with him in them, and my opinion didn't change.

    When i saw him return to Spiderman, i had goosebumps...

  • ok, i know this isnt a character, but i dont think anything in my young life pushed me more to comics than this magazine.

    on top of the fact that it was an INTELLIGENT magazine written for kids, it had short comics in every issue. This sucker ran Bone for years, as well as Darkwing Duck, Chip and Dale, Tale Spin, and dozens of other comics.

    i loved this mag,and i actually think i'll be trying to track them all down now...


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I like

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I am big fan of Superboy myself. Does it bug you that Tana Moon hasn't appeared yet as a Black Lantern yet?

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 @SilverZeo said:
" I am big fan of Superboy myself. Does it bug you that Tana Moon hasn't appeared yet as a Black Lantern yet? "
kinda. i mean, i accept that very few people know her or her connection to Superboy, but i do wish that they had taken the time to dig Conner's personal demons up.  
 i was looking forward to the guy from Superboy #100. The villain who was trying to kill him, but turned good and died saving people. I thought that would have been pretty sweet. 
 but thats the price we pay for loving a lower tier character.