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1.Dr Doom
2.High Evolutionary/Reed Richards
6.Tony Stark/ Lex Luthor
7.Professor X


My current list (Sesaw)

Mine are

Hulk- I love Hulk but I didn't like the Red Hulk series at all

Thor- I think everyone reads Thors book right now that loves marvel

Trinity- I didn't think id like this book but ive loved it so far

JLA- I like the new line up but the writing has to catch up ill wait

Xmen- (uncanny) Although i wish they would work on the line up this is one of my alltime favorites

Batman-nuff said

GL Corps- some of the best writng in DC here

GL- also tight

Nova- One of the better new series out

GOG- see above

Ms Marvel- although Secret Invasion im sick of 

X Force- One of the better new comics need to release issuses quicker

Titans-love the book

Teen Titans- writing hasnt been as good lately but still cool with me.

There are others but these are my favorites currently that are being relesed often Silver Surfer where are you LOL ?