Comics Publishers in order of Awesome!

i love comics. since i was a wee lad. Art and literature meshed together to make more art and literature is so fascinating to me.
 This list is dedicated to the Publsihers who do it right, from Awesome downward.

List items

  • DC comics. There are very few comics that keep to their own traditions and spit out great stories. DC does both.

    They have all of these character who have been around for decades, and they are all just so fantastic, even as everyone else is being modernized around them. DC is just like the JSA, Classic and traditional, and still keeping up with the best of them.

    As a book reader, i love seeing a story come to a head months after they started. Kinda like a TV season. When i was a kid, i read books series' like Animorphs. I liked each individual story also leading to something bigger. and thats what DC does better than anyone else.

  • The god of all new ideas and talents.

    For some reason i still cant understand, the big 2 (DC and MARVEL) rarely work with new comers. Not even on one shots or fillers where it doesn't really matter if the newbie fails.

    But image is all about newbies and creator owned. And all of its fantastic.

    I always take a gander at Image comics. Their always exciting and interesting. I can't give any other reason than that.

  • Marvel. almost every comic readers first love. Sure, everyone loves Batman and superman, and they are icons rivaled by no other, but the next dozen or so slots in the icons list are mostly Marvel characters.

    guys like Spiderman and captain America that you just cant help but love. Iron Man and the Hulk.

    The big action punch that Marvel packs is always exciting. And while i grew out of the action before story style under which they operate, i still appreciate the young fans they draw in every day.

  • a GREAT line up and great stories. The only reason they failed was becuase people still wernt ready to see mostly minority casts in their comics. Its ok to throw in a black/latino guy or two in each team, but reverse that and somehow you loose readers...