I forgot my keys at work.

I forgot my keys at work, called work and asked a manager about them and she said she would walk them to the front. Lo and behold, when I get there I find what seems to be semi-expensive jewelry attached to my key ring. I had to pry them off of the key ring.The odds of this happening are... well, I don't really care. I'm requesting a video feed to the highest effing caliber. Now, I have had a few drinks after work and I'm pretty damned surly right now, but given a sober experience, how would I react?  How would anyone react? This is my damned livelihood, my integrity. 
I'm glad I caught it right then and there and pointed it out to the manager in question, who was oblivious. Should I tell the store manager I'm just a little too emotional right now? or should I delve deep into why I loathe micromanagement, favoritism and the like? I absolutely hate retail.