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They say when you die, you see your whole life flash before your eyes. They aren't wrong. When i died, i saw everything. My birth. My childhood. My teens. My short adult life... and so much more. I saw myself and a woman i barely knew in a relationship we'd never shared. I saw a famous life, helping build a better new world. Funding a great woman of science, and a great man of medicine. I helped save thousands of lives. I helped man explore the galaxy. I saw children we had that have never existed. 2 sons and a daughter. I saw their lives. I saw my wife's death. My son's fatal car accident. And i saw myself die again. Quietly in a hospital,with my remaining son and daughter, and their families besides me.

I would later be told that what i saw was my "scheduled" death. At the end of my "Scheduled" life. I was told that my brutal murder at the hands of a group deranged lunatics trying to gain favor of a satanic cult was not a part of the agenda. I was told that i was the victim of a war of balance. And i was told that while i could not have that life back, i did have a chance at something else. I had the chance to return to the living with a new purpose. A new chance to save lives, albeit in a different way. To make a difference that would rival and possibly even exceed that which was "scheduled" in my stolen life. And, undoubtedly, a chance to exact revenge on the bastards who took happiness away from me.

I accepted.